Food for hen

By Admin | Garden, Garden
27 April 2016

Many users bred chickens and, of course, not without significance for them the question of feeding the birds.This is especially true of laying hens, for which proper nutrition - the key to healthy offspring.This issue is of concern and scientists.Recently Chinese researchers made the discovery, finding that manganese in the diet of chicken positive effect on the egg shell, making it more resistant to cracking.Let us remember the old, time-tested rules of feeding hens.

First of all, it is worth noting that the need to feed the chickens three, and preferably four times a day, preferably at the same time.Breakfast - early in the morning, dinner - late in the evening.What to include in the diet?The first feeding should consist of a third of the daily value of the grain.You can replace it with the flour mixture (about twenty grams).In the evening, feed chickens whole grains.Happy is useful to give the birds a variety of mixtures of vegetables (greens, potatoes).

mash of vegetables sho

uld be moist, but not sticky.This feed should be such as to chickens ate it for half an hour (if more - the mixture will begin to deteriorate).

chickens summer long walk on the street and eat there greens, insects and small stones.In winter, their diet should pay special attention.The feeding should be ample, it can be increased up to five times per day.Part of the need to feed grain to germinate.In addition to the grain should be given to hens vitamin and mineral feed.Minerals should always be in the chicken diet.In summer, this is easier, because sand, shells, gravel and lime birds can be found right on the site.In winter, the need to include in the feed artificially minerals.It can be wood ash), eggshells.The mash is added herbal flour from legumes and root vegetables.Sometimes you can even add to the broth with chunks of meat.In the morning, the chicken is good to give a weak solution of potassium permanganate.Do not underestimate the presence of nutrients in the diet of chickens differently then you can face serious problems.

Dry food should always be kept in a separate trough from meshanok!

What care should be taken to increase egg production chickens?Proofing is a good way to feed.A kilo of flour feed should be thoroughly mixed with '30 fresh yeast and 1, 5 liters of warm water.The resulting solution was put on a few hours in a warm place.Then, the mixture can be safely added to the mash.

We almost forgot about the salt.But it is vital hen.It contained sodium and various hlorelementy maintain normal functioning of the bird and increases appetite.Salt should be diluted in water and added to the mash.It should also be noted that the presence of salt in the diet and ash increases thirst.Therefore, the continued availability of water in the drinkers - one of the main conditions of the hens.