"Winter" with his own hands: the stratification of seeds

By Admin | Garden, Garden
05 May 2016

As is the case with the seeds in nature?They spend the winter in the ground.During hibernation their hard outer part under the influence of moisture and frost cracks and becomes softer.This is the natural process of stratification.Therefore, in order to seed it easier to climb in an artificial environment, it is necessary to simulate the effect of natural winter conditions.The fact that some plants will not escape unless the embryo will sleep state.This applies primarily to trudnoprorastayuschim seed trees and some herbs.

on bags from the seeds is usually written, whether they need stratification.Take the time to look on the Internet, if the package is no such information.

Before stratification seeds to prepare.The first step is to clear them from the pulp, peel, leaves and other soft tissues.The environment in which the seeds will be (advise using peat, sand or vermiculite) must be sterile to avoid contamination of seeds with fungi.From the fungus also helps to use fungicides.Validating IgorM advises using this potassium permanganate.User forumhouse.ru (nick Offline Krysya ) arranges pre-seed "casting": "First, it is necessary to sort out the seeds. I have them throw in a glass of water. Those who emerge clearly One dead. Those whogerminate, usually sink to the bottom. "

Soak seeds in cold water 6-12 hours before placing them in the refrigerator, it will help speed up the process required for the stratification, since the seeds need to absorb a certain amount of moisture to activate the chemical processes inside.

The process of stratification is as follows.Seeds alternating wet substrate - it could be sand, sawdust, peat moss or baby.Substrate should be three times larger than seeds, and it is important to water, but only slightly, to the seeds moldy.Then they are cleaned in a sealed plastic bag and kept at low temperature.Typically, the temperature should be in the range 1 to 5 ° C.That is the refrigerator fit.But if the seeds purchased in winter, a participant forumhouse.ru (nick Offline Helga ) provides a simple advice: " can use the easiest way estesstvenno stratification. Bury in the garden. Winter and otstratifitsiruet as it occurs in naturewhen self-seeding. " stratification process takes from one to three months, subject to the conditions just two months.When the shoots seedling time to pull out the refrigerator for later picks.

interesting stratification method offers new posts Evraleva .Take the sponge for washing dishes, it is a cut in the middle.This incision plant seeds.Pour the sponge with water, put on a plate, cover with a bag and store in the refrigerator right time.Experience Evralevy was successful: "I primrose their stratified 3 weeks. Today, these seeds are planted in pots with soil, was surprised, all the seeds have already germinated a little. Of the 10 pieces all sprouted."

hochets In conclusion, I say that success largely depends on the stratification and the choice of seeds.This - See video.