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30 April 2016

user engineer Nikolai Zagrebin done at home, in the village, an excellent vegetable pit.At the forum, where people are busy design and manufacture of cellars with nanotechnology, heavy machinery , many cubic meters of reinforced concrete , counting and stacking bricks usual good vegetable pit, at first glance, nobody will be surprised.However, like all of Nicholas cellar.The fact that he built it out of materials that are in any village - car and small truck.On the construction took several meters of pipes of different diameters, sheets previously used slate, sheet iron and as insulation, foam sheet.

Nikolay using 2h2h2 brother dug a hole, welded frame made of tube overlaid sheets of slate inside the cellar, second-hand.Pipes painted.On top put a sheet of iron, covered by two sheets of foam 50 mm thick, covered with earth layer of about 3 cm.

vertical pipes Nicholas did not dig in and on what did not put - have the lower perimeter of the pipe that will protect from dr

awdown of vertical pipes.Vertical tube (it is set in the middle for mounting shelves) engineer installed a metal plate measuring 12h12sm.

Cellar successfully wintered several years.The design proved to be quite viable.If you decide to take it for service, please note one more thing: if you make holes in two opposite pipe-rack, one at ground level, the other - on the ceiling, and extend them to the outside, in your cellar will be forced-air ventilation.Insulate the holes on the outside to inside in the winter frost is not formed.And another thing: do not forget to backfill to lay the cable channel of the corrugated wire for light bulbs.


- I decided to make a pit of what happened.Pipes I bought chermede and slate old, 7-wave length of 1.7 m. In order to maximize use of the space above the pit, decided to make the gazebo (roof over the pit is still needed).Before you start doing the same pit, I will talk about its shortcomings:

1. In winter, frost forms on the ceiling and the top tube, respectively, then it all melts and drips on vegetables.

2.Pipes rust, although they were coated with mastic.

3. Check and insulate the upper part of the hole, ie. A. Primer on the walls and there are sags unprotected from the cold place.

plus the much larger, and today I would do exactly the same pit.

Pit becomes a full cellar after installing shelves and organizing storage of vegetables.Typically, the width of the shelves in the cellar by forumhouse.rukratna three-liter jar, and height, as they say in the forum, "the cause of religion": the bottom do so as to put the plastic boxes to store root crops, a third or more - to 8-10 centimetersthe height of a two- or three-liter jars.

Material shelf: corners on the vertical and horizontal parts of the board on the shelves of a length of 30-35 cm, are put across (such boards is easy to find even for free).

boards for shelves it will be necessary to dry and process, such as varnish for sauna.


- I use a shelf width of 45 cm. Better would be 50. I think this is the best size.Places three 3-litrovki CHETRA or five smaller cans.With wider shelves will not be convenient to reach to the extreme number.

trehlitrovki height equal to the height + 5 cm. Normally so.10 cm would be a little better, no longer need.


- I two-meter height of the cellar shelves divided into three parts that, if anything, to the bag and could deliver.And for the three-liter cans provided niches in masonry, four niches for six cans each.

Over time, many forum users began to replace the wooden shelves ready plastic shelves - some specially waiting for sales at hardware stores and building supermarkets.Wood is still fragile material: there were cases when the shelf collapsed, the banks broke, bars disappeared.


- have long been used in the cellar shelves of metal angle with wooden shelves.But the tree is not covered, the moisture in the cellar, and therefore inevitable mold.The upshot was that the area used for other purposes, wood for firewood, and instead bought three plastic shelf depth of 500 mm width 1000 mm.The height of the shelves of 400 mm makes it possible not only to the bank to squeeze, but in the second row of smaller banks to deliver.Pollock - how many you buy.It can be in any building supermarkets.

Existing legislation will build cellar and in the garden (an area of ​​eight square meters).For information on how to do this, see this article.This article will introduce you to a variety of types of cellars: Choose appropriate.By the way, the cellar can be equipped with an elevator-lift, it is especially important for older people - the design options are discussed here on this forum thread.And here is a great video about the construction of the cellar in a high groundwater table: the problem is solved, and that is important - their own.