To carrots was flat

By Admin | Garden, Garden
29 April 2016

often not only the yield but also the appearance of some vegetables is important for the gardener.For example, carrots: a large, smooth and beautiful, it is easy to weed, dig out, clean and - as a result of "clean" products have gained much more than when the gardener has to do with curved, small vegetables, twisted pieces of root.And on the table beautiful product looks much appetizing.

What causes deformation during the growth of carrots?Firstly, improper care.If weeding accidentally move the plant, it can change the shape.But this is not so difficult - sowing carrot easy task, and gardeners often get unthinned beds, for which a chore to maintain.

turns out, the correct planting largely affects the appearance of the carrots.And there are several ways on how to deal with the problem of "capricious" seeds, which then grow too close to each other, do not go to grow at all.
can mix before planting carrot seeds with dried tea leaves tea.And you can take advantage of various inventions of the distributor

s of vegetable seeds.Some stores offer the seeds in pellets.But some gardeners say that in this case, there are often problems with the release of seeds.Seeds are sold as special tape.However, to guarantee the best results make the tape itself: using patience, glue, matches and toilet paper.

"Know-how" growing carrots - a special device for planting seeds.A small device that easily fits in the palm, is as follows: into bombarded whimsical carrot seeds, and when you click on the upper part of the device emerge from the bottom 2 seed.A sort of dispenser, which greatly facilitates the landing is not only a carrot but also in many other cultures, with very small seeds.

However, it should be noted that this is not always guaranteed to lead to the growth of beautiful carrots.There are other reasons for its curvature.For example, overly dense, soil deterioration, as well as the use of fertilizers that contain chlorine, the excess nitrogen in the soil.Before planting it is necessary to pay attention to, and to rectify the situation with the ground: just loosen with sand, to get rid of stones, weeds.

But experienced gardeners calm: it is only the first time, care for carrots is easy, yet it is very small.In the future, in order to keep it's getting easier.