Coffee at home

By Admin | Garden, Garden
05 May 2016

Many can not do without coffee in the morning, but not often see a man who has the house plant from which the drink is made.But the coffee tree is not so difficult to grow on their own windowsill!

First of all, you need to determine the varieties of plants.Here you need to make a reservation at once: the choice of varieties for cultivation of coffee at home is not large.In the nursery you can find such varieties as Arabica, Robusta and Liberica.If you want to get a rare variety of coffee, have a tree to grow from seed, bought the package in the store.In nature, Arabica, e.g., extends to a length of several meters.On the windowsill, it can grow up to six meters.

If you ever grown gardenia, then you are to be congratulated - coffee tree with something similar to this plant, and therefore take care of him practically usual thing!This is not surprising, because they are relatives, and belong to the family Rubiaceae.And just as gardenia, coffee is quite unpretentious, it needs regular watering (summer, wi

nter watered tree can be less) and acidic soil.Despite the fact that this is a southern plant, in any case can not leave it exposed to direct sunlight - they can not stand coffee.Better to leave the plant in diffuse lighting conditions - the industrial cultivation of coffee generally grows in the shade of other trees.

In order to maintain an adequate level of moisture in the pan sprinkle the plants and small stones to pour water.

Naturally, the cultivation of coffee can not do without fertilizer.It is advised to use humic fertilizers - they are produced by the decomposition of various plants, leaves, roots, protein members believe that it is useful to organic fertilizer for all plants.They should be used as a solution or capsules, as anyone convenient.However, coffee is not always enough alone organics: in winter the plant at least once a week requires minerals.In this case, the phosphate-potassium salt with a small amount of nitrogen.We have already said that the ground coffee to be acidic.Ready primer you can buy in the store.And to maintain the acidity of the soil can be as follows: once a month when watering vinegar added to the water or citric acid (a little).

watering coffee temperature should be a few degrees above room temperature.

first flowering can start pretty soon after the appearance of the germ.It blooms in spring and summer of coffee, then on the plant appear yellow or red berries like cherries (they are even edible!).In them a valuable and hide grains, so that invigorate the morning.Do not be discouraged, but be patient, if in the first year did not get the desired result - from grains grown trees begin to bear fruit only in the third year.

Of course, the coffee tree is unlikely to provide you with grains for daily consumption of coffee (if not grow it on an industrial scale using a special additional lighting).At best it will pound of grain per year.But this plant can benefit - according to scientists, it cleans the room from heavy metals, as well as a beneficial effect on energy at home.