How to "refresh" the pond

By Admin | Landscape
15 May 2016

Summer is just around the corner, and most likely you will often use the pond or pool.If you want to improve the look of your pond, the company Concrete Network offers five simple tips on how to lead and order the edge formwork without its full or partial replacement.Most likely, these simple tips will give your pond new colors.

pond One of the biggest trends in the modern exterior design is a decorative feature of the internal reservoir.

most often takes place a colorful, textured and attractive area around the reservoir, which serves as a place to relax in the warm season and is an important decorative element exterior exterior

Below are a few tips that you can use in the preparation ofconcrete floor near a pond in the summer.

1. Flowers and plants .

You can transform the appearance of the floor, adding colorful plants.

Exotic flowers around the pond will transform a dull area in a tropical oasis, and will support a soothing aroma in the air.

2. Containers .

difficulties cluttering space different tools can be solved by installing a light plastic containers.

buckets, folding chairs and chaise lounges are conveniently stored in them, so that the floor looks clean and free of clutter.

3. Music cheer up .

With waterproof outdoor speakers, you can have a party in the open air.Wireless speakers are very easy to set up, the more you can hide them in plants or mask under a rock or under any element of the landscape.

4. New furniture .

tables, garden chairs and other pieces of furniture create a comfortable seating area for guests, allowing them quietly to dry under the sun after a swim or just sunbathe.Garden Chairs also serve as hosts for rest and reading outdoors.

5. Art painting .

flat gray concrete surface on your site can serve as an artistic canvas.More exclusive solution will service the professional designer, who will perform the work for a couple of days.The style can be selected in accordance with the existing exterior of the house or the surrounding landscape.

These were just a few of the many tips that you might want to consider preparing your pond in the summer.