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17 May 2016

Fontana - Greek company, 14 kilometers from Athens.

If we look at everyday themes, the leader will no doubt OASE.Top quality, a full range of equipment and supplies, and, accordingly, the highest price.

Messner worse, there is a good product, but do not want to take a hand.Overpriced price Messner in Russia.

Other brands - only for private traders.Profesiional'nykh landshaftnikam not recommend.Only for personal use.

If you look at the market of professional fountain equipment, we see of course OASE.Again fucking quality and complete range of products, but the price awesome.Then we see the rest of the company.Each has its own peculiarity.

For example: Fontan (s) are very good in quality and price fixtures, assured quality baits, but delivery times have broken all records in terms of duration.In Safe-Rain (Spain) has some good tips and cheap models, but because of the same model is also difficult to establish cooperation.

There are still a dozen companies producing tree equipment, each ha
s something interesting.But the design of fountains primary water is desired pattern (ie, the customer's requirements), rather than the brand manufacturer.

a series of Nautilus (new) company OASE over the summer had a lot of complaints (old nautiluses were excellent)

Meissner for the same period did not bring any, as an employee of "OSKO" (albeit former) very disappointing.

OASE goes to plastic components pump housings domestic series (stainless steel used to be), and loses tightness and strength.

But overall, this is a very high-quality product, and if you compare the number of complaints and the number of sold pumps, Messner far behind.Just OASE sell more, so it seems that his service and carry more.

Herr Techniker

OASE We have a factory in China.It is part of the plastic parts, especially large ones.For example, the filter housing Biotec.I see no problem in that the plastic crates are punched in China, but not in Germany.

main thing is that all more or less high-tech products, such as pumps, lights, prof.oborudovanie generally all but certain plastmassok done in Germany.Like Mike, I saw it with my own eyes

Why OASE leader?Because this company is much larger than any competitor.The closest competitor Heissner size in terms of turnover of 5-6 times less OASE and is on the verge of bankruptcy, Messner less OASE about 25 (!) Times.This comparison excluding Categories.OASE in Russia alone sells as much as Messner worldwide.

A benefit-wide OASE provides an advantage in technology-based, so they do the best equipment.

2-6 September in Cologne was an exhibition GAFA - Europe's largest exhibition dedicated to the garden (including a fountain) equipment.A great opportunity to find out who is who in the world of fountain equipment.

course OASE taxis prohibitively.Clearly their stand at the exhibition's most beautiful and unique, the concept of which is different from the "platform on which the goods are."And the area is not even a little.

way as a whole, even though our exhibitions and smaller in size, but in terms of ingenuity in the design of the stands we are ahead of the aliens.

OASE But of course - an exception.There was also a water fountain and tsvetomuzyukalny screen with a video broadcast on the show, and the installation of water Jumping Jet (jet jumping), and even the arch on which real grass ... growing up and down.And it looked as a whole.

course were presented numerous innovations.I want to note a new direction Lake Management, the equipment for large ponds specially made to order.Well, for example blocks UV lamps polkilovatta, huge skimmers and so on.

competitor is less well looked just Messner, although they certainly stand was 10 times less oazovskogo and boiled down to the notorious site laden with goods.But at least he was.

But hitherto largest competitors OASE, Heissner and is not lit at the show (apparently things are not going very well), as well as Greek and American Fontana PEM.Only Spaniards Safe Rain had the courage to come up with a tiny stand.

Now all spurt closed system.IeWater is pumped from the reservoir to the nozzle, a stream, a waterfall and then in the same capacity returns.

capacity is meant in the broadest sense - it can be a pond, a bowl lined with stone, buried under some earth drum, etc.

course in major water supply system for feeding and for emptying drainage and overflow.But they are used occasionally.

Messner "invented" a new impeller that is kind of like saving power consumption.Oasis for the same purpose is promoting the new pumps with a mysterious engine, about which the employees themselves do not know anything, except that he is a much more economical per cent.Well, and similar innovations.

From my perspective, the most interesting novelty - a new budget version OASE Jumping Jet (jumping jets).It will be a little less familiar, but much cheaper.

I want to create a small fountain in the area, I would like to know what and how?I looked through a lot of tools and decided to try the volcano or geyser, what is the difference?


