Solar energy for a fountain

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17 May 2016

Add flavor to your garden design will help small fountain, is conveniently located amidst the flower beds with exquisite flowers, or a flashlight or a fountain-pond apron, if available at the site.At garden fountains British company «Heavens Solar Technology» is a huge advantage - they are working on solar energy, the use of which does not need to pay a penny.

Cascade terracotta

Cascade terra cotta solar-powered terracotta fontanchik- stage made of durable polymer.It comes with a solar battery, works even on cloudy days and does not require direct sunlight.

Features: runs on solar energy;the color of terra cotta;It made from lightweight cold-resistant polymer with 4 cups (diameter: 350, 225, 185 and 150 mm);Black aluminum frame;The kit includes a network adapter for short-term use at night;pump works even on cloudy days may briefly stop in adverse conditions.Charging time of the solar panel - 20 seconds;Sizes 485h450h350mm;weight 9 kg;It can be used indoors;pump height 60 cm;Power pump 350l / h;1 year warranty.

Amber bath for birds

Amber bath for birds New design fountain «Bird Bath» supplemented removable fountain powered by solar energy and made of durable polymer.The pump is hidden behind a solar battery and is equipped with 2 sprayers to control the jet.

Features: runs on solar energy;color sand;made from lightweight cold-resistant polymer;height 860 mm;weight 9kg;It can be used indoors;has a nozzle to create the effect of bubbles and splashes;It consists of three components;Warranty - 1 year.

fountain in the shape of a lily

A fountain in the shape of a lily Lily - «Chelsea» floating in a small pond: a solar-powered and has a built-in pump base.Fountain height can be adjusted - there are 4 nasadki- spray.The fountain is made of green polymer.

Features: Green lily floating fountain, running on solar energy;diameter of 325mm;width 165mm;weight 2kg;It can be used indoors;the kit includes "anchor" nozzles and 4;fountain height 60cm;pump power - 350l / h;1 year warranty;oxygenates pond.

fountain in the form of three small Greek urns

A fountain in the form of three small Greek urns fountain Alanya - stylized three small Greek terra cotta urns, from which water flows into the cup.The pump is hidden under the "urns".Solar battery comes with a stone terra cotta, to match the fountain, and a 5-meter cable.

Features: runs on solar energy;the color of terra cotta;It made of lightweight polymer and frost;the kit includes a network adapter for short-term use at night;When charging from the solar battery - 20 seconds;height 305mm;diameter of 420mm;weight 10,8kg;It can be used indoors;Power pump 350l / h.

Hawaii - fountain, solar-powered

Hawaii - fountain, solar-powered world's first fountain with battery, works regardless of time of day and weather thanks to the accumulated solar energy.The fountain can be installed on a shaded pond due to the presence of solar module and pump.

The set includes a solar-powered pump (can both float and be fully immersed in water), a powerful solar battery with a built-in power supply, three nozzle fountain and three extension.

solar battery can be installed at the angle that best be turned towards the sun, and has three operating modes:

  • first mode for automatic spouting from solar energy in direct sunlight,
  • second mode: the batteries are charged, the fountain is not working;
  • third mode: the fountain running in eco mode, receiving power from the battery, regardless of the weather and time of day.The maximum operating time of the battery charged - 10 hours.

Florida - Set of 2 circular floating lanterns

Florida - Set of 2 round floating lanterns

These decorative balls, lanterns create unusual light focal point in your garden.They are available in different colors: blue, green, orange and white.Solar power is connected using a 5-meter cable and can be positioned separately, which means that these flashlights are suitable for shaded ponds.

Set of 2 pcs .;LED: 2 pcs.on each ball (white);diameter 16 cm;Hours: 10 hours;provided the switch.

Editor: Roman Adamov