As if from a bed: Different ways to store the harvest

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27 April 2016

crop is grown, and even partly assembled.Now it must be preserved, and so that fruits and vegetables do not lose their useful properties and valuable taste.To pohrustet winter strong as if fresh from the tree, apple, surprise guests with fresh tomatoes from his garden ... All this is difficult, but achievable - at least for users

easiest way to store potatoes : He dumped her into the cellar, and ready.

Nadezhda Altai:

- One of the walls of the cellar do box of boards Venue approximately meter.Potatoes can be to pour, can be put directly in bags, too comfortable;bags left open.

This design will be more convenient if the board to do with removable facade boxes to the spring not to bow for each potato through a meter barrier.More is better not to store potatoes in the dirt floor cellar and a wooden crate.If you suddenly from the ceiling and the walls drip condensate, it just drained down.
is the correct partitions to divide the tank into several sections.Keep all the potatoes

in one volume is inconvenient if it germinates, then it will have to go through, somewhere shift processed.Separate storage need and potatoes of different varieties.


- I store potatoes in a grid connected from a nylon thread.Convenient: come, I take the mesh and carried home.A own grid laid on a wooden crate, which is periodically shading on lime: and dries, and every "evil" killing.

Seminal potatoes Olyunchik stores in a special box, a thermos in the country.

- walls warmed inside foil film (insulation remained on the bath) and then corrugated cardboard.The box is in an unheated vestibule.Kept well until planting.

Holguin Farm:

- Last year, too, was a question of seed potato storage.I have a basement under the house, but there is high humidity.Or rotting or sprouting.So, select the tubers for planting and good their greenish in the sun.I put into the net from the potatoes and hung in his basement.Neither sprouted, not lost.This year I will do the same.Despite the fact that the street is still warm and the basement positive temperature - sure is not lost.

Pumpkins and squashes can safely be stored until spring at room temperature, but it is better just pumpkins - zucchini, likely "mummified", will be tough and tasteless.Tasty, generally speaking, young zucchini, and storage laid ripe, with a firm skin.It looks like this winter vegetables are good only in cans.

There is a way that allows you to save fresh tomatoes right up to the New Year.No new posts Elena prety subtracts it in the old Soviet journal.

prety :

- In a clean, dry three-liter jar pour on the bottom of the dry mustard, then add up to clean, dry, strong pink tomatoes and roll.Put in the refrigerator.Tomatoes continue until the New Year.I'll try to, you may have!

The bank stores and Elena garlic , and everything suggests this method.

prety :

- Very well-kept garlic in a glass jar usual.First, dried, selected on the landing.The remaining cut the tails and folds into a jar.Store in the usual kitchen cupboard.Three-liter jar of garlic perfectly preserved until the next harvest!

Bow Gameday braid in braids and hung in a heated room.


- Take three bulbs and tied with twine synthetic (natural rot) stretch of three strands of yarn for each ponytail, then braid weaves enclosing each (or through) weaving a new head.

dried dill on a bright hot sun.


- necessary to quickly dry and not jerk it in the shade.Surprisingly, with such drying it retains maximum color, flavor.But it is better to freeze.I do still blank: dill, parsley, 300 g, 500 g carrots on a coarse grater, 600 g of pepper, 1 kg of tomatoes and onions, 1 kg of salt.Just stir quickly, do not rub the juice does not stack.For banks and refrigerate.It should be up to the next summer.Apparently there is fermented as in any pickling and this dressing adds amazing flavor soups, soup, stew.

cabbage some forum users do not grow at all: it can be bought for a penny in any store.But most gardeners such behavior seems unsporting and they harvested cabbage in large quantities, brew a variety of ways and keep fresh: wrapped in plastic wrap or hung from the ceiling cellar.


- Cabbage I hung on the ceiling stretched wire hook for hooking stalk.

Kohlrabi Savoy Cabbage and kept in a cellar in boxes or bags.As a rule, it is well maintained.

beets, carrots, radishes, radish and celery is placed in a box with sand: sand layer, a layer of carrots, a layer of sand - and so on, the last layer of sand.If a dry cellar, Roots did nothing until the spring.


- instead of sand in recent use sawdust.The sand is calcined before use, it is desirable, and dust in the spring are great in compost or as mulch.The sawdust is well to add mint to repel any "..zhorok."

And how to keep vegetables when they are, strictly speaking, there is no place to store, when there is no cellar or basement?In this case Gameday quite successfully employ within their own balconies and loggias.In a well-insulated box of vegetables is retained even in the cold.Husband new posts Puxi amassed drawer himself, put it inside the foam and thin plywood.At the bottom of Pusya in several layers of newspaper a bed - it was easier to remove the dirt.


- Potatoes remained all winter well.Loggia glazed with us, but not insulated, blowing from all cracks.In the box with beets and carrots lying, but not much.The rest of the carrots and beets, I was cutting - and in the freezer.Pickled in a tank of 40 liter, too, on the balcony, only to a very severe frost I have them tucked up.Home did not drift, even in extreme cold.Cabbage for the early autumn we ate and later booze and she, too, stood on the balcony.

AndreyV warms your balcony boxes light bulb.


- I on the balcony is a large homemade box insulated with foam, the middle drawer vertical reinforced plastic pipe with a diameter of 100 mm, the bottom of the pipe rests on the grill pan in the light pipe is lowered, which is a heating element.The lamp is turned on by thermostat, set up the temperature 2 degrees.

huge dream of every gardener - to maintain until the end of winter fresh apples.What people do not come up: each apple dipped in a solution of propolis, beeswax cover, each wrapped in parchment.There are a few tricks that will allow apples longer hold in your yablokohranilische.Firstly, they are removed from the apple even before the commodity ripeness, as soon as the seeds darken.Apples are easily detached from the tree, but not fall yourself?Hooray, you have time.Apples fall?You, unfortunately, too late - they will be stored for long.Secondly, the apples can not be stored together with vegetables.


