We remain to winter!

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26 April 2016

Gardeners forumhouse.ru begin to prepare for winter in October, not yet cold.After all, flowers, trees and shrubs to survive the long months of winter frosts, sudden thaws and cold snap.A properly prepared for the winter garden fears neither cold nor bessnezhe.


Autumn pruning fruit trees is carried out prior to the frost-resistant, which make the wood fragile and always in dry weather.Remove dry, diseased, broken branches;and it is better not to leave, and those that grow along the crown.Still it is possible to file slightly above and below the largest branch in the winter to them or crack crust .

At this time, cut raspberries remontant - in full;form pruning currant bushes - when there is no foliage on the bushes, it makes it much easier.In late autumn, you can see all the extra old, shade, sick, lying on the ground and the other branches, which should be cut.

We remove the remaining fruit

sure to remove the rotten apples and pears, and dried fruits, which were invisible until

the leaves are circled.In no case do not throw them in the compost pile - to the leaves and fruits of winters in patients fungus that causes a fruit rot.Burn or bury them somewhere outside the area.


- I believe that it is necessary to remove diseased fruits.It is not known, will wind sore or not, but left on the tree, and under it a guaranteed source of infection - lightly, in my opinion.

And you can at least obpryskatsya at the right time the right drug ... Then as human infectious diseases.It is foolish to be treated, say, SARS and still be close to, for example, a tube with a lively and ready to infect your virus ...

Belim trunks

until the temperature dropped below zero, it is necessary to have time to whitewash the trunks of trees.Autumn whitewashing protects against pests, and possible exposure coming spring temperature fluctuations.Before whitewash tree trunk (the entire lower part to the base of the lower skeletal cells), it is cleaned of old dead bark, mosses and lichens.

Alla Ivanova:

- whitewash, I think it is possible to 5C .. without stripping of old bark, wounds should be disinfected - and then we're back to 0C.

for whitewashing, especially young trees, svezhegashenoy lime mixed with clay, to better sticking.The proportions are as follows: 10 liters of water 2-3 kilo and a kilo of lime clay.

sheltering trees and shrubs

Young and heat-loving trees and shrubs for the winter insulated: mulch tree trunks, trunks wrapped with insulation plant.Mulch in late fall with a mixture of sawdust, straw and peat mixed with soil.The mulch added to a glass ash, which will protect the plant from insects, mice and mildew.The height of the layer - half of the bayonet spade.Once the snow falls, it immediately shovel mulch on top.The higher the snow, the more protection from the cold.


- I still sheltering spruce branches.In yablonek around the trunk of trees branches needles put down and tied with string.Small apple-tree desirable to wrap up the whole.On Astilbe and strawberries stack spruce branches in artistic disorder.But all this is good when it is frozen, and even snow.Currants, raspberries, blackberries, irises, peonies, phlox, juniper does not hide, hibernate always normal.Last year, raspberries ducks, but have not noticed much of a difference .

Many users forumhouse.ru practice good old Soviet way: wrapped in winter young apple trees and pear old pantyhose.Bend down to the young twigs and trunks wrapped from top to bottom, and all the top too.

deters mice and rabbits

old pantyhose generally pretty common material in horticulture.They are used for combating mice and rabbits.To scare away the birds, to the ends of the branches from the open space, some tied black cloth or black plastic bags.This is a simple but effective method.


- black spot on the white snow, which moves in the wind, it is a signal of danger to birds.Trunks and bases of skeletal branches Bint lower cut along tights, overlap (1cm).Below bandage as close to the ground (click!)
On small trees better "wear" tights, pressed branches to the trunks.

Another anti-mouse folk remedy - birch tar, which is sold in any drugstore.You just moisten it and ribbons hanging on pear and apple trees, and mice favorite places in late autumn decompose tar soaked pieces of cotton wool.Tar is not washed off by rain and snow and the smell of roses under cover, for example, remain until spring.Under the bushes and trees smaller, but mice do not like.

to spray

yet keeps a positive temperature, but the trees have no leaves, they are treated against pests.


- autumn trees sprayed with 3% (300gr. 10litr on. Of water) solution of copper sulfate or ferrous sulfate.

Urea is used in 5% (500g. 10litr on. Water) concentration of such spraying helps to better spend the winter trees and used as prevention of scab.It is desirable to do it at a positive temperature.The tree must assimilate nitrogen, and not only leaves but also bark.Sprinkle with the red of the leaves helps only further enrich the future of leaf nitrogen.

Alla Ivanova:

- Handling Garden 5% urea is not fertilizing and chemical treatment of the fungus in the first place - scab.While daytime temperatures are above zero, it's effective.Fitosporin also good, if you are sure that you have is that stated by the manufacturer.

harbored perennials

Most perennials are well adapted to the harsh Russian winter.So much so that some plants gardeners forumhouse.ru not covered at all - just the leaves that fall from the trees nearby.The leaves must be healthy, as they say in forumhouse.ru , «without byak" so the old foliage of apple is better to collect and burn.


- harbored something only under the threat of severe frost snowless.And so - and so is the mulch, and even on top of the leaves a little bit raining.Cut off the tops of some plants for the winter.That's my training.

