Calendar gardener-gardener: April

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02 May 2016

Until April we are not happy warm weather, but there are many things that you can manage to do this month.

Firstly, the "weather" in the windows and balconies are always favorable for plants.April - time to grow seedlings.The first half of it can be spent on planting seedlings, and ultra-fast-maturing varieties of tomato.And in the last week is the time for middle-cabbage varieties.At the end of the month sown the seeds for seedlings of cucumber, zucchini, squash, decorative pumpkin.Already sown seedlings in April, requires special care: it increased with the growth of the plants need to increase watering, from time to time to loosen the soil, if necessary, to hold the pick.When the weather gets warmer, you can begin to accustom the plants to fresh air - airing the room, leaving the seedlings on the balcony at night.When night frosts are expected, cover the seedlings better film.

tomato seedlings at first pritenyayut from the bright sunlight.

The balconies in April, you can easily grow different he

rbs: dill, parsley and radishes, lettuce, celery, spinach, chervil, turnips, cabbage (and cabbage, and cauliflower, and boyusselskuyu), onions, marjoram, mint, purslane, summer radish, fennel, sage ... and much more importantly, to place enough!

How to seal legumes seeded mustard greens, cucumber grass, turnips.

If you have not had time to dig grooves for removal of melt water, it's time to do it.You also need to clean up the compost (razuteplit and shovel) - for planting it is very useful.Left for the winter plants (eg, parsley and celery) is time razokuchit.

If the site has a greenhouse, it is time to use them for other purposes.A couple of weeks before planting in open ground cabbage, they need to germinate in greenhouses.Melons and cucumbers in greenhouses in early April grown on any form of heating (e.g., energy or steam).

At the end of the month you can safely begin work on beds.Typically, the soil is ready to ensure that it planted carrots, onion seeds for turnip and Onion, parsley and anise, common beans, peas, mustard, coriander, parsnips, radishes, turnips dining room, lettuce, asparagus, chicory rootspinach and savory.

not to delay planting onion sets!

plots where planted radishes, turnips, radish up shoots or shoots in the morning should pollinate tobacco dust or ash.This will prevent the emergence of cruciferous Fleas.

on the heated areas begin planting germinated potato tubers of early varieties.