Waters in the country

By Admin | Landscape
13 May 2016

In general wanted on your site to build a well for a large amount of water with a proud name - Lake (or water, but the lake - beautiful and natural).What do you need?A couple of concrete mixers? (Drum such a truck).No.I'm greedy - because the poor.(Or vice versa).

In general - piss head slammed: a shovel, a bubble next to uplift the spirit and strength and after a couple of hours was an open pit to the waist and with a diameter of about 3 meters.In the morning everything hurts mercilessly (remembered White Sea Canal and posochustvovat poor slaves).The following weekend (it is necessary to finish the deal) finished off the pit to a depth of shoulders and decided enough =.The soil - the top layer of sand about (half a meter), further layers: clay (black and blue for some reason, probably copper conductor), mixed with sand and stones.In general - need concrete.

And here is the most interesting (and useful for you to learn from the experience).You can pour the walls half a meter of concrete = crack, posin

g a frost;You can enhance and fittings, but all the same - very expensive.I did the walls of ferrocement: fine mesh impregnated with cement mortar (sand + cement grade 500).The walls of the reservoir paved hardboard (instead of shuttering), hereinafter - the mesh galvanized screws attached to the hardboard (this - fittings).Then rub the mixture with a trowel (buy ready-mix and stir with water).

short, ordinary plaster work.Wall thickness - about 50 mm (enough considering some compensation earth pressure water pressure reservoir).There were jeers of "smart" neighbors - crack, fall apart ... 7 years is - no cracks.Moreover, after the construction on sleduyushy summer (dry summer) has pumped out the remaining water and put the bottom and walls of the reservoir facing tiles.If you do: forget the "cool" and expensive tile.

Buy battered for 1/3 price (so I saved a local shop), you still have to beat the tiles into pieces (strict rectangular shape - just a flat wall, curve cup = mosaic).Result: now frolic in the pond carp, all summer supply of warm water for endless watering of agricultural products, and you can swim, if laziness trudge in the heat on the forest lake.The plans: to build a fountain - a hill in the middle of the round stones, pump and 3 pipe with spray.

Neighbors: What neighbors?Some who also began to dig a pit, and how ...