Like champagne, only better: Gameday make cider

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01 May 2016

with the second and Saviour, consider, before the end of October, we are living the life of the apple.Bake charlotte, do thin crispy apple chips and sour candy, cook jam, moisten apples with malt and makes a wonderful homemade cider.

This drink made by all the rules, funny, but not Head Nebula, it is recommended wishing to lose weight, and finally he just delicious.

Many users make cider and consistently hit their imagination guests.To prepare this drink is not difficult, the task successfully coped even beginners, although experienced winemakers consultees forum.Technology, which is prepared in the cider tested on dozens of picky stomachs and honed over the years.

Very good cider, not conceding a decent champagne, making new posts Ljiljana. It "naguglit retseptik at some French website".


- my apples, cut broken hips, core and wormholes, cut into small slices and fall asleep to the banks (10 and 20 liters) for about 3/4.I pour cold boiled water, add

a little sugar (about 1/2 cup per jar of 10 liters) and left at room temperature (20-24 degrees) for about two weeks, until the apples tight cap will rise up and no cider has cleared.I do not put water trap - just I cover banks in several layers of cheesecloth.

Next wine stock merge, bottled (best of champagne, although obstructive chore - you have to pour the wax and put on a bandage) in each bottle add the zest of 3-4 and go to the cellar for 2-3 months, storehorizontally.It turns out a very good trick.Taste specific, with "jeep" and is not inferior to a decent champagne.

For fun Ljiljana buy real French cider, and all noted that the drink its production is not worse.Now she makes cider to order.To make cider spice in each jar she puts on lemons cut into thin slices with peel, but remove the stone.And since the new posts using different varieties of apples, the cider she obtained different varieties.


- Apples take Melba summer and autumn striped.Make the Bank of winter with an asterisk (it is dark red, almost maroon) - turned pink wine stock and cider went even better than "polosatki" - almost pink champagne.

Recipe Ljiljana not everyone likes: Well this is how much to spend time and effort to slice the apples for 20 liter bottle? Ljiljana says prilovchilis and spends more than an hour is not, however, «I core is not particularly try to cut - I sector there who eat, so that my treatment options still out without waste.And apple juice and so we bang out, so I found it: why do double duty? »

However, on popularity of traditional, classic recipe cider: from apple juice.Last year Snegoff with the continued support soforumchan prepared the finest cider, without in this case no experience.Juice cider he did yablokosennih of sour-sweet varieties: collected from the trees and add a little padanok (padanki soaps).With apples for the ability to remove the entire stalk and sent to the spinning in the garden juicer.


- Pressed apple juice, brought the sugar to 17% and put to ferment under the water seal in a glass bottle for 20 liters.Temperature - 21 degrees.The whole week went slowly ferment, small bubbles rise from the bottom, a large gate in the flask was bubbled juice lighten at the bottom was going to precipitate disappeared from the dregs at the top of the cap .... Exactly a week the picture has changed dramatically, surprised and alarmed me - juice dimmed,top of fluffy foam formed, and the water in the fermentation lock gurgles as if boiling.

As explained by an experienced winemaker Georgi, worry not because of what is "bubbling" means that began the rapid fermentation of the wort, which lasts from one to three weeks.Then it calms down and goes into a stage of slow fermentation and clarification, which can last two months.First recast or filtering do on the border of rapid and slow fermentation, the second - about three weeks:

« plus or minus 2-3 days do not play a big role, and indeed, any terms in the wine - it'sthe discretion of the winemaker, t. To. There are always its own characteristics (number and strength of wine yeast, temperature, etc.). "

important to observe the temperature range of 18-20 degrees, to prevent long-term access of air - and everything should work.

Tanya Kondrat recalls: «wort becomes cloudy because it is live yeast multiply.The precipitate will appear when they have nothing to eat, and will increase the degree. "

recast do so: the wort is transferred to a temporary leaking container (digesting, plastic barrel, and so on. N.), Washed with a bottle (not necessarily dried), pour it back and give it a must for fermentation under the water trap.And do not worry about that at the time of recasting must be in contact with air.


