Transplanting mature fruit trees

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03 May 2016

participant (nick Offline Yarina ) complains: "My garden is not planted in the country - he just poke. We must seat. Namely - the need to replant pear and mulberry." Many truckers are concerned a similar problem: apple trees were planted too close to each other, and now it hinders their development;We decided to have a gazebo, but cherry mesh.You can try to propagate the plant, but do not want to wait for years until a new tree will grow!But these trees are grown, and transplant them seemingly rotten deal.But it only seems so.

Validating share experiences with each other about how to transplant mature fruit trees.If the tree is healthy, not damaged by frost, and on the trunk and boughs have no open wounds, you can safely start the transplant.Just have to wait for the fall.Some argue that the best time - not later than one month before the soil freezes.Validating the nickname red believes that transplantation should be done later: "transplant mature trees are usually in the winter

, at a time when they are in the winter" hibernation ". In winter, this transplant is less painful for the tree." Note - weather during the "operation" to be dull.

age restriction is still there: pome rocks should not be over 15 years old, stone - 7 years.

Ideally, a tree transplanted to a clod of earth, but the area is difficult to implement, so you'll have to do without coma.In this case, the root system must be at least 2-2.5 m, depending on the age and strength of wood.Digging is as follows: take the cord peg, using them around the trunk of a tree along the radius draw a line.Outside line dig an annular groove (width 70 cm. And a depth of 1 m.) Gently release the roots (even minor) from the ground with a shovel and pegs.The earth from the roots do not need to shake, they must wrap wet moss, straw or burlap (this will prevent the roots from drying.)

While digging the tree stops should be strengthened in order to avoid breaking the roots.

Now select a new location for the tree.Dig a pit width of 2.5-3 m (depending on the width of the root system) and a depth of 1 m. The user Marina (nick Offline Mariska ) prefers to do it in advance: "Pitfor planting should be dug 1,5 - 2 weeks before planting let weathered, warms, settles. "
At the bottom of the pit is necessary to distribute land (35 cm.) Of the upper horizon of the soil, mix it with humus (30-35 kg.) During the landing ground carefully trample down all the time (it can achieve a close contact with the ground roots).

Do not forget the water: a tree is usually 25-30 liters of water was poured.When the water is absorbed, the wells are closed loose soil.

Member Forum Tatuniki also gives some useful tips : "clod with a root system must be placed so that the root collar was at 5-8 cm above soil level and try to keep the position of the tree to the cardinal thatit occupied prior to transplant. " To protect the root system of the tree wells from frost in the winter is covered with manure, humus, peat or leaves a layer of 12-15 cm.

spring, before bud break,transplanted tree should be cut.We clean the wounds and obscure garden pitch (or oil paint).It is also recommended to cut all the flowers and pull out the weeds, located a meter away from the tree.Regular watering - a prerequisite for the "settled" trees.During the summer, be sure to keep a careful management of pests and diseases - the trees are weakened after the transplant.In subsequent years, transplanted trees also need attention.