Modular beds

By Admin | Landscape
16 May 2016
Modular flower - one of the most fashionable today techniques of Flower Garden.It is a rigorous composition, based on a multiple repetition of elements of a certain size - that is actually the module.

How it works?

For those who as a child played the classics, creating a flower bed unit would be a matter of habit.The isolated flower garden area for the future at first divided into regular elements - squares, rectangles, hexagons, circles, etc.They will grow and flower.The space between the elements is usually coated with an inert material: paving tiles, marble chips, gravel, wood chips, sand.Simple modular flower garden can be made from paving of sidewalk tile area front of the house, taking out the "extra" items.Suppose used for paving slabs measuring 30x30 cm. That is, in this case, the size of the module.Observing the selected system and the multiplicity of doing modular flower garden.

How is it useful?

Firstly, clearly organize space in the garden, as an example of the regular style.S
econdly, thanks to paved paths care of plants becomes as easy as possible - it is easy to come from all sides.

planted in the flower garden can be a modular and annuals and perennials, and shrubs, but most often combine and then, and more.

Letnikov modular flower garden look more impressive, since the image of a solid color stain.For the gardener are just endless possibilities opened the game with a color - every year new ones.

very convenient to use, modular design for the rose garden.True, not very experienced gardeners may have some difficulty.The fact that only a rose bloom in summer.At other times, the queen of flowers is not too presentable.Rosary is made just to break the so-called area presentable - that is, in front of the house.What to do?Do not forget that the queen must have entourage, ready to support it at any time.For Rose is the conifers (winter), rhododendrons (spring), hydrangeas (autumn) and annuals (the period of the summer, when the rose does not bloom).

Modular flowerbeds are indispensable for the creation of aromatic gardens.And finally, such a "bed" -A great way for collectors.Firstly, it is easy to maintain variety, each highlighting a module.And secondly, in a modular collection of flower bed will not lose its decorative effect even after flowering.For example, the high point for the iris comes in June.But until the end of the summer flower garden modular can please the eye by annual crops and lawns.

Magazine "Gardener" №10-2006