We spread the stone walkway

By Admin | Landscape
13 May 2016

With this step by step guide you can do with your hands for two days, a stone path in his garden.

you are coming the following works:

  1. Purchase finishing stone,
  2. Site preparation,
  3. marking the surface,
  4. preparatory work,
  5. Realize track,
  6. Realize border,
  7. Filling joints.

Step 1: Purchase of finishing stone
you determine the size of the planned track.Count how many stones you need and choose the best kind of finishing stone.In this project for the calculations we will use blue decorative stone.It's best to buy a stone, stacked to.In this case, all blocks are of uniform size, shape and have the same quality.After the purchase is necessary to deliver the purchased material on your site.

Step 2: Site preparation
Using a sledgehammer to smash the old asphalt or stone.Remove all debris from the area appeared.

Step 3: The marking surface
The entire length of the track of the future need to pull the rope, it should take place exactly in the middle.Secure the rope and make sure it is taut.

If necessary, pull it from one end.In both sides of the rope, measure equal distances to determine the edge of the track.Mark the edges of the track a bright paint on the entire length of the passage.

Step 4: Preparations
With shovels deepen the surface of the future track of about 10 santimetrov.Utrambuyte surface of the track.Put several layers of gravel 2-3 centimeters in height, compacting and tamping each layer.The next step is to pour a concrete layer height of about two centimeters.

Step 5: Realize track
When Laid-stone refer to one of the lines marked along the edges of the track.This will allow you to put the stone gently in a straight line.It is necessary to determine how the stones will dock with each other and in what order they will be laid.Place the stones in accordance with the selected scheme starting from the beginning or end of the track.For each stone firmly laid in place, use it when installing a rubber mallet.Make sure that all the stones are laid out on one level, and the size of the joints about the same over the entire length of the track.

Step 6: Realize curb
Along the edges of the track dig small holes for laying curbs.The depth of the grooves should be 6-7 centimeters.Prepare a mortar in accordance with instructions from the manufacturer.Fill the grooves with a thin layer of the solution and place curbs.In order to lay the stones tightly using a rubber mallet.Make sure to curb a little above the level of the track.

Step 7: Fill joints
Place your order.It is necessary to clear the track of sand.Places joints pour water to the sand better bed.Continue to perform these actions as long as the joints are completely filled with sand.

Congratulations.Work completed.Now you can relax and enjoy a stroll along the newly laid out track.