Suburban Pond

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12 May 2016
Spring came and CorsaC939 decided to go see what is happening on the ground he has bought.It had the size of the container 1,5h2 meters drilled well 16 meters deep and 9 fruit trees.After the visit, he fired her and arrange to start buy all sorts of suburban tools, trimmer, etc.

Initially held in a container electricity, ennobled well, uprooted trees and extra trimmer struggled with wild vegetation.As the saying goes the appetite comes with eating and CorsaC939 had a plan of arrangement suburban area for a pleasant stay.With his girlfriend, he decided that first of all make a fence, pond, gazebo, barbecue and home from a bar.

site development

First of all, he put a fence of mesh netting, he invented and fashioned Gates.Then, in the area marked out the location of future facilities.

Construction pond

Pond CorsaC939 decided to do with the stream.It works like this: installed at the bottom of the pond pump drives the water through an underground tunnel to the upper point of the creek, and from th
ere it flows in two directions around the gazebo and back into the pond.

To implement his plan, he dug a pond and the future direction of the stream.I pour sand and rammed it.Spread another film for the pond.When it is hot, they laid her across the bed of the stream and in the pit, and then imposed to secure the stones.Connect the pump and began to fill the pond.The pump was pumping only 0.6 cube per hour, so the pond was filled with water for 20 hours.He then cut off the excess tape and put stones on the perimeter.

A few days later, he landed in a pond of water lilies, set the depth of the pump capacity of 7000 l / h, cut and connect the hose stream - the pressure to get a perfect, just thatthat I wanted to get.It works absolutely silently.

Pond need to get more stones, but despite its incompleteness CorsaC939 already launched about 50 carp and carp fry, 1 mirror carp, bream and a few more redfins.They feed the fish with bread and food for pond fish.

CorsaC939 did bluffs near the pond, so the visible part of the film strewn pond.

ecosystem pond

To ecosystem pond was normally required plant oxygenators, ieUnderwater.And good lighting or direct sunlight for 2-4 hours a day.In winter, it is necessary to drill holes in the ice.

to provide oxygen to the fish pond is needed: a fountain, a periodic change of water or aquarium compressor.

for feeding the fish he made a bird feeder, which prevents blur stern across the pond.Fish swim and feed on large packs directly from the surface of the pond - splashing fun, noisy and bubbling.

planted in a pond of water lilies bloom in 2 months.

Expansion pond

dislikes CorsaC939 plnёnka that is visible on the pond, and he decided it peredalat, saddled as they say everything in mind.Twice he brought the car full of stones and extended the coastline on the bayonet wide and half a bayonet deep.The film is laid on the step - the good, leave the stock when cut too much during the initial installation, overlaid with stones and ready !!!

Shoe Pond

pond should be cleaned periodically by falling leaves.To do this, the pump has pumped out the water and rowed a net of about one and a half buckets of leaves and junk.But before that I have caught all the fish and carried in a jar.Good growing lilies, aquatic grass, brought in mid-summer and the roots gave a bunch of shoots.Snails were found, and all the fish gobbled duckweed - a single leaf left.

to the pond is not clogged, it decided on the fall and winter cover grid from the leaves and twigs.


While building a pond CorsaC939 paved paths in the garden, and came to the conclusion that it is better to do a track from the gravel.Makes them easy to maintain and nothing fancy.It is necessary to remove 10 cm of soil to lay geotextile, pour on top of the sand and up to 10 cm above the ground with gravel fill.If he settles a bit pour.

Roundup on grass

If you want to grow grass is not beneath your tracks, such as the parking lot for the car then use Roundup.A few days after the treatment all the grass that grows dry.

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