Decorative wall-bench

By Admin | Landscape
13 May 2016

necessary materials and tools

Bricks made of concrete.Select the bricks intended for the construction of freestanding walls.Calculate the required amount from the size of the proposed wall + add 10% for possible damage.

adhesive for masonry.The base - a mixture of crushed stone and stone dust.

you need the following tools: a berthing cord level, shovel, hand tamper, a 30-centimeter-level, rubber hammer, chisel and hammer kamnetёsnoe, hammer-kirochka syringe grout.

work plan

  1. Dig a niche on the future site of the wall.The wall must be buried at least until the middle of the first row of masonry - for stability.Leave 2.5 cm. On each side of the bricks for back filling.Carefully plan the width and shape of the trench.Leave at least 2.5 cm. Each side bricks.Drive a peg on each end wall.
  2. Draw a level line.Draw a level line using a mooring cable.To avoid accidental displacement of the cord, put on pegs mark and secure the cord in these places.
  3. dig a trench.Dig a trench at least 15 centimeters deep.
  4. Lay the foundation.Make a solid foundation of a mixture of crushed stone and stone dust.
  5. Seal basis.Using a hand-rammer, compacted base.Measure the distance from the base to the line level to ensure the correctness of its installation.If necessary, level surface with the mixture.
  6. Pour stone dust.Shovel little stone dust into the trench.Align it with a shovel.Make sure that the depth of the trench with the base and stone dust in the shallow place is half the thickness of the stone.
  7. Lay the first row of masonry.The extent to which the wall is smooth and strong, depends on the correct installation of the first row.If you have a site with a slope, start laying bricks from the highest point.
    Lay the first stone at an equal distance from the walls of the trench.Check the level of its provisions.With the help of a rubber hammer lay it denser.Put in the same way the entire first row.
  8. Seal gaps.Using a shovel, and a mixture of embedded spaces on both sides of the stones.Gently tamp.
  9. Put a mark on the extreme stones.To the wall was solid, the joints of adjacent rows of bricks should not be placed one above the other.Thus, second clutch must start from the middle of the first row of bricks.Using kamnetёsnoe bit, make the groove on the bricks in the places where they need to be cut.
  10. Cut extreme bricks.Hold the chisel absolutely vertical, split bricks.Use a hammer-kirochku stripper irregularities.
  11. Build a wall.Comfortable seating height is 45-60 cm. Most of the bricks are strong enough and stable.Nevertheless, for safety purposes, reinforce at least every second row using a mortar.Using a caulking gun, apply the adhesive to the two lines on the stones of the first row of masonry.Lay the second row, do not forget to move it horizontally by half the width of the first row of bricks.
  12. Quit.Keep doing masonry, is before the end of the wall there will be a few centimeters.Dispense two drops of adhesive on the last row of masonry and install Capstone.Expand them 90 degrees so that they are hanging over the edges.The wall is ready!