How to master the "wild" section

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11 May 2016

land market in the past six months has been active as never before.This means that the percentage of transactions made in a hurry, when the future homeowner buys a "pig in a poke", having a vague idea of ​​the border area, and the nature of the soil, and how to cultivate it, also increased.

Today, many new homeowners found themselves alone with their svezhepriobretennoy weaving, appropriate to talk about where to start development of the land.Specialized online forums show that the subject is - one of the most important.After all, the vast majority of new sites does not resemble the parterre lawn or putting green.

In this regard, talks about the experience of development of twenty acres, a year ago covered with old stumps and impassable thickets of bushes and raspberry.

If the joy of the acquisition at the sight of overgrown weeds hectare or viscous clay is replaced by a headache, it's time to sit at the table or on a stump, and outline a plan of action.Working without a plan - unproductive and inef


begin with work on the bugs, keep the pace of development of the land

  1. desire to do everything on their own.Trips "to the country" with an ax and a chainsaw in the trunk and a grueling weekend with stump extraction (if little experience, the one sticking out of the ground wooden skeleton will take a day or two) can permanently turn away from the idea of ​​becoming a homeowner.The more that is full of workers from neighboring countries who will gladly take on this job.
  2. Trying to solve everything with money.The local forestry you will be presented by the amount for which the local craftsmen "smooth out" section of the bulldozer, an excavator will drive through the mountains which stumps, stones and other debris will be shipped in dump trucks and taken to an unknown direction you.I am confident that this figure will not please you.Moreover, after a rough operation you can turn your site into a quagmire, and you have a long time to dig out of the ground wood remains and analyze debris.
  3. Earthworks with inappropriate or poor-quality tools and equipment reduce the rate of ten times.The blunt ax and shovel shaky process will not allow even a few square meters, and an easy walk-behind, the recommended specialty store retailers as expensive toys, tightly entangled in the roots.
  4. And finally, most importantly, work without a plan - that's money down the drain.Only dismantled one corner - the other had stopped.Force workers to cut woods and then - planting new ...

Of special "conversion" of benefits on the basics of landscape design can usually be found that the soils are mostly "heavy" clay and "light" sandy.The first requires the addition of sand, the second - clay.At the same time, and those and others - also make huge amounts of organic matter.For us, these rules are not always relevant.North-West Russia has its own specifics, namely our irreplaceable natural resources such as humus - even exported.In Soviet times, the gardeners and beginners dachevladeltsam often not offered to develop arable land and impassable swamps.Today, these heavy in development areas were in the secondary market of the earth.In addition, the range of offers of land for private landlords rooted yesterday sovkhoz fields with depleted source codec Xvid and sometimes uncontrolled use of soil chemistry, impenetrable thickets with a layer of fallen and poluperegnivshih trunks and huge boulders, copses, because illiterate reclamation is rapidly turning into a swamp ... But nothingstops candidates homeowners.

In this review, we do not consider the problems of implementation of the general plan of the cottage, or a holiday village: issues of land reclamation areas, electrification and access roads are managed by real estate companies that implement portions, as well as the competence of the boards of gardening associations and DNP.And if their activity is poor - you have to mobilize neighbors and do social work.Consider the questions to be addressed on their own, and soon after purchasing the land time.Let's start with the borders of your site.

Neighbors and borders

often happens that stimulates the emergence of new landowners "old-timers" to revise the boundaries of the territory.When there is a question about where to put the fence, they hook or by crook trying to win you a piece of territory.A little trick: if the fence posts are offset by a meter deep into your territory, and the length of fifty meters away - I think that you gave polsotki land.And if you have just purchased land was abandoned for many years, while neighbors tirelessly mastered territory, it is likely that they will not resist the temptation to grab a piece of "no man's" piece of land.This happens quite often and sometimes leads to protracted conflicts.But to start "the development of virgin lands" with quarrels - not the best option, especially since many of the issues one way or another have to deal with the neighbors together.And in most cases the conflict can easily exhausted by civilized means.