- If apples are stored in the same room with potatoes, the apples are recruited her smell.Retrieved on their own experience.For apples should be a separate room.In an unheated house, shelter, they kept better than in the basement.Home entire period of their fingering, selecting rotten .

There are quite a common method - before storing apples fumigate sulfur vapor.His practice, even some in the"Dymuchka" worth a penny, and the results are, at first glance, are great: all the fungi - the worms die, apples may lie for a long time, and look like the picture.

new posts Savelolg, professional engineer-technologist of the food industry, says treating sulfur vapor fruits and even packaging for them is impossible.Never, at any price, which would be a huge harvest of apples fell on you.


- This is a very, very bad.Just as sulfur inhibits the development of fungi and bacteria, it is the grass, and you.Its concentration is reduced during storage, but depending on how much it has got into the product in the beginning, often not zero.

without severe compliance technology and without the control of the residual concentration throughout the shelf life it can not be used in any case.And you can not eat the apples before it there was zero - and this, as a rule, no earlier than six months occurs when your method, or even does not occur in those who smoked a lot (for days).

product is not terminal - hence the sulfur in it, and a lot of it.

If someone has already nakolbasil fumigated gray apples this year, do not eat raw in any case, the edge - to jam to pokipelo half an hour without the lid.Then the sulfur react and fly with couples.

Nafanya to vesnyhranit apples in the body of an old refrigerator, which he found in the village dump.Old, even without a door casing, Nafanya brought to him, lowered to the cellar at the bottom of the refrigerator drilled in the lid - foam sheet 3 cm wide - small pierced holes for ventilation.


- proceed as follows: to collect apples for 20-15 days prior to their maturity marketable.Hats neatly stacked in boxes and put the tail up on the cold porch.Within a month vylezhivayutsya apples and make themselves felt: where patients where normal, fit in maturation.Good apples dipped in the cellar.

his box Nafanya veiled paper towel and puts apples tails up, sheltering each layer of paper towel.Apple, wintered in the box, the refrigerator kept the taste, relative hardness, they could even be baked with cranberries and honey.

Pears stored at a temperature no higher than 1 degree heat.Varieties with high keeping quality of fruits can last in the refrigerator for 60-70 days.

In recent years, members of the forum are popular electric dryers.Dry in general all, most importantly, prilovchilis each fruit / vegetable / fruit.


- To what consistency to dry?Before any.There will be more flexible your dried or completely dry, mold will appear if you are not true they were stored.

Humidity at home, you can not measure, so just a guide to the pieces are no thicker than a centimeter, and preferably thinner than 2 times.Do not store them in cellophane, better breathable material.If you do not dosushit, when the moisture is redistributed, the surface should be dry, then it will not start to mold.The sealed container can be stored only if you are allowed to dry to the extreme, to the dry brittle chips .

Each autumn leaves less willing to canned vegetables and fruits, to mess with banks and marinades, cooking syrups and do fill.All preferred to dry or freeze.Frost greens, cauliflower, green beans, peas, corn, pumpkin, zucchini, and even cucumber.


- All ice creams, I cut so that once in cooking.Beets, carrots - on a coarse grater and sachets (1 serving in the package), herbs and finely I cut plastic jars from the soft cheese (they are rectangular - very convenient), eggplant - slices.Pumpkin, squash - peel and seeds - cubes and beans I cut of 3-4 cm, Clean the mushrooms, dry sponge poobterla, sliced ​​in the freezer.And there is still different berries.Well, it's all just in plastic bags or containers.

Savelolg reminds us to keep useful properties of fruit or berries, it is not necessary to freeze.Sometimes it is possible to cook from it preserves.


- Apricots most valuable - vitamin A (coloring them in orange) and vitamin B. And they are heat resistant.And jam all saved.And even in a jam.But in marmalade - already almost there.Because of its melting temperature is much higher than 100 degrees.Therefore
morozte currants, sea buckthorn - products in which you want to save it C. Those which contains carotene and pectin - apricots, plums, raspberries (with its medicinal substances) - you can cook perfectly.

There's an old Siberian saying: "The winter, it is with the mouth" - the elderly remember it when they hear the traditional autumn grunts on "well, why do so many things still will not eat."Life is refuted this saying a thousand times, until finally denied: zagotavlivaya vegetables for the winter, it is necessary to be guided by their needs, preferences and common sense.Greed - our main enemy in the storage of crops.


- Each family has its own volumes and needs.For example, we are planting potatoes just for the summer-autumn consumption, so I have selected the best for seed, folded into a box, which stood quietly on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and then rearranging it on the glassed-in balcony - there is always cool.Carrots in a box in a cool place, interspersed with damp sand, but it is not too much.Leek vertically stacked in a box - and also to the loggia ... Onions dried out, lies in a box in the last year before the New Year (unless eaten) normally was in the dressing room.Cucumbers are not stored, tomato cook delicious juice.

This article talks about the different storage of vegetables, fruits and berries, read it if you want to save the watermelon until the new year.There recipes pieces of vegetables collected on this publication, you will learn about people's methods of storage of garlic.Here is a video tells about preparing the garden for winter - very soon we will firmly deal with this issue.