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25 April 2016

When planting winter garlic?"Norilsk - late in Derbent - sooner," - an island on forumhouse.ru. In most other cities and regions of our vast country garlic are planted now, in the first half of October, when the cold weather is to about a month.Some users forumhouse.ru planted garlic for two weeks before the frost, while others - for forty days.Most of our growers withstand a period of three weeks: During this time, the garlic has time to take root, but does not have time to give the shoots.


- When your area is more or less stable frosts usually occur?That "count back" from this period.Garlic should be well rooted before the real winter, but grow it to anything.

In this case, as the cultivation of winter garlic, agricultural grade is much more important. Mariska ever growing piles of winter garlic is - it is easier to process into pickles, pickling, and spices, which she does in a large amount.Seed buys in the supermarket produce department.


& amp; 񗰰 D la planting before winter, I use Chinese garlic, which are acquired in the ordinary supermarket produce department (growing, "Hurrah").His garlic for the annual "Plantation" landings are usually not enough (massively "out" for processing).And I have kept winter garlic (3/4 kg & amp; 񗰰 "winter in store") is not worse than spring, in the closet on the terrace at + 10-12 t.

Garlic, bought from the supermarket produce department or on the street with her grandmother, can give an excellent harvest, well kept and surprise good taste.The main thing is to do everything correctly.


- planted in a double depth of the head (if the head height of 4 cm - plant the teeth to a depth of 8 cm), observe the "polarity": Donets down.

Tear off all the roots of heads of garlic, they are unnecessary, but keep the infection, cut the stem from the head 10 cm, and so store.On the day of disembarkation divide the head into segments without damaging the peel.

Garlic dismantled into slices just before landing.If you've seen it before, check to see if everything is OK with the planting - not damaged stems.Garlic and store in a cool place, so it does not dry.


- It's okay if you have garlic stored in a dry (not thrown to the roots), and it's not so scary.I always collect large cloves of those heads that are sent to cooking.They are waiting in the wings, I'll put them.

People who garden in earnest, each year about one-third of the seed odnozubkami replaced by growing them from bulbochek.


- Planting the bulb and odnozubki, I not only update the garlic, and choose the best of the best.I have more opportunities for selection.(By the way, once in 10 years one of the varieties of garlic svetlofioletovogo only selection I made that part of the garlic was in a very tight white shirt with purple veins, and some remained svetlofiloetovymi. The first were larger, but with 3-5 teeth, the second - as usual).A 4-5 year I'll have the garlic, which I like.Large, healthy, maturation .

the bulb sown two weeks earlier than the planted odnozubki or cloves of garlic - about five to six weeks before the frost.Good, large grow in the bulb bulbs strong for two seasons.From small bulbochek in the first year may turn out fine odnozubki, the second - largest odnozubki and only the third - full head.


- If the bulb - a match head, then this is not enough what happens.Recommend to plant the bulb at least 5 mm in diameter.You can, of course, smaller plant, but then are unlikely to get a good odnozubki .


- I usually rolling in the land of everything, when ends the patience to choose only large, but place more bulk.So out of this stuff is really nothing good grows, torment choose these kids.

put the bulb in the winter as well as a regular garlic, only the depth of planting - a little less, about four centimeters, and the distance between them must also be small - about seven centimeters.


- The next year will only receive Onion, not a full bulb.So, if you want to eat garlic next year, you will have the same derbanit your garlic head.

beds garlic is prepared in advance, about a month before planting.Humus is made in the amount of half a sack on a bed (3 meters per meter).


- beds better prepare in advance, about a month before planting - humus or compost (that is), add the ash can of superphosphate.

Under any garlic do not make fresh manure, and do not put it in the shade. Veseloff after harvest to sow the beds garlic mustard, then dig and add superphosphate.Hostess garlic farm Svetlana Dmsnik recommends to disinfect beds garlic planting vetch-oat mixture.


- After harvesting the garlic plant vetch and vetch-oat mixture (but not vetch-rye!) Or lupine.As otrastet 20-30 cm, cut trimmer and after podvyalitsya embedded in the soil.Vick is well disinfects the soil and not surprisingly it is planted in the cattle cemetery anthrax.Pure vetch in stores almost impossible to find, basically, is a mixture (vetch-oat).When embedding into the soil, add limestone flour (unlike dolomitki, it contains more magnesium) and a double dose of fertilizer for onions and garlic.When the time comes to plant boldly put.

sprouted garlic is not necessary, but there will be more than briefly soak it in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Dmsnik recommended before planting soak it briefly in the seed dressing (protects plants from disease, and stimulates their growth and strengthens the immune system). Seven uses salt and a solution of copper sulfate .


- Somewhere wrote that we should be soaked in salt water (5-10 minutes) and then - in a solution of copper sulfate (the same), I was so soaked in the pastyears.But it suggested that it is better to soak in seed dressing for bulbous, I bought it this year and I will be there to soak.Although there is such a drug and garlic, I suspect that this - same.

Jasmin: I think that the solution of manganese does not hurt never.Disinfection is ...

chesnokovodov The experience of our forum before planting garlic can be soaked: in fitosporin (5-6 minutes);in saline (3 tablespoons of salt in 10 liters of water is lowered the entire head completely for 10 minutes and washed in running water and then separated into cloves);in a warm pink solution of potassium permanganate;3 minutes - in saline solution (1 tablespoon per 2 liters of water) and then - for 3 minutes in a solution of copper sulfate (1 teaspoon to 2 liters of water).

In recent years, is gaining popularity "mining" method of planting garlic, when it is planted early