Recall that the implementation of the sale plot your predecessors collected a number of documents, the main of which - the certificate of assignment of cadastral numbers.Inventory - a document that clearly defines the area: its area, the category boundaries.And if you land purchased - so cadastral number he already has.And this means that the boundaries of the territory are consistent with your neighbors, and the case in Megeve has documented: they either signed agreement protocol boundaries themselves, or (in the case of strongly avoided) are notified of the impending of procedure, by telegram.Thus, in order to determine the actual boundaries of your territory, it is enough to invite surveyors, who formed the case that they have put boundary marks corresponding to the previously produced cadastral survey.This service - paid an average of one installation of landmarks costs 500 rubles., And in the simplest case, when the site is a rectangle, they need four.

If you indicated that the pegs have staged, it should not mislead you, because rearrange them after the experts leave the site - a favorite activity of some not quite decent citizens.However, do not immediately blame the neighbors, "stealing" our task - to try to avoid conflicts.Make it clear that the area with irregular borders - is a source of legal problems in the first place for them.

Thus, the boundaries of your territory known.The fence is not yet set - disassembly perennial blockages and windbreaks it will only hinder, marks the boundary pegs and ropes.

on solid ground

Many publications devoted to "the development of virgin lands" with his hands, it is recommended to do layout area itself or with the help of a visiting landscape architect.Today we are not going to discuss the nuances of different planning solutions, especially since this - a creative work and the issue has been widely discussed benefits landscaping.Note some of the approaches.Firstly, the natural "shortcomings" of the landscape with the right approach you can always turn into advantages: beautiful strong trees better opportunities to save (knock - have time) and very heavy boulder mound, formed after the reclamation (simply - laying channel), can become part of the landscapecompositions and swampy with a barely noticeable dip bed of the brook - after clearing the pond will become a flow.Second, in addition to landscape design (obviously, in the process, he probably will change), you need to create a script and its implementation, as well as to prepare a solid foothold - zero cycle.

Before starting "general cleaning" should look into its own draft design of the landscape, to determine the place of arrival to the site, and the site where the garbage will be stored for export (large stumps, rocks, household waste).It shall be provided with convenient access.If the site is separated from the road drainage ditches, the development will have to start with the construction of the crossing (concrete pipe length is not less than four meters, which is filled with sand and gravel or brick battle) and the clearing of the site at the site immediately after the entry.This will greatly facilitate the start of the further landscaping and construction work, parking, loading and unloading of trucks, storage of building materials.If in the ditch gaping hole - it should fall asleep.The best material to eliminate large gaps, funnels, and raise low areas of the territory, - the battle of bricks and debris.Some construction companies, specializing in demolition, give it for nothing - you have to pay only for transportation.On top of a newly created firm ground in this way form a sandy base, which is covered with geotextile, a layer of fertile soil - and can break the lawn.But there will not be running too.

East excavator

So, as we have already noted, the majority of the first reclaimed land in conditions of Leningrad region is a peat bog or wetland and humus-rich areas covered with lush wild vegetation.This is exactly the case when the development of the area will require painstaking manual labor, but the land will certainly thank for the hard work.

begin with cleanup and immediately note for beginners that restrict one subbotnik and picnic inviting friends and relatives is unlikely: the matter is likely to extend over weeks and months, and over involvement "accidentally passing by" Workers from neighboring SouthRepublics.

You have to get rid of bushes and small trees, multi-layers of dry waste plant, and stumps stumps.Thin trees cut off long-handled loppers, those thicker, sawing chainsaw and cut down a sharp ax, but not at the root, and around the waist (it was convenient to uproot).Such work is easy to do yourself.Straight tree trunks and thin branches of shrubs did not throw, and immediately set it aside and they will serve to weave small retaining walls on the relief and strengthen the edge of drainage ditches.

for stump extraction is better to invite

migrant workers.In this case, your hands and your head free for more intelligent, but no less important work.If you do not have experience of cooperation with workers from neighboring countries, consider the following.Our eastern neighbors - a mathematical mind, and if you do, rather than to indicate a particular field of operations, uncertain gesture obrisuete clearing, to which, in your understanding, they should make efforts, be prepared for the fact that they eagerly take up work cut outa small piece, and then say: "Master, it is necessary to add ..." To not spend money for nothing, it is better to split the territory into squares (about the size of two-weaving), marking the boundaries of each rope and pegs.Agreeing on cleaning each piece, you should clearly explain the elder (the one with whom usually agree on the price), what results you expect.That is, specify the location where should be eventually folded large trunks, stumps, stones, dead wood.And what kind of trees should stay on the treated area after the work (mark them with a piece of rope).If you come down in price, do not worry: everything will be done accurately and on time.Depending on the complexity of the work process "east excavator" one hundred of land will cost you two (remove dead wood, bushes, uprooting the stump of two or three) to six thousand rubles (large stumps, demolition debris, moving large masses of earth).

