Let's dig potatoes!

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29 April 2016

seems that forumhouse.ru, which valued the innovative approach to the garden beds, it is not remains committed to the traditional method of growing potatoes.Those wishing to take up a shovel and dig the tubers to the wells, then to arm a hoe, weed and hill every year less and less.Potatoes planted intricately: a straw in sacks in the trench, double rows ...

Now users forumhouse.ru harvest and find out which method was most successful.

potatoes under hay

Adherents of this method appreciate its simplicity: no need to dig anything, it is not necessary to water (even in drought under thatch is always cool and humid), no need to spud.Especially nice harvest - pulled the tubers of straw and free.People on the forum gathered mainly creative, prone to experimentation and innovation, and many have already collected at least one crop podsennoy potatoes.

Aleksandr1954 with reads that this method is suitable for owners of standard six and ten acres, rich couch grass and wireworm.This planting saves

space, and the layer of straw almost completely inhibits the growth of weeds.And the number of tubers affected by pests does not exceed 3%, because wireworms live below in earth.Alexander Nevsky planted potato varieties, and each kilogram of potatoes in the fall gave fifteen.

These pictures show the whole process, from planting to harvest.In the first photo you can see that the seed potatoes are simply expanded on the soil surface, then covered with a layer of hay.


- first year planted under the straw and this remarkable result was not expecting!Grade "Lisa", usually with mediocre result, renamed "Raging Lisa."The ease of processing and, especially, "digging" was struck.Of course, here and there mistakes that where in the "Kiwi" is not enough mulch, had a 10-cm layer of straw to strew the ground (in some places the potatoes came out of the ground).

Trivia is almost there - the neighborhood chickens offended.

with landing under the hay would like to experiment, many growers, but it is unclear where to take the hay.Abandoned field next to the suburban areas in recent years, built up, buy - expensive, then it is easier to just buy potatoes.Alternatively, you can collect the grass mown on the site.

ran 76:

- I mow the grass twice during the summer.It dries in the sun on the earth.I am going on a stack.In the spring or fall asleep, and laid out a potato hay, or pour a layer of hay, and it thrust potatoes staggered - this year.


- In the past year bought 20 pieces sprouted, discounted potatoes for 10 rubles.They put it on the ground, sprinkle a handful of ashes, a little sand and covered the remains of the compost heap (of last year).Potatoes rose, began to grow.After 2 weeks, we mowed the grass and laid it on the ears of grass.After 2-3 weeks, it is necessary to mow the grass again and again to lay her ... And so 2-3 times per season.Potatoes and enough food and water.Inside always hearty and warm.In July and August, wear gloves, pick up the grass, collect large potatoes and trifle allowed to grow further.No need to dig, hill, water.We collect 3 buckets.2 years so we are doing, put in the next year .

However, people who grow a lot of potatoes, hay under it do not put. « This method (although he is good) is only suitable for" toy potato "when it should be a little bit, but for kartofelemanov he will not go», - says one of the gurus of potato offline Asemenych.


- We have to retain moisture and suppress weeds, the initial layer of straw should be 30-40 cm. E. Is easy to calculate that a hundred potatoes thus need notless than 30 cubes of hay!Here I've been once calculated, licked his lips and refused to ...

Method "under the hay" attracts primarily for its simplicity.As yusov, « maybe a little at the expense of size and number, but kartofan stuck in the straw - and forget », although, in fact, a lot of potatoes do not grow up.

Twin rows

Asemenych came to the conclusion that plant potatoes under straw is not but clean "tradition" is also used it may not.Therefore, using its own method: twin rows, Green manuring, changing areas, mulch, proper organization of irrigation: « This allows to move away from large areas of garden and stupidly-prison, which is not particularly love.It should be interesting and creatively diverse ».

Asemenych :

- planting potatoes for several years paired rows.I tried a lot of options in width and planting in rows between rows.While stopped at 40 cm between rows (paired) and 90 cm wide aisle.Hilling usually spend 3 (without weeding).

plant potatoes only germinated tubers or eyes, cut out 3 days before planting.Apply t. N.shock ridging - the first thing as soon sprouted be designated rows - with his head.The second is also trying to do with the head, at least as high as possible.Third, make capital - large heaps (already manually) - a small area, it's easy.1st and 2nd disc do manual hiller, love big pile!

dimensions of rows and row spacing adjusted Asemenychem under existing tools taking into account that the potatoes are oppressing each other, and create a healthy internal competition, the most pressured weeds pritenyayut earth from the sun and did not leave the glades.This land should be enough, especially for third-hilling.


