Dandelion field: how to get rid of the weed

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25 April 2016

Many participants forumhouse. ru face the fact that their land by May, all overgrown with dandelions.This plant is very insidious: it is enough just one flower to dandelion gradually spread across the lawn.Its seeds are very well fly over long distances and germinate at any undisguised plot.But bring dandelions difficult.The reason for this is their roots: the very powerful (they can reach thirty centimeters), but brittle, so it is difficult to completely remove from the soil.From what is left, can easily grow a new weed.But enough "horror stories".If we want to overcome the unwanted plants, it is necessary to act!


One of the most unpretentious way to get rid of a dandelion - dig it.But, as you already understood, it must be done so that the root has disappeared.To do this, pour the place where the weed is growing: from moist soil is much easier to extract the root.The soil can also be loosened, if the root can not be.

The stores sell special tools for digging up dandelions and other


Of course, if the dandelions have already spread throughout the area, such a method of struggle against them is too long and tedious.You can try every week to cut only the upper part of the plant without disturbing the root.By repeating this procedure five times, it is thus possible to kill and dandelion root.


To combat dandelions sometimes all means are good, especially if they interfere with the cultivation of the crop and just spoil the appearance of the area - for participants forumhouse. ru is very important.Therefore, in the stroke may to chemicals, and, more precisely, herbicides.Of course, it is a cruel thing, because it kills all plants.But there are drugs selective action.To remove dandelions as a herbicide, you can use ordinary vinegar.Moreover, the higher the concentration of acetic acid is more effective weed control.

by evaporation can increase the percentage of acidity in the vinegar.

Chemicals should be used in the autumn: the fact that at this time, the dandelion is preparing for the winter, and nutrients from the top of the root pass.If a plant poison, herbicides get right to the root of the plant.For this reason, it is a few days before the operation and do not mow the lawn dandelions are on it.

Another "drug" to combat the dandelion: salt.If you sprinkle salt on a flower after a while of this place it is a dark spot.But do not overdo it: salt also can affect the useful plants.Apply it must be a dot.

better time to prevent

good method of dealing with dandelions - prevention of their occurrence.First, you need to properly care for your lawn.No bare spots on it should not be: as we have said, it is best to grow dandelions in unprotected soil.Once a week, it should be mowed (6-8 cm).This can be done a variety of lawn mowers, but you can do it with your hands.Weeds will not appear if the soil is sufficient moisture and nutrients.

thick layer of turf, too, does not allow weeds to appear on the site.

Aesthetics is important, but at the time it is possible to sacrifice accuracy for the sake of the fight lawn weeds.Leave grass cuttings to the pen: it becomes a barrier will not let weeds germinate.

If no methods of dealing with dandelions do not help, you may want a different look at the problem.In Conca all, the second name of this plant, "dandelion", and its beneficial properties have opened in Ancient China.And in this sense, dandelion certainly can not be called a weed!

against various weeds, refer to the topic of our forum.