Why is it white?

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28 April 2016

Most of the harvest of tomatoes we remove immature.Those tomatoes are grown in the open ground, we have collected the entire crop: brown and even the green fruit are removed from the bushes, laid on the windowsill or hidden away in boxes.Gradually, they redden, and only if the tomato season, we considered closed.

But with greenhouses are not simple.With the onset of cold weather increases the risk of diseases of tomato, tomatoes spoiled, blacken.So - yes, green tomatoes important part of our vegetable garden of life, and everyone should be able to tomatovod handle them.


- always broke off the tomatoes at the stage of lactic ripeness.In the photo, of course, bush, hung with red fruits, looks nice, but our climate is a luxury, the yield is much lower.


- reddened on the bush tastier, who would argue, but the summer was over.We now have a maximum of 20 in the afternoon, at night drops to + 6-9, blacken tomatoes in the greenhouse.Alas.

For growth and fruiting of toma

toes need certain temperature, soil and air.At temperatures below + 10-12 they will not grow, but still ripen in the greenhouse.Sometimes ripening upper brushes delayed due to the very bottom, so that the fruits of the lower brushes should be removed at the stage of technical maturity. further ripening be more uniform. Anyway season hothouse tomatoes close on the eve of the first frost, which usually happen in late September.


- It is somewhere in the 20 days of September (data for the previous year).From my own experience I can say that until the end of September the tomatoes to taste almost no quality is lost.And in October, the taste is getting worse every day.

Pluck tomatoes ripening on the can, when they reach the stage of technical maturity.It can be recognized by the brilliance, tomato becomes glossy.Red varieties from dark green to brown, are beginning to be brown.Yellow and pink lighter, they also appear luster.

Plucked users forumhouse.ru tomatoes laid out on the windowsill or on the contrary, hiding in the dark boxes.It depends on whether you want to speed up the ripening, or, conversely, to delay;once processed, or eaten fresh longer.Tomatoes in boxes ripen more slowly and fall recommended dozarivat so.In the box with very green fruit enclose red tomato (with a thick cloth) or a ripe apple or ripe banana.

that sho Niusha:

- Earlier grandfather's boots dozarivali.This is similar, but with an emphasis on sanitation.Instead of boots box.


- I dozarivayu tomatoes in a cardboard box, grind breaks off the stalk, put down the place of the stalk attachment.Rows perestilali newspaper.Well, ripe tomatoes there.The box can be put where you want, depending on the purpose - to heat to mature faster or in a cool place to sing longer.


- Banana kozhurki or whole bananas slip.You never know.It seems like a banana allocates acetylene matures.Last year I placed under stam tomatoes, and fruits ripen.While it may be just the time has come, and I was just impatient (we are at this time becoming impatient).

Tomatoes ripening in a box once a week browsing - one missing tomatoes can spoil the rest.

to tomatoes stored for a long time and dozarivalis very slowly, ripe fruit does not enclose, and vice versa - quickly removed from the box reddened.


- If you want to lay for tomatoes longer need to remove red fruit, and they just provoke ripening of green fruit.And then you need to choose a permanent red.

There is another way to ripening: bush tomato with green fruit uprooted and hung down crown.In an extreme case, if the tomatoes spilling from the bush as autumn apples, users forumhouse.ru recommend suspended, as it will.


- I also tried to keep as: digging a bush and hung upside down.Tomatoes longest not to wince even as if, growing up.

can dozarivat tomatoes on a branch - they will be stored for longer, because in this case, the stem is not damaged.You can leave them overnight in a cooling bath.By the way, some way prepared for winter storage cabbage.


- Tomatoes remove and wash with warm water.Then decompose in a bath on a shelf, the temperature should be 50-60 degrees (just when all pairwise).And left overnight in a cooling bath.

are then stored, as usual, but not in the refrigerator.More green I lays attic in boxes and covered with a blanket.Waste, usually does not happen.

Dozarennye tomato yield, of course, the taste is ripe on the vines, but not all.It depends on the variety and how green they are thwarted.We really have not formed a green seed camera - of course they are ripe, but the taste will be better than the imported South.


- We always dozarivaem tomatoes in Siberia, in late August, and then in the middle, gardeners remove almost all tomatoes.And everything is fine, everything sweet.In processing - without any problems.If you wait until the bush ripen, harvest, or else you can lose not grow - a pair of hands and gather all."Land of eternal green tomatoes" - this is about us .


- I think there depends on the variety.Now I have, for example, tomatoes in June, he - that ripened on the tree that was removed and brown dozarenny - equally delicious.But Moscow delicacy ripened on the bush, delicious dozarennogo.


- tomatoes, which starred red or brown bush (ripen on the second or third day) - great taste.But have ripened green - is not the same.Maybe if I did not try the same tomatoes from the bush, then I would not have noticed taste .

The experience of members of the forum, the longest fresh tomato varieties store De Bara.The taste of this variety is mediocre, and it is appreciated for keeping quality, for the opportunity to have ripened fruits in November.

Dozarennye Frost tomatoes, canned, eaten fresh.In a pinch, you can do directly from the blank green tomatoes - are obtained very tasty.


- 3 kg green tomatoes - 1 kg of pepper, carrots, onions.All finely chop, add 3 tbsp.l.salt and let stand for 6 hours at room temperature.Then add 300 grams of sugar, 300 grams of vegetable oil and 200 g of 9% vinegar, cook for 40 minutes, decomposed into sterilized jars and roll (kept in the apartment).

epic of ripening is repeated in our harsh climate every year, but not eliminating gardeners love to tomatoes.Grow a common fruit in the new garden season will help here this article and here is a video .If you want to grow tomatoes in winter, try to arrange a flower bed on the window sill .