If there is no garden foliage, it is possible to take leaves "wild" trees.They can also cover beds and beds with podzimny sowing and planting.


- I deliberately wear a leaf out of the forest in front and buried in the ground on the site of planting garlic, onions and flower beds.I loam and so I am submitting humus.I already said that I have a huge worms, thick.I feed them, I try to.

most sensitive to cold plants hidden in special shelters set over them a wire frame, which is covered with a cover material.

Evergreen rododendronymulchiruyut dry sawdust / peat / dry foliage and harbor on the frame.


- It is necessary for the evergreen.The main thing is to save the flower buds.Deciduous enough to bend down to the ground (after mulching).We have some deciduous (since they are small) found plastic buckets for debris.

ready to tell all, from what I do karkasiki.The easiest way to cut into the plastic tube wiring diameter of 16 mm and stitch rotated by 90 degrees.Set in mutually perpendicular directions (sticking the ends into the ground).Top covering material, which is pressed with stones or earth.It is worth a penny.

If you want to hide something high and low over the area, then turns warm up gently before installing over the hob plate and bend.We get the angle of 45 ... 60 degrees.

Plants that respect the soil with a slightly acid reaction - rhododendrons, hydrangeas, pine, edible honeysuckle mulch the dried sphagnum.This moss has antiseptic properties and below the mold does not grow.Sold in stores for gardeners.

Chrysanthemum usually cover or cover material Lapotnikov if Lapotnikov not, you can use oak leaves or covering material.


- Oak grows anywhere near?I have several years harboring his chrysanthemum (and not only them) oak leaves.Pour slide and top twigs to hold the foliage.

Protecting roses

Roses enough time to calmly tolerate temperatures up to -8, so they begin to spud only when the frosts begin.Land taken out of the bush, so as not to damage the roots.Before hilling roses trimmed to 30% of the length of the shoots.Okuchennye rose covered agrospanom - better soft coating has nothing came up.Shelters in these photos more aesthetic than "white snowdrifts," but it is clear that they will not work in all regions of our country.

Many like the harbor Hybrid Tea Roses Vera Mironova santolia:


- 1. sleeve is made from non-woven synthetic insulation (it looks like a thin felt) before it,Rose trimmed to a height of 1/2 and binds and sleeve width should be about 10-15 cm wider than the diameter of the associated beam roses;

2. the lower edge of the sleeve is folded around the trunks of the plants and all the interior space is filled with a large dry bark;

3. Then the upper edges are fastened and worn plastic or another - a waterproof bag / sack, which was twice the sleeve (between the insulation and the top package should be a space), you can press the lower edge of the rocks or other heavy objects, and the tipcan be linked, grabbing and domestic, has tied the bag with insulated rose.

All covering materials can be prepared once and use them year after year.

upper package / bag can be made in the form of Santa Clauses, gnomes and other fairy-tale characters and a garden turn into a fairy tale.

This technique paid off when she was 5-6 years ago winter with 30 degrees below zero, many of my friends were frozen roses, and I have, in my "clothes" does not even podmerzli.

And in the spring, when there is no severe frosts, removed the upper bag and loose insulation, slowly scraped bark, but the hand still stands and pritenyayut rose from burns.Remove the insulation can be when the earth thaws.

Charges moisture

Even if the summer garden watering, the soil has dried considerably by the fall, and during watering shrunken roots fill the moisture deficit.This allows the plants to better tolerate low temperatures in winter.Vlagozaryadny watering is carried out at the end of October.Watering is necessary so as to properly moisturize meter layer of soil.Water injection is better in tree trunks and not well around the trunk, so that during thawing it does not stagnate water, and after irrigating the soil mulching needles, peat, etc.Adult trees (over five years) is poured around the perimeter of the crown.

- Every young plants (hardwood and softwood, especially not to forget the past) in a bucket of water, from mid-September to early November 1 time per week.

Alla Ivanova:
- In my opinion, winter watering - one of the most important events.He saves from breaks ground in extreme cold.I water from the river.2-3 hours under the tree - the land in the fall insatiable.

Remove the leaves, lawn swifts

After mass leaf fall in late October from the lawn mowed and removed leaves him one last time.

Sadovnik 62:

- First, in the spring grass is better (tighter) begins to rise.Second, better promorazhivayutsya roots, tempered and go to rest.I noticed by Cherry and apple trees on the dwarfs, who until winter leaf hanging and they do not want to go into a state of rest.Third, actively warming spring turf.


- have to mow the lawn one last time this year (not too short).If you mow later, the lawn will not have time "to acquire a little" before the snow and can vymerznut winter, and if not mow it (lawn) may sopret and spring "zamumukaetes" rake rake rotten and dry lohmy.

sure to remove leaves and windfalls from the fruit trees and bushes (in this "beauty" a lot of any "contagion").The leaves burn, and windfalls somewhere dig (in any case not be disposed of windfalls in the compost heap).

At this time in the garden a lot, but worth the effort.It is a pity when the plants do not survive the winter.To learn more about how to avoid this, you will be able from our video.Here this article will tell you what other work had to get done on the site before the cold weather.Here, among other things, read how to prepare for winter pond and evergreens.