Carefully, mole cricket!

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28 April 2016

Those who have seen medvedok hardly have been pleased with the meeting - the insects do not differ delights.In addition, they cause enormous damage to the kitchen garden - Gnawing roots (they are especially fond of cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant) and eat the roots.Members realize that the fight against this scourge difficult.But it is possible.

spring need to get done early and deep plowing to repeat this event in the autumn.To destroy the mole crickets and moves not to let it destroy the root system of the plants during the growing season of crops loosening the soil must be 15 cm. Very soon, in the middle of May until the mole cricket is preparing to lay eggs, dig small pits in the area and place themmanure.It does not scare medvedok contrary: insects happily zapolzut in manure, to lay their eggs.So a month later, you can safely burn the dung buried along with the larvae of mole crickets.Validating Hischnyy_Mysh , however, advise you to do this procedure in the fall, notin

g that this is the best time to deal with the threat.

But bird droppings Medvedka scare - just pour them land.

until the seedlings, you can try to get rid of mole crickets with different baits.Suit corn, barley, rye, wheat.Crush and mix with the powder and sprinkle Aldrin on the surface of the earth, patch up a rake - it will be enough to Medvedka poisoned.

wearer Marina (nick Offline Mariska ) so discouraged Medvedka: «Completely exhausted on their site with the help of ... alder.Along the edges of the beds have to stick fresh alder branches at a distance of 1.5-2 two meters from each other (branches should be regularly "refresh").Medvedkov immediate withdrawal from the garden, they can not tolerate the smell of fresh alder. »

must be remembered that the dead Medvedka it is imperative to destroy!

If you find yourself in the area move mole crickets, fill it with a little sunflower oil and half a liter of water.This will make Medvedka leave the shelter and kill her.You can also flood the course of soapy water with detergent - the outcome will also be lethal.Validating SergeSB shares advice on how to find the best moves: «shove a finger into the hole and blowing soil, conducted despite the beds.Where mink goes down there digging - most likely, this jack. Catch Medvedka possible, using a jar with water, which digged into the soil.A user (Nick Offline spdim ) catches medvedok so: « Bury beer bottle (beer leave a little there, 50 grams is enough) with gauze tied neck.The next day - 5 pieces sitting there. » But the" chemistry "(ie, use of chemicals) in the fight against harmful insects rarely worth trying only if other methods do not help.

Try to plant marigolds in the area - they scare medvedok.

By the way, one of the radical way of getting rid of medvedok is breeding chickens.It turns out it is not so difficult.See for yourself.

In conclusion, it should be noted that this method, which once and for all rid your land of medvedok, unfortunately, does not exist.Pest control must be conducted continuously.