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04 May 2016

Tomatoes are known to be heat-loving vegetables.Gardeners know a lot of ways on how to grow a good crop of these plants in the garden.But in our band it can be done only in the summer, and both want to have their own vegetables on the table throughout the year.Fortunately, the apartment is warm in the winter, so the tomatoes can easily be grown directly on a window sill!

course, large varieties of tomatoes are unlikely to grow, and it is unsightly.And that's fine, dwarf varieties of tomatoes (eg "Bonsai", "Pink Pearl" or "Craiova") suit - they grow no more than thirty centimeters in height, have a delicious fruit of "cherry" and pleasing to the eye of its kind.User forumhouse.ru Vladimir (nick Offline Vovas ) has experience in growing tomatoes at home.He prefers conventional vegetable varieties the balcony: "Special varieties for cultivation of balcony tried, probably will continue to try (life goes on), but they are not impressive. Still, conventional vegetable varieties will be more tas

ty." more about tomato varieties can be found here.

Room tomatoes began to grow a few centuries ago.Many residents of Italy, France and Germany loved this culture as an ornamental plant, which adorn the house and terrace.

To successfully grow your selected grade, you must first pay attention to the ground.For indoor soil tomato based constitute 10% humus, garden land 80%, 10% sand.Before sowing, the soil is best disinfected with boiling water.Seeds can be planted dry or already germinated.Volume pots should be small (up to one liter) - this is in case we are dealing with seeds, it is better if it will be plastic cups (the first four weeks), which is convenient to control the watering.Seedlings planted in the same five-liter pots.

If you plant the seeds directly in large pots, plants lag behind in development sinceconsiders it necessary to develop a stronger root system.

Tomatoes are very heat-loving, they always need good lighting.Therefore, to grow vegetables in the winter, even at home, in warm - not an easy task.But great help to cope with the artificial light, such as fluorescent lamps (twelve hours a day).When sowing, however, the user is offline Vladimir advises to reduce the temperature: "The ideal would be to decrease the temperature in the daytime + 12 ... 15 ° C at night and + 6 ... + 10 ° C." But how to reduce the temperature, if the seedlings are grown in the apartment?For example, you can move the seedlings to the glazed loggia.

After the appearance of the first true leaf temperature was then raised to + 20 ... + 26 ° C on a sunny day, + 17 ... + 19 ° C overcast, night is still desirable low temperature +6 ... + 10 ° C.

germinated Watering tomatoes should be only when the top layer of soil is dry, avoiding stagnation of water.After all, the surplus will lead to the development of various diseases and death of the plant.And so began a tomato, Vladimir helps them help: "Pollination of tomato was producing light by shaking hands blossoming."

Mature plants require special care.They are watered twice a week, once every ten days fed fertilizer for tomatoes.We must not forget the regular pinch them and tie.Learn more about caring for older tomatoes look at our video.

Follow the advice of members of the forum and enjoy your harvest throughout the year!