Hardworking worms

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02 May 2016

Vacationers are beginning to breed earthworms for different reasons.Some dream fertilize their vermicompost beds that produce earthworms - found that it is a valuable organic fertilizer is ten times more efficient than compost.Another vermicompost is not needed, but the need worms - for fishing or feed the chickens.Others are engaged in animal husbandry and planning by the Californian worm to process the accumulated manure.

Chervevodstvo or otherwise, vermicultivation - very young science.The technology of breeding worms is fulfilled and perfected right now.It is believed that the most detailed and complete discussion vermivoprosov around beautiful girls can be found here on this thread forumhouse.ru.We discuss all kinds of "cultural worms" - Californian, Dendroben prospectors, etc.

- What is the difference, as our worm called, the main thing - it performs the task that we have set forth before.Putrefaction when working worm no - no stink;We produce vermicompost - constituting valua

ble soil - from debris;worms anywhere from anywhere we did not run away - what else is needed ... Like my grandpa said - call me a pot, but do not put in the oven.

create conditions for Californian worms in general, it is not so difficult, but they will not survive at all.In forumchanin Boris Annenkov , for example, did not survive, but it is very much about them learned.

Boris Annenkov:

- Californian worm lives of 12-15 years (normal earthworm lives 5-6 years), multiplies several times more than usual worm.

- this worm does not fall into hibernation, as an ordinary earthworm, which means that it produces a year more vermicompost.

- this worm lives a compact population in the place where it is fed (normal worm lone wanderer, walks where it wishes).

- this worm comfortable conditions are almost the same conditions as for the person - the temperature of 18-25 degrees, humidity 70-80%, no noise and vibration.He does not like bright light, but wants to have at least a weak source of information on the state of daylight.

- he is very picky about the food - the food, which was first tried just hatched from the cocoon of a young worm, he will eat for life.Changing the composition of the feed may lead to the death of all the young population from hunger.Therefore it is always necessary to know the exact composition of feed, which was the one who sold you these worms.

- so as not to injure the worms in the selection of vermicompost, they must be kept in special boxes, biofermentatorah having a rather complicated four-story structure, the space of the box-biofermentatora worm divides itself in the "kitchen", "recreation area", "children" and "toilet ".

Vermiguru forumhouse.ru Love Viktorovna Kluvik54 believes chervevodstvo - the most profitable areas in agriculture, especially in the presence of their own forage.Very few dare she, engage Californians professionally.But breed worms that will successfully provide a valuable fertilizer a small garden plot, according to every man.Biogumus you can only get a few months of starting work your pets, but they will give weekly vermichay - fluid that accumulates in the pan under chervyatnikom.It is diluted in water until color slabozavarennogo tea and fed plants.Well, according to users forumhouse.ru, responds to vermichay and seedlings.


- Vermichay obtained by worms watering waters.For example, if I need to feed the seedlings, I poured into a box of worms a couple of glasses of water and after 15-20 minutes, drained from the pan vermichay.Seedlings like it very much!In all other cases, I only wet the cloth, which is covered with worms.And I do vermichay when necessary, t. To. He should be fresh.

My house lives a little worm.The pieces are not considered, but they live in a small box out of fruit (box volume of about 5 liters).With the problem a small number of worms cope fine.It is clear that they eat less and produce less humus than the family of several thousand worms.But at home more and do not.


- I also have a volume of 5 liters, no watering, vermichay with about half a glass a week collecting, diluted with water to the glass and water, to which scarce.

Many forum users are holding mini chervefermy house: in the boiler room, on the balcony, in the bathroom, and even under the kitchen table.It does not cause considerable inconvenience: the only odor that may make chervyatnik - the smell of fresh earth.


- Worms keep the house, the children grumble, but resigned in the summer - on the balcony.Box of galvanizing: 600h400h 500mm, bottom drill Drill D 4mm larger pan.During the summer I turned two boxes of fertilizer for the winter - one.I bought a single family, multiply unevenly very much, then somewhere to disappear.

Boris Annenkov:

- I kept winter Californian worms in special biofermentatore directly under the dining table in the kitchen.Neither we nor our guests no unpleasant odors do not feel.And with a home biofermentatora possible over the winter period, when the family of 3-4 people, to prepare about 150 liters magnificent vermicompost.

In cottage worms kept in various vermikultivatorah built mainly based found on the Internet.For example, a home for worms, built Nadezhdoy1303.


- the box is put on the foot of paving slabs (by mole) and foam sheet (temperature stabilization).

But the most correct and cheapest option, according Kluvik54 - moving beds (piles).


