Construction of an artificial pond

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17 May 2016
not think that in the construction of an artificial pond will certainly need concrete, stone bridges and finish.Not only are these durable materials can cope with the weight of the water and dump trucks to deliver the concrete is not required.Water will keep the fabric



- spades, shovels
- level
- plummet
- flat paint brushes
- Mortar trough
- trowels
- kirochka (bushhammer)
- mallet (mallet)
- tin snips or scissors cutter
- Clippers


- fiberglass
- liquid rubber and additives for the manufacture of mixtures
- dry cement mix
- reinforcing mesh
- litnyak
- pebbles
- Unedged board (formwork)
- pipes and pipe fittings necessary assortment

1. Prepare a water bed and a fountain hill.To do this, cut off and remove the sod over the entire area of ​​the future reservoir.Dig a trench ring trapezoidal profile.Because of dredged material shape fountain hill and outer embankment.During excavation always check horizontal bottom (using a level) and slope
angles (using a plumb).If this is not done, then a mirror of water will "tilt".The angle of the slope should be 45 °.

2. With transheek narrow deep, dug by the outside towards the center of the pond, run water-supply pipes.The ends of the pipe output through the outer slope so that they are below the low-water level *.Pipes transheykah and in places out of the slope insulate liquid rubber.

3. Carefully align and seal the surface of the slope, remove the stones and foreign objects.
Shots slopes thick fiberglass with no damage.Lay the fabric of the cloth vertically and overlapping, with a large overlap on each side (at least 50 cm).

4. Liberally promazhte glass surface waterproofing composition of the liquid rubber (6-8 layers).

5. With the help of an adhesive composition of the liquid rubber lay out the bottom and the lower slopes of the small and large pebbles.

6. Ram outer earthen embankment of the pond.Excess land drop.With the help of a temporary shuttering make a dirt-pad concrete pad base.Put it reinforcing mesh.

7. On the reinforcement mesh using concrete solution lay flagstone.The slots are also filled with the solution and decorate with small pebbles.Mallet align and adjust the rocks.


Mezhennaya • The minimum water level at which it forms a continuous mirror.

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