Growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

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01 May 2016

April in full swing, which means it's time to talk about how best to grow cucumbers in the greenhouse.Particularly relevant to this article will be the inhabitants of cold regions, who want to try cucumbers as soon as possible.

The experience of users this is no big deal.Agrotechnics when grown in a greenhouse cucumbers is essentially the same as in the case of the open ground.The first thing you need to determine what grade is best suited for cultivation.

Consultant forumhouse. ru Olga Kartavenkova (nick Offline yoursangel ):

«greenhouse partenokarpiki fit all.In the context of the greenhouse pollination is impossible, and this hybrid is capable of forming their own fruit. "

Preparing greenhouses and soil

Well established varieties like Moscow greenhouse, Lada, Malachite, Stella, and Dinzosi Biryusa.For spring greenhouses have shown good results known varieties - early Altai 166, elegant, hybrids VIR 516 and 517, Nerosimy 40.

It is advisable to start in the aut

umn.It is necessary to get rid of post-harvest residues, and from the top layer (4-5 cm) soil (there might accumulate many bacteria).The wooden part of the structure is best disinfected.

spring soil preparation continues.In soils added to various mineral and organic fertilizers and nitrogen (if in the first two cases, the fertilizer can be added in the fall, the nitrogen is only suitable for spring).Usually scattered 20-25 of manure (it should be nepereprevshim) - it will provide a carbon dioxide-powered cucumbers;30-40 of potash and phosphate fertilizers.Lime is also needed (about 300 g) of soil After that you can dig.

spring of boiling water poured over the prepared soil with potassium permanganate (3 g of manganese per 10 liters of water).

Toeplitz spring covered with a film, and after the soil has "matured", formed the beds.Do not forget to immediately pull wire trellis, for which then will be tied plants.

different secrets about preparing greenhouses see the topic of our forum.

cucumber seedlings

You can buy ready-made seedlings can grow it at home on the balcony, and can be grown in a greenhouse cucumber directly.But for this we need an additional source of heating.

Olga Kartavenkova:

«must-heated greenhouse: night frosts are frequent.Personally, I prefer to heat the greenhouse heaters (infrared lamps). »

be planted seedlings in unheated greenhouse film should not be earlier than May 10-15.If the heating is not always necessary to be prepared for the fact that the freeze will damage the plant.To do this, you need to have protection.In addition, when swing day and night temperatures of active growth of leaves at the expense of fruiting.The fruit at a temperature not swell.

most crucial moment: the landing

soil should warm up enough.Before planting in the garden make holes into which the seed is placed (but it must be understood that this increases the time before fruiting) or seedlings (it placed so that the surface of the coma was at 1-2 cm above the ground level).Wells is best to shed a weak solution of potassium permanganate with hot water.

root collar should not touch the ground, where there is always the infection.Dripping with the irrigation water also can cause her harm.

Care greenhouse cucumbers

Care cucumbers in the greenhouse is in formation of a bush, watering, fertilizing, and timely topping. hybrids pinch main shoot when he grows up to the top of the trellis (usually about 2 meters).Pinch should be over 2-3 m after the last sheet of the fetus.

If you want to speed up the fruit-bearing plays an important role nipping plants on 4-5 th sheet.

Watering a good sprinkler irrigation cucumbers, when at the same time improves moisture and soil and air.This is especially important on hot days.The best watering time 11-12 and 13-15 hours.Watering is done only with warm water.You can not pour water at the root - this could harm the plant: the earth is destroyed, the roots bare.Therefore it is better to make shallow furrows.

about how to form a bush, which in any case require fertilizing, as well as many other things - see the discussion of our members of the forum

We wish you a good harvest cucumbers this year!