- For high quality vermicompost enclosing territory under a bed, divide it into three sections (each section is shielded - Ed).In the first compartment of the worm runs while he eats, waste accumulates in the third compartment.The second - at least three meters - walking.When the worm is completely redesigned the first compartment, the transfer of waste to a third in the second, open the fence, and the water in the dam open, the worm will go to the new food.The third compartment is released, the second in the fourth fill.By the fifth compartment will begin overpopulation, too much of the worm will have to resettle in other beds - piles vymankoy plastic boxes filled with waste {}.

If all parameters vymanka finished, leave for another mesyachishko shoulder under the straw, and then reinsert the boxes, the worm will come up.

After vymanki that lasts 90 days, vermicompost is put in cold storage for the winter.After freezing it becomes a lush, easily sown, it is pleasant to work with.And the land on the site of moving beds will still be fertile - this technology vermichay remains in the soil and fertilize it abundantly.

In nature, earthworms eat organic remains: rotting roots, grass and manure.From this cultural and repel owners worm.Fresh pork and poultry manure worms in food are not suitable - only after fermentation, which can take quite some time.Determine readiness by using ph-meter and thermometer confectionery.And here a fresh horse and cow manure worms can provide, most importantly - apply a thin layer so as not to burn.Horse manure is generally one of the most favorite delicacies Chervyakova.

also go to the feed residues from vegetables (both raw and cooked), and fruits: rotten apples, bananas, plums, etc.It is important not to overdo it and not spoiled chervetariya residents.


- If you start to feed it with manure and ALWAYS have to produce manure.It is better to translate into affordable food - crop residues.I first capricious, and is now pleased to sharpen everything, but most of all love pumpkin and carrots.Banana skins zalёzhivayutsya.

What else eat worms?Adore broken tea, and with bags.Coffee grounds.Quietly eat paper and cloth.Food for worms scroll through a meat grinder is not necessarily: « enough cut into pieces the size of a five-ruble coin.And then they start to be lazy.Easy enough food, caring for the offspring cease.Reasonable, it turns out the creature. "


- Grind only to accelerate the process of recycling, and if you do not hurry, you can not crush.When fermenting, it is better vermichaem - there is the usual worms and microflora waste produced in such a way they process faster.

main drawback Californian worm - he can not stand the cold and die at temperatures below zero.It's the only thing he loses a miner who at minus five ingeniously cleanses the stomach and sleep until spring.But kalifrniets almost half the price, and the gardeners like many other indicators.Therefore, many prefer it.Californian harbor, or the winter, or take in the room with positive temperature.Nestle worm something edible for him, in the event of a prolonged winter he had extra rations.You can cover the hay, sawdust may be;however, resinous sawdust conifers worm does not eat, but deciduous quite suitable.


- to the worm does not freeze, it is necessary to insulate it.For example, if the worm wintering on the street, on a pile of worms distribute the humus layer of 30-40 cm and isolated from rodents fine mesh.All this hide a layer of straw.I think it would be cheaper to prepare for winter worms than to buy new each spring.All the more so in the winter they also will thrive in a few times.

Owners of large vermiferm not consider wintering big problem.These photographs - part of the farm Kluvik54.


- the naked eye can see - a worm nestled bad, there is a pilot shoulder (third photo) I did not knowingly harbored for three seasons - t. E. Itfreeze through - everything except the cocoon does not survive, with a plot of 10 acres all waste is recycled without problems .

gardener can pretty quickly fully meet the standard plot vermicompost, buying a standard to start a family in 1500 individuals.But especially rich on worms none of members of the forum has not yet been - though nobody set himself such a task.From one kilogram of worms for the year 1,500 kilograms, as promised by various advertising does not work: how to estimate forum, to obtain 1500 kg of the worm, it needs 150 tons of organic matter, and one worm gives the offspring of 1500 pieces only theoretically.And it is not an easy matter.


- You'll need a wheelbarrow, fork, shovel, boots, gloves and, of course, a lot of physical labor.Do not be surprised if after the first mixing at least a ton of litter / manure, you have completely lost the desire to deal with worms.I, for example, after "working with worms," ​​I go into the house only through the shower.Dirty and smelly is the case, to be honest.

In the view of members of the forum, vermicultivation - only intermediate in farming: you yourself produce fertilizer, and thus increases the yield of vegetables.Worms go to feed the bird, then you should not worry because the suspect ended purchased biokroma.


- The task of making this 2,000 euros per tonne of vermicompost not put.I want to ensure that their agricultural foremost.needs.Then we'll see.


- B / word will plant solely for pleasure.Like "oh, I'm cool!"


- Tolerance to all of you in this interesting and cost-effective business !

this video will help you to classify the soil in your yard, choose the right fertilizer, reduce acidity and fight plant diseases.Problems and prospects of breeding Californian worm and discussed here in this section of the forum, but mostly - that's it.