The pond at the dacha

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11 May 2016
To start amalex raschertil on the ground of the future size of the pond 3x4.Then, during the digging of the future reservoir, he made three terraces, so that in him was different depths.The greatest depth of 1.6 meters it made in the center of the future of the pond and its bottom spread a geotextile, and on top of the film and even butyl rubber (EPDM / EPDM) it is robust and reliable tested in practice.

At the bottom of the pond, he put a fat nourishing ground for nymphs and river sand sprinkled on top.Well water pond filled to the brim.Water was poured carefully and not to stir up the body of water at the end of the hose put on the package without the bottom.To close the film at the edges of a pond he overlaid with turf.


During the installation of the film in the pit of the future reservoir, the edges of the film should be left on the ground, otherwise sooner or later the water will get betweenfilm and the wall of the pond, and the water bubbles appear.Do not fill to the bri

m the pond.

If you want every year to clean up the winter film, it is feasible, provided that do not hibernate in the pond plants.In addition, it is necessary to pump the water, pull the film (and it can be great, it all depends on the size of the pond).

size film for the pond need to count thus:

length films = length of the pond + 2 max.depth of pond + 0.5m.
width is determined by similar way.

How to deal with flowering pond

pond in shallow water you need take about a third of the surface area.The fact is that with the coming of spring, shallow water warms up quickly, and the waste products of fish releasing nutrients in water causing blooms of algae that die.When they decay consumes oxygen, which is not enough fish.

pond warmed slowly to a large part to do deep.Shade his plants, build a pergola or arbor.Not planted duckweed in the pond, it expands and prevents the flow of oxygen into the water.Vegetation grows in the shallows fed nutrients and prevents algae to grow actively.

to clean the pond amalex advises using a birch broom.The technology is simple - a birch broom should be dipped in a body of water for two days and then all the "green" soon settles to the bottom.

The pond at the dacha

oxygen supply

When the water splashing, it is enriched with oxygen, which also prevents the spread of algae.And the construction of a fountain or waterfall is a vital necessity.Later amalex outlines supply and run a fountain and waterfall.

Buying fish

a month amalex bought fish to bird: gold and silver carp of 10 pieces, and comets - 10 pcs.At the new location the fish are well accustomed.Carp lay at the bottom and appear on the surface to eat the food, but their presence comet enliven pond.More on the market, he bought fish feed for 1 300 rubles.promised that until the fall enough.

plants in the pond

to create biobalance amalex filled pond in your bucket of pond water.On the terrace, which is closer to the water surface (40 cm) planted lobelia, marsh iris, white feces and rogoznik angustifolia.

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