Patio around your holiday home

By Admin | Landscape
14 May 2016

Patio - far from being the most famous in our country, a term denoting a paved courtyard.As a rule, it is specially rebuilt courtyard for relaxing or dining.Despite the surrounding patio walls, the roof is being built.

patio patio form and its dimensions depend solely on the wishes and possibilities of the property owner.For example, for a large family meals need to take for proper patio area.Also, before the construction of the patio is very important to calculate the amount of light entering the solar and relatively cloudy days, to select suitable materials to provide a good view.It is important to patio fully combined with the already built house and garden (if available).In addition, the relief of the landscape of your site affects the location and shape of the courtyard.So, in the plain is better to use natural stone.

you have decided on all the visual subtleties of his patio.What to do next?

course, prepare for construction.First, learn from the experts about the most durable and suitable for

your soil foundation.Secondly, precisely defined material to cover hiking paths.The most convenient material - paving slabs, although to a round patio suitable clinker.Great looks and mosaic covering of pieces of crushed stone, which with proper installation do not have to be changed frequently.Finally, wood flooring, widely used in the United States, with well selected colors and all the patio ideally complement the composition.

next step - selection of different decorations for your patio

Despite the relatively weak development of the domestic market of accessories for a country house, in any large store has a chance to find some interesting things.The most convenient and popular option yard decorations are the flowers.It suffices to find medium sized containers, and flowers to choose according to your taste.Complemented by a nice looking picture using climbing plants and wrought iron furniture, although the usual picnics are ideal and cheap plastic chairs.In the presence of Finance it is desirable to equip the yard near a small pond.

However, some accessories clearance patio ends.You can both independently and with the help of a qualified designer make full composition of plants and colorful pots.It is ideally will look small fountain made with a water pump and a container for flowers.In general, the main instrument of arrangement of the patio is just your imagination.