Falls without a pond

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18 May 2016
Falls without a pond ponds, with its soothing natural sounds can make your new landscape and attract animals and birds.If the space is too small for a full pond, Mark Harp offers the following idea: a waterfall without a pond.

Falls without a pond takes up much less space than an ordinary pond or reservoir, because the "pond" is actually underground.Waterfalls without pond may vary in size from single-stage to three-tier waterfall, which can be installed over the weekend.We provide an overview of how to do it all.

(Note: The mechanical parts of the waterfall are available in kit or you can purchase them individually to choose from a specialty store. Also, keep in mind that for most ponds, need electricity. If you do not have a ready source of electricitysite pond, Paul James recommends hiring a professional to install it.)

First Steps

Select a location for the waterfall, which is good is surveyed, a place where you can enjoy the pond from inside and outside your home.Do you need an area of ​​approximately 1.5 x
1.5 m, and about half a meter in depth.At this point there should be no bushes and trees.

Once you have prepared the pit, place where the pump to a storage container.Note the location where it will be, Falls without a pond
and Dig a few centimeters deep.Pump reservoir must be on the ground below, so that water can readily enter therein. Falls without a pond
After removing the pump from the reservoir of the excavated pits you, lay the first of the two pads.The first gasket is designed to prevent the ingress of natural gas into the aqueous stream.The second seal, waterproof membrane and then placed on top.

Make sure the edges rather go at each other;do not worry about wrinkles.

Next, place the pump to the reservoir back into the hole and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to assemble and attach the hose.
Falls without a pond

stones, stones, many stones

Now it's time to fill the pond with stones.You can collect them at around ilipriobresti inexpensive pebbles.The appearance at this stage it does not matter.

First, fill the pit with large stones, then fill small cracks and ensure appropriate drainage.After the tank is filled with stones with sharp edges used to create the appearance of a waterfall
Falls without a pond

finished bottom of the pond, it's time to align the top part of the device itself and collect the waterfall, which is located at the top of the waterfall.Use a metal clamp to secure the hose to the device, then place the device on the edge of the waterfall.Secure the device ground that it was almost on a par with the soil.

We finish

When the upper and lower part of the water supply system in place, it's time to trim the excess lining around the pond and attach it to the edge of the waterfall device, following the manufacturer's instructions Falls without a pond
Using a thick layer of insulating foamMark attaches a thin piece of slate waterfall at the inlet of the device.

He uses even the stones to completely hide the box.
Falls without a pond
the bottom, at the level of the pond, it completely covers the pit with stones and coarse gravel with water using a hose to pour water over the reservoir area. Falls without a pond

When the place is filled with pond water, turn on the pump and waterfall!Do not worry if the water is brown at first, she eventually cleared