Signs of groundwater: Tips Forum Members

By Admin | Garden, Garden
30 April 2016

It's no secret that a great importance in the improvement area is the level of groundwater.From this often depends on the ability to supply.And, of course, no one wants to get a nasty surprise in the form of flooding plants.But how to determine how close to the surface is water?

first determine to what we mean by groundwater.Ground . water - it is nothing like "layer of water", which is located closest to the surface to waterproof the reservoir rock.The most typical example of groundwater that burst to the surface - springs in the ravines and valleys.

Groundwater today allow water to supply a variety of largest settlements and agricultural facilities

Can surveying in any way to inform the presence of ground water?Experts who conducted a survey, identify the highest and lowest point of the site.But is it possible to assert that, for example, a hill - a place of deep groundwater?Like, this is logical.But the fact that the ground water are located in the ground is uneven, at different depths, with

out depending on the topography of the site.Therefore, sometimes it is useless to spend money and do a topographical survey.

If you have a pet, ponablyuda yte his behavior.That he can tell you where the close is the water.For example, cats that prefer cool because of the lack of development of sweat glands, prefer to choose a place to relax on the lawn just above water veins and dogs, on the contrary, try to stay away from such places.Moshkora that winds columns at sunset - a sure sign of the proximity of groundwater, however, as the mosquito swarm.

If you're lucky, and your site is not mouse burrows, and the ant hills with red ants, know this: most likely, the water somewhere close.

user under the name nysia advises ask around about this problem at the neighbors - they probably wondered how closely spaced groundwater.

various natural phenomena such as fog, too, may indicate the proximity of groundwater.Evening mist creeping - true national sign by which we can confidently say that in this area the ground water are very close.This also says the abundance of morning dew.

new posts Mariska advised to check all the "experienced" by : «It is best to take the hand-drill and drilled in various parts of the site" laboratory hole ", and then be able to determine the" average "groundwater level in the area."

Other good advice on the definition of groundwater table, you can read a thread of our forum.If the water is really too close, you need to drain.For information on how best to cope with this problem - see our accompanying video.