- seen Me and I read in the literature that a short stay of wine in the open air (aeration) goes in his favor.I recast in the filtration of wine is not more than an hour trying to keep an open container, somewhere it is written that it is possible and to keep up to three hours.Therefore: wine shimmers in a temporary clean container, wash the old and pour the wine back.By the way, after recasting filtering can be activated ferment.

recasting After filtering, especially the first volume of the wine in the tank is reduced and, consequently, increases the volume of air.This is not very good.Therefore, the wine is poured into a smaller container, or top up the wine from another container.


- You can add water and sugar, and fresh juice, it all depends on how much material was laid down at the outset: it is necessary to adhere to certain proportions.I water and sugar lays not all at once, so after the first recasting of the wort volume is adjusted (sugar, water, juice, wort from other vessels).If the fault remains after filtering vsёgo 4/5 of volume capacity, it is tolerated, and 3/5 have - not gud.

water in cider and wine in general is added to reduce the acidity of the wort to certain values: drink sour not very nice.The acidity and sugar content of wine should be maintained in certain values ​​and proportions, it is the basis of any wine.


- Why grapes - the best grapes for wine?Because the amount of acid and sugars in the berries is in perfect proportion and it is not necessary to add any water or sugar.A fruit and berry wine or a lot of acid and low in sugar (for example, red and black currants), or a little acid and a lot of sugar (eg, plums, pears, sweet apples).

Each 1 g of sugar is obtained about 0.5 g of the alcohol (shown), respectively, in 10 l of wort original 2 kg (20%) sugar alcohol yield of 10% (weight values ​​rather than bulk), i.e.,20 l - 4 kg.17% sugar - it is about, in the end result, 8% alcohol, which corresponds to easy dining room wine (SIDR).

So: 400 grams of sugar per 20 liters of wine will raise a fortress around 2%.A strength of wine increases its "strength", which is important during storage.It is believed that the cider is not stored for a long time - a maximum of a year, but, according to forumchanin Profanus, in the case of a good acid-tannin balance and temperature conditions this drink may be waiting in the wings for several years and, despite the low alcohol content.

temperature of the room in which dobrazhivaet wine should stay at the level of 10-12 degrees.Sharp fluctuations are not allowed.


- you have to look at the progress of fermentation ... If it is more active, then maintain the temperature of 18-20 degrees, if the unrest was quiet and occasionally distinguished bubbles of carbon dioxide, is 10-12 degrees.Therefore, in the industrial winemaking to wine fermentation used underground cellars.

As a result Snegoff turned dry and unsweetened napidok little harder than it should be a traditional cider.He strongly resembled champagne Brut- only less fizzy and with a well palpable apple aftertaste.The alcohol content, according to the testimony of domestic wine alcoholometer fluctuated at around 11-11.5 turns.But forumchanin prefer sweeter drinks.


- Due to the cider Forum was a success!We pour straight from the bottle, add in place to taste honey or sugar and cinnamon.Cider completely stopped fermentation and become transparent.Fortress about 12%, easy to drink, delicious, excessive acid is no longer felt.

Next year I want to make at least 4 bottles of 20 liters.Here then experiment with bottling.And now, not before - just drink and enjoy.Until the spring unlikely to survive.

This cider can really be regarded as complete, although you can try to make it less acidic.But on this issue the views of reputable wine-and sidrodelov sharply divided:


- I have repeatedly observed that the acidity of the wine is reduced when it is a couple of weeks will stand out in the cold.How cold ...?It is possible and negative temperatures down to -5, but it individually, it all depends on the strength and extractive wine.Last year I was standing on the balcony and at -10, and then did recast.It is important not to blame completely freeze to ice and to small pieces of ice - it is possible.


- With regard to the wine will not argue, but the cider from low temperatures deteriorates - loses its taste.

homemade apple beverages are valued for flavor and aroma of Indian summer.Well uncork a bottle in January, when the window is dark almost all the time, and it seems that it will always be - and cider make believe that there will not be.Be sure to come in August, and apple zatreschat laden with fruit, and all - all will be well.

There are fairly simple technologies that do not just apple cider, and wine and Calvados.These are discussed in this razdelenashego forum, as well as here in this.You probably will gather there are other interesting ideas.Keep the wine cellar can be in the basement of your home or at the wine bar, which is just to decorate the interior of your apartment.