Cabbage ... extraordinary beauty: the experience of members of the forum

By Admin | Garden, Garden
26 April 2016

Some users forumhouse. ru complain ornamental kale does not want to perform their aesthetic function!That's what says new posts under the name Chigsa :

«I have every year the same thing: cabbage pulled, and bloom, although the conditions are created her everything: light, feeding, watering.»

even boughtSprouts the end of June is often the length and ugly.Of course, the decorative cabbage can be eaten as a vegetable garden and her sister, so, as they say, not a great loss.But on the other hand, many of the seedlings planted directly on a bed, and not on a bed, waiting for the beautiful shapes and colors ... Maybe there are some tricks to grow ornamental cabbage?Try to understand.

now the end of May, which means it is high time to plant seedlings (do better in bad weather).Therefore, if you do not bother about it in advance, buy ready-made.And in the future you should know that the seeds should be sown in early April in separate pots.But in mid-April it is already possible to sow directly in

the garden cabbage (but under the film).Thus it is necessary to pay attention to watering: Before you plant the seeds, the soil should be thoroughly watered with water, and then only slightly moisten the top layer.As soon as the first shoots, it is better to stop watering them.Cole loves the cold, so the seedlings to the country can safely take as soon as possible (it can withstand minor frosts).

But ornamental cabbage loves not only the cold, it also needs light.Because of his lack of it and stretches, losing a beautiful shape.In addition, located in the shadow of cabbage loses brightness.Therefore, first of all, you need to see to it that the bed on which the planned planting cabbage, enjoys a sunny location.

However, some argue that because of the abundance of light and cabbage pulled up, and even acquires ugly colors.User forumhouse. ru (nick Offline igo131019671) advises to resort to the method of cultivation of other crops:

«I think it is necessary to use a method of growing cauliflower.Assume that the cauliflower is just not like very bright places and at the start of the growth stems its cover, that they do not stretch. "

more about this: Refer to the topic of the forum. (

can cheat: to plant cabbage in pots and keep in an inconspicuous, but the bright spot, and in the fall to put on the most beautiful grownprominence.Ornamental kale tolerates transplant.

Consultant Olga Mokhova (nick Offline Lobelia ) assures that the desired result will be achieved with the right choice of varieties:

«In addition to proper cultivation of ornamental cabbage, much depends on the particular varietyits height.There are low-growing varieties, and there are high and very high.These cabbage - light-loving, and in partial shade stretched and do not have the beauty for which they and soot.On a bag of seeds, usually written by the height of the plants. "

Another way to avoid pulling the cabbage: give it space.Plant seedlings away from each other.

cabbage caterpillars fears and decorative - is no exception!Use insecticides.

for growing ornamental cabbage need soil rich in humus, well-drained and easily.The plant loves humidity.If you do not forget also about feeding and closer to the fall you will find extraordinary beauty of the area!