- Another positive point in paired rows - so convenient to water the potatoes.My 1.5 is easy to pour hundreds - small volume.Water only in the narrow aisles - a hose with Dusík or spread drip irrigation tape.

paired rows of potato plants and other gurus kartofelnogorazdela forumhouse.ru V odopad. He has changed the method of Asemenycha for consistency with his habit to turn the potato rows in these mountains.

V odopad:

- planting is no different intricate, dual rows in the grooves.It is easier to put smaller hill, and the result is more tangible.

Vodopad arranged potato rows under the scheme : 100 cm - 40 cm - 100 cm - 40 cm, and so on. D.

V odopad:

- potatoes in the furrow laid out at a distance of 20-25 cm, depending on the size of the tuber and the number of germs.Furrows do ploskorez rovnenko of twine.By the way, I did not dig the soil, but only loose prongs.At the same time I am absolutely not worried about the presence of last year's mulch or crop residues such as uncleared stumps from cabbage.Earth still will!Aisle is also generally not touch them again and again over the summer will have to survive the invasion of hoes.I'm not too lazy to sprinkle ashes furrow and cover each tuber handful of humus.

Who is my total day.

method V odopada is to give the ground more than picked up, and in the same way: no powder fertilizers, grass, leaves, leaves, burnt fiber - ash.After this stage, it is desirable to disturb as little as possible, so as not to interfere with her to learn these offerings.

V odopad:

- but hinders necessary, how else?But I do it only once - when the spud huge ridges at the end of June.Then I mulch between rows at the best combs and more there until the autumn or foot.Mulch itself to feed and water the potatoes, it will create the optimal temperature conditions, protection against drought, frost and wind.And with the help of underground countless of our assistants - the army of microscopic invertebrates and soil dwellers take, where necessary, all the necessary material in the right quantity.

potatoes in bags

This method is usually used when absolutely nowhere to plant potatoes, and want.The bag is filled with earth, compost and humus, make slits in them and planted germinated potato tubers.The second way: at the bottom of the bag is poured prepared the ground, then potatoes, then pour the ground for the growth of foliage.Bags-beds can be arranged anywhere on the margins of the site, as long as it was a sunny place.Very convenient to harvest: all shook out of the bag, collected tubers.Everything.

Rudova Elena:

- put on the bottom of the bag the ground (10 cm), then the potatoes.Plant grows to 10 cm, I sprinkled her, again she grows up, I did fall asleep again.So until the end of the bag.Who tops towering over the edges of the bag centimeters 30.


- And today we have removed bags of potatoes (lower hay, little fertile land).Potatoes grown ordinary, nothing special.It makes sense to put, if there is no space, as well - one of mischief.

potatoes in the trench

Growing potatoes in the trench (trench) - method is not for the lazy.But this technology refines the soil, creating a good humus layer.It is believed that this method can achieve extraordinary yields.However forumchanin Vit43 I tried - and disappointed .


- autumn trench dug 40 cm deep, there laid the different leaves, lightly covered with earth, all piled on top of leaves.Spring covered with earth (layer 5 cm), put manure (three buckets of 10 lm), again covered with earth, sprinkled with ashes, put the potatoes and covered with earth.Twice okuchit, I put hay in the aisles.The distance between rows of 100 cm for the axes, or 70 - between the rows.The width of the trench 30 cm. Depth - 40 (50 recommended), I could not deeper - tired of digging clay.For one day I dug the trench 4.Now I think: is it worth it or not?Potatoes planted on May 9 last four dug bush - the result was not impressed.

Planting method Bublik

Boris Bagel, popularizer of natural farming, are planted potato tubers are not, and eyes that cuts of the largest tuber sprouts before planting in the usual way.Eyes are planted at a depth of 5-6 cm, the hole does sharpened stick.


- Soot of bagels - a stick or as the device is called, potato horseradish.It's easy with a thick stalk driven into his thick nails.Since planting carved eyes, then ran across the hole tightly - approximately every 15 cm instead of 25 traditional, on both sides of the cord.

then promptly inserted into the holes germinated eyes and trampled.Everything.Planting 4 potato varieties took about an hour of slow work break.

nail in this design shows the depth of the hole.Furthermore, it is possible to press leg during use.When inserted into armaturinku structure, it is possible to adjust the distance between the potatoes in a row.

Validating always experimenting, developing and improving existing technologies, invent new ones.All this invaluable experience is discussed on this thread in our forum.Here in this stateopytny growers talks about his long and very successful experience of growing potatoes under the hay.This video will teach you how to grow from seed potatoes colored useful product which, among other things, recommend even diabetes!