Bits geyser - a foam nozzle.The air and water are mixed and emitted into the air, forming a white foam.These nozzles unfortunately depend on the water level, it is desirable to use water and dampers is necessary to maintain the water level.

for a garden plot is not really suitable.Better prmenit nozzle FOAM JET, it does not depend on the level of water does not require a large depth of the water and can be used in windy areas.And most importantly, it creates a strong pillar of the foam water.

Nozzles Vulcan, is an analogue of the nozzle tip FLER DE LIS, recommended for quiet places, such as courtyards, gardens and interiors.The nozzle does not depend on the water level and creates exquisite three-tiered flower effect.


If you want to build a fountain with sides and a constant water level, note attachment type Cascade.It produces almost all the fountains of the company, and all have the same name.Usually, it is made from copper-bearing alloys (such as brass).We have this cap is made of polished stainless steel.

forms a foamy stream live pyramidal shape.

Nozzles Foam Jet and Fleur-de-Lis tend to clog due to too small holes in their designs.Require thin protective filters at the pumps, and undesirable to apply to waters near the pine trees.

Tell me, please, in the winter tree equipment should be cleaned or can be left in place?


better clean up, with the pumps should preferably be stored in the water - so the calcium salt is not blocked motor shaft


and where you will store these buckets with water?It is better, my dear colleague, autumn produce washing pump and remove all deposits.

pumps still need to be cleaned once a year.Why not do it in the fall before the winter storage.Why keep a dirty smelly pump in a bucket in a warm room, when you can pump clean fresh on a shelf in an unheated barn?

way, calcium and the water is deposited, a colleague.

We are now applying the technique and technology, allowing not clean and did not even touch the pump in the fountain of a few years.


There are 3 ways for the storage of the pump in the winter.So


- leave the pump in the water (there are special pumps, Fritz developed)

- keep the pump in the water tank, in a heated room

- clean the pump at a service center, after cleaning, you can put the pump or gorazhany place convenient for you, without thinking that it may be something happen.

PS3 recommended method is simple and reliable


Fountain pumps are different in purpose, technical characteristics, quality.

700 rubles worth a small fountain pump for desktop composition or pond to 1.5 meters in diameter.And its quality is also not up to par.Quality in this case - it meets the specifications claimed by the manufacturer and the service life of at least 10,000 hours.

500 Euro - the price of the fountain pump, able to cater for a reservoir of at least 8 meters in diameter, or serve a waterfall or stream to a width of 1 meter.In this lifetime of at least 20,000 hours.

When selecting equipment for the fountain is necessary to clarify the following points:

1. Estimated size of the pond.
2. Type of water picture (the form of jets and their placement in the reservoir).
3. Have the electrical network in the area and its possible power.
4. The presence of a source of water for filling the pond.


Waterfalls can be divided into 2 types.

1. The water falls freely from the spout (over the air).

2. Water flows along a surface (wall, glass or rocky surfaces).

Type 1 requires special devices for quality spout, large consumption of energy and is quite expensive.Typically, in a Russian farm, such devices are not used.The layman such a thing did not build.

But the variant with a waterfall on the rocky top of each can create.

Consider the simplest option:

To do this you need to buy the correct pump, coiled hose, a special film for the pond, a special protective material (geotextile) and a bunch of stones.Shovel - in the barn.

digs a pit depth of 50 cm from the slopes in the form of steps.Stacked in a protective material.It will protect the film from sharp rocks and roots.Fits into the pit waterproof film so that it appeared on the coast for 50 ... 100 cm.

Pour water halfway to the film settled in all cavities.We put rocks on the shore and underwater steps.You can pour a small pebbles.

Building a waterfall.We pour a heap of soil on the banks and form of a bed of a waterfall and sealing.It fits into the mainstream of the protective material and tape so that the film is hung in the pond.Let test the water jet along the bed of the waterfall.If water struyachit wrong, correct the error.

laid on the bottom of the pond pump with a hose connection.Masking the pump and hose with stones.Print the hose to the waterfall spout and hide it under a stone.

includes a pump and start laying in line with the falls.Make it so that was nice and the water flowed without loss into a pond.If all goes well, the remains of the foundation stones complete your waterfall.

way, the creek is just as well.