Materials for the installation of tracks

By Admin | Landscape
14 May 2016
for landscaping suburban area, giving it beauty and elegance, as well as for ease of movement of the section of track built.

1. Sleepers
- track laid out sleepers, obtained after the removal of railroad tracks, they are impregnated perfectly and are very durable coating.

2. Bridge
- paving elements, which are cut from thick tree branches or logs with a diameter of 10 cm., And a height of 15 - 29 cm. As the wood swells, absorbing the water, along the edges of the track it is best to installcurb or wooden bars height of 25 - 40 cm. Also, use thin layers of stumps of trees with a diameter of at least 40 cm.

3. Paving
- rectangular or square shape, has sides of 20 - 50 cm., and 35 - 100 cm. and a thickness of from 3 to 8 cm. Tile is often monotonous - red, orange, green, yellow, gray and black.Heterogeneity coloring can be obtained by adding crumb color impurities.The track width should desirably be short tile size (considering joints) in order to avoid cuts during installation.

4.Cobbles - very popular material, shaped paving elements (FEM), a width of 6 - 20 cm., Length 10 - 24 cm., Thickness of 4 - 10 cm. At the entrance, it is desirable to stack elements thickness of 8 cm, and in lanes 4 - 6cm. From paving spread as the monochrome paths and multiple colors.

5. lawn grid
- come in various sizes, mostly 40-60 with a thickness of 8 - 12 cm. The colors are mainly gray, but sometimes yellow, red, green and brown colors.Concrete structure is no pressure on the soil surface, and transfers the load to deep soil layers.Cells openwork lattice is filled with soil.Openwork paving is laid mainly in the areas of parking lots and driveways, because of its uneven surface is difficult to walk in shoes with heels and barefoot.

6.Structural concrete
- is used for formatting the surface, depending on the die and the color of the concrete mixture it can simulate brick, river rock, stone or pavement tiles sandstone.The form with the help of which bear the pattern, and the skills of artist - are the main components of the resulting effect.Therefore, the mixture together with the laying order.The concrete is sometimes added to polypropylene fibers, if they want to achieve greater strength.When the mixture is compacted, its surface covered with a hardener, color and overwritten.While the concrete is not yet frozen thereon extruded pattern by using the form, and then (when it hardens) is impregnated with a solution of acrylic (it protects from oil, water and gives it a more intense color).

- it can be found on the shores of mountain rivers, seas.She's from the Ice Age.Stones that have at least one smooth or flat side - the most suitable for coating entrances and walkways.Pebble often need to further trim, before laying on the track or the entrance.

8. The mass of filler and polymer - a new kind of coating, mixed with a small amount of epoxy resin.The most common filler used granite, quartz, basalt crumb, and mixtures thereof, or gravel.This coating is not overgrown with grass, since it is not laced, although the ability to pass through itself within one minute of about 1 liter of water per 1 m2.It is used to stiffen the entrances, in the case of a maximum load of not more than 2.8 t / m2.

9. Stone slabs - usually rectangular or square shape with dimensions of length 35 - 100 cm., The thickness of 6 - 15 cm., Width 20 - 50 cm. From the plate cut also little things, sometimes non-traditional form.On the market there are slabs of sandstone, limestone and granite.

10.Geocell - consists of a couple of dozens of plastic tapes, which in turn are welded together in sections.Sometimes in green, black or sand color.Size unfolded section 6.1 * 2.44 m. It depends on the expected load you pick her own height, it should be noted that the entrance of cars is enough 7.6 or 10.2 cm. Geocell lie on a layer of gravel, attached to the soil and wedgesfilled with gravel, earth or gravel.

Editor: Roman Adamov