The method of dry stone masonry

By Admin | Landscape
17 May 2016

dry stone masonry I encountered for the first time over 20 years ago, after the acquisition of a garden plot, which was a lot of limestone.Then I built of stone open hearth oval, put it to a height of 50 cm by drywall.

experience of such work, I had little in the literature about this then almost did not write.But be that as it may, this center has stood for 15 years with virtually no maintenance.

style that I hold - the natural ecological garden.All are struggling with weeds, and I have them coexist, complement and help crop plants to survive.

Since the site is located on a slope and elevation differences are considerable in some places, we have to build retaining walls.All the time looking for something new in the redevelopment, to shovel tons of soil, rebuild and stand wall that allowed to accumulate considerable experience in the construction of the wall by drywall.

The main thing you should pay attention to, the state of the ground on the future site of the wall.The soils at the base of the

wall should not be subjected to frost heave, dissolved groundwater and blur.Note also how the layers are deposited soil because blocked with oblique arrangement one layer will slide on another.As a result, under the action of frost heave can occur lifting wall or part thereof and then thawing at uneven ground - lower wall, which often leads to deformation and fracture.

to precipitate wall was uniform over its entire area, and there are no further stress due to uneven loading on the ground, it is important to distribute the stones of equal weight, the entire length of rows of masonry.

When building decorative wall unrelated sides with the ground, I'm depending on ground conditions or arrange a sandy base ("B") under the sole of the wall, or just dig the ground, or, on the contrary, ramming him.If there is a layer of clay, then stack the sand to a depth of 20 cm and a width equal to the width of the sole plus 20-25 cm per side.Pour the sand layers of 5 cm, each layer shed water and Trumbo.

If the wall - is not heavy, then start laying a month, if the wall - wide and long, it is better to postpone the laying of next year.Before the erection of the wall, I obkladyvayut stones the place where it will be construction.Stones located "growth" first major, then the middle and then smaller, and, in addition, in advance "by eye" pick their configuration so that they fit together.During this same time I prepare 2-3 chisels on stone with different angles of sharpening, heavy hammer, hammer - kirochku, goggles and gloves.

to take sole large stones in the form of plates.Stack them on the "B" and walk on the ground laid out several times.If a stone underfoot is unsteady, then I tinker underneath a sandy base and presses it to neighboring stone.With ligation at the seams stack the second row and the next.At the same time put the stones so that their center of gravity was sent into the masonry.In no case the stone should not "seek" outside.In the ranks of stack stones so that they are as much in contact with each other surfaces (faces), and did not move.

If the wall - wide, the vertical seams tab through and do not tie up the top row of stones longitudinal and transverse seams of the bottom row.For each row for laid committing "promenade" to identify the rocking stones.To the stone is not staggered, placed under a small stone-wedge stronger breed than limestone or replace rocker stone others.With each next size stacked stones is reduced, and the top wall (if it has a horizontal surface) fall asleep rubble.

wall built by me in this way, had a width of the sole - 70 cm, width of the peaks - 40 cm, height - 1500 cm, length - 4000 cm. She stood me in the area for 12 years and has not experienced substantial strains.In connection with the redesign of the site once it has been pulled down, but from the stones I made two stairs and paved paths.

Do not think that everything is so fast and easy.In fact, sometimes you have to go through 5-7 stones before you find the right stone, which is firmly, not moving to "sit" in the masonry.That is why I crumbled stones "fan" in front of the wall.This technique a little bit, but facilitates a job to drag stones.

Retaining walls, in my opinion, to build a much easier and faster.But on the ground under their grounds need to pay the same attention as the ground during the construction of a decorative wall.In addition, retaining walls can destroy a landslide that occurs when an oblique arrangement of layers of soil.

Previously I did retaining walls as advised in the literature on garden design, that is, rely directly on the masonry rammed open ground slope.In most cases, this method of construction in a few years in the cracks between the stones germinate the grass, and the wall acquired a slovenly appearance.

weed rather, it was impossible to pull out the plant, since the roots grow into the rocks, bursting them, and destroyed the wall.
Now I before laid the stones, be sure to arrange protection against weeds.In one case, it is - the sheets of rubber from old tires and inflatable boats, in another - plastic sheets and old slate.The walls are now - clean, and in specially constructed niches and right on the rocks I plant ground cover plants.

During the construction of a retaining wall of stone (a total length of 7 m), which does not erode the fertile soil of the garden, I had planned three stone walls forming two angles - 270 ° external and internal 90 °.The lower outer corner stones, masonry inside which are two faces disposed at 90 ° to each other.

Some corner stones created by nature, while others had to modify a chisel on stone.These cornerstones allow to keep a predetermined angle in the further clutch.

inner corner of the stones is not yet complete, as you first need to carry out decorative trim trees.However, the finalization of the land not be easy, because the stones walls will rely on packed gravel other structure made of stone.In addition to high

clutches can organize and low of 2-3 rows of stones.Stone stenochku as curbs, flower beds and twine frame track.But that such curbs are not overgrown with grass, I'm under the stones stack material, that does not make their way through the weeds.

To sum up, it should be noted unquestionable advantage drywall.It consists in the fact that, if necessary, building made of stone masonry dry way, you can quickly disassemble, move to another place and there to build something new.