Exotic plants in the country

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02 May 2016

Certainly, many have tried to grow citrus fruits, coffee or loofah.And certainly gardeners eyes light up at the sight of unusual fruits in supermarkets: who does not want to impress the neighbors and acquaintances vegetables with strange shapes and unusual taste?Which of these exotics is to experiment and tell Siberian scientists and participants forumhouse.ru.

about new varieties

scientists of the Central Siberian Botanical Garden exploring exotic plants for Russia in the second half of the 90s.Attention laboratory specialists introduction of food plants have attracted the most promising vegetable crops: cowpeas, momordica, nods and Benincasa.Because of what qualities?- You ask.

responsible Fotev Yuri V. ( senior researcher of the Central Siberian Botanical Garden (CSBG ), Cand. Of agricultural sciences, a specialist in the introduction and selection of new and vegetables authorand co-author of 45 varieties included in the State register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation):

- The system includes such selection criteria as the genetic diversity of the duration of the growing season, the value of the biochemical composition, productivity, keeping quality, resistance to diseases and pests, breeding efficiency (seed) teplotrebovatelnost and others (including, simplicity and adaptability to working of products and associated traditional taste preferences of people in Russia).

Vigna , or green beans - a wonderful plant with fruits 50-60 cm long. It is a kind of our beans, but the quality and productivity of Exotic much higher.Vigna has good taste, contains large amounts of vitamins, pectin, protein.By the way, so cowpea also called "vegetable meat."The fruit can be frozen, fry, stew, canned.For our conditions the most suitable new varieties of cowpea - Yunnan and Siberian size.

Benincasa - another vegetable with valuable biochemical composition.The plant makes ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, allergies, diabetes, neural diseases, helminths.Benincasa has quite a short growing season, ease of cultivation, high yield stability.Bred in Siberia Class Akulina different outstanding keeping quality of fruits - up to 3 years!The fruits - with no grainy pulp pumpkin flavor, thin crust on top is covered with a thick layer of natural wax.Vegetable used in fresh, stewed, fried, canned, candied do.

nods - one of the most popular among truckers exotic, reminiscent of cucumber.Hence another name - African cucumber and jelly or horned melon.The new variety, which can grow with us - Green Dragon.This undemanding plant of the gourd family are characterized by good keeping quality - up to 6 months in the indoor environment.The vegetable has a pleasant taste, contains a lot of potassium.In addition, it nods - it's also a beautiful, thick and prickly vine.She will decorate the fences so that "no enemy will not pass."Kiva used in fresh and canned form.Very impressive look fruits on the table in jars.

Momordica - a unique plant with a rich chemical composition (contains momorhariny, vitamins, pectins, alkaloids, insulin-like peptides).Scientists CSBG brought a new cold-resistant varieties Gosh.Vegetable proved its medicinal properties for diabetes and low immunity, hypertension, viral diseases and cancer.Momordica easy to grow, short growing season is different.The fruits are juicy and spicy taste.They are used in fried and stewed, frozen, canned, brewed tea.

Success Secrets

Many visitors forumhouse.ru, who are trying to grow exotic and rare plant in the Moscow and Moscow region, faced with such problems: the fruits do not have time to ripen, or arebad taste, the plant may not bear fruit.How to succeed?

Fotev YV .:

- To succeed in the cultivation of various crops, we must, if possible, to take greater account of their biological needs related to the origin.For example, it is useful to know that the vegetable pear - a short-day, heat-loving plant, blooms until August and September by shortening the length of the day, so do not particularly productive in a temperate climate and central Russia.

Can I use the seeds of fruits and vegetables from the supermarket?

- Use the seeds extracted from fruits from the supermarket, of course, possible, but the result is totally unpredictable.The fruit vegetable crops such as tomato and sweet pepper, often hybrid origin so sown seeds and plants of them are heterogeneous, including in relation to the magnitude of harvest, fruit size and quality.It is better to buy seeds from reliable sellers, the company that you trust, or originators of sorts.

How to grow these crops?

- All of these heat-loving crops, and can not withstand frost.Grow them better seedling method, sowing seeds 15 - April 25 in the cup in the room or greenhouse and planting seedlings in the ground finished film or polycarbonate greenhouses 15 - 25 May.Cowpea can be sown directly into the ground greenhouses 15 - 25 May.Kiva can be grown in open ground, planting the seedlings after minovanii frost.All cultures were grown garter to the horizontal trellis, located at a height of 1.8 - 2.0 m.

What has grown forum users?

new posts Ni4ka notes that the focus is very decorative berries - zhminda , strawberry, or spinach.She begins to grow right out of the snow, and blooms in early May.The berries get delicious fizzy brew a nice red color, with a "velvet" taste and a pleasant odor.

new posts Teana from Moscow and tried lagenariyu .It is also called china gourd or pumpkin.For food use young fruits: fried in butter, bake cakes, cook porridge, pickled, canned, make caviar.Summer Resident with one plant has collected about 20 kg of fruit.

tiny melon, she melothria scabra and African cucumber - a miniature plant whose fruit looks and tastes like cucumber.Participants forumhouse.ru note that this culture to grow well in balcony boxes, a fence or pergola.The plant blooms and bears fruit from June to frost the most.Liana is growing very actively, so put it, if you need to quickly decorate any vertical plane.Original and cute look dish decorated with pickled melotriey.

Muscovite Donechka not resist in front of one another miracle - Thladiantha Dubia , it - red cucumber.No new posts notes that in the middle lane cucumbers ripen in September.The fruits of the plant - with soft juicy flesh and unusual taste (amateur), good thirst quencher.Cucumbers (in fact it is another member of the family Cucurbitaceae) may be preserved.Eating and used in medicine and tubers of plants.Tladianta used as a choleretic, diuretic and expectorant, astringent and antiscorbutic.
fruit, grass seeds and make a tincture for headache and hypertension, tea from the flowers is good for the flu.

in one article is difficult to tell about all the exotic cultures that are interested gardeners.Learn more about whether or not to put the country Saraha , or blueberries vegetable , how to grow the plant stevia sweetener , what good oat root and what other forum users have tried unusual plants in your garden you can see the theme "Horticulturalrarity ".