from the ditch to the lawn

continue cleaning.Do not rush to burn dry grass, roots and dried raspberry bushes.Firstly, as we have already noted, humus - irreplaceable natural resources and destroy it at a time when some enlightened in regard to the agrarian countries are willing to buy from us fir cones and chips - it's just uncivilized.And dangerous: just one spark to long the carpet has become a conflagration, which extends far beyond the boundaries of your possessions.If the site is already electrified, an assistant principal at this stage will be the garden shredder waste from electric (there are with petrol, but they are more expensive).I can admit that for many years could not understand the need for the device is ground bark and twigs.But this year, when a bunch of dead wood collected on the site reached nearly two meters, I realized that its purchase will pay for itself very quickly: the transportation of this volume in the dump truck to the nearest pit would cost slightly cheaper.

Now our task - to turn the surface into a lawn, but not golf or leisure, and "technical".Postponing its breakdown is not necessary.Because the soil is rich in humus, freed from the mulch of fallen leaves, pine needles and raspberry give a rich harvest of weeds.

in transferable bestsellers for gardeners and landowners who want to break up the lawn, it is recommended to remove the top layer of soil, fold it in the courtyard of the best times to start preparing and subsoil: bring your car or two of soil, make the drainage ... Let's say right away: it's not for Russian holdingslandowners, and for European gardens in size polsotki.We need a hard (not less than 50 kg) with a walk-behind tractor for cultivation cutters, shovels and rakes (preferably not metal, and "peasant" with wooden teeth).

how to make the "right" lawn, devoted not one serious book, but in any supermarket you can buy seed mixture of grasses.We will not go into details "gazonostroitelstva", we note only that at this stage interested in the most undemanding and drought-resistant grass mixtures, whose main task - to create a thick layer of turf and do not give a chance to the weeds.

continue to prepare the territory under the same technical lawn fragments as determined at the time the work front for grubbing.And if in your plans - not to leave part of the work for later, and to master the entire area, starting from the far corners of plowing.Semidecomposed dust from the soil surface ship to the compost heap, which sheds a special tool to accelerate the maturation of compost (in selling them - a lot, but not all of them quality: what better ask more experienced neighbors).We pass the selection cultivator, without seeking the deep digging, but try as much as possible to pull out all the roots.The second stage - plowed land deeper.

prepared soil should be leveled to avoid dips in which water collects and bumps.Bold forest humus should be diluted with sand.No need to seek completely horizontal surface, but it is necessary to provide a bias toward drains.Before you begin planting herbs, ground should be kept "under steam" two to three weeks to get rid of the "awakened" weeds.However, by the time you propashete last fragment, the first will be ready for sowing, and you look at the mass of literature.The most favorable time for sowing of winter grass - the beginning of autumn, and if you have time to fuss with all marked by September, there is a chance that the young grass leaves under the snow got stronger root system and in the winter you will have time to think about the layout of the future garden.

is not identical plots and universal recipes.However, in conclusion - a few more general tips.Firstly, at the very beginning of the development section, you should invite a geologist who hand drill several wells in different corners of the area and make recommendations for the construction of a well and septic tank (the price of this extremely useful service - about 5 ths. Rub.).After meeting with the specialist, you will get a lot of interesting and useful information on the nature of the soil, soil quality, the level of groundwater.Perhaps this information will cause substantial adjustments to your landscape project developed, but certainly will help determine the design of the garden paths and the foundations of buildings.

Secondly, attention should be paid to the drainage ditch that separates the road from your possession.The new suburban tracts and horticulture are usually deepen excavator podsypaya excavated soil road.As a result, there are not too educated work ditch becomes steep edges that are eroded and crumbling eating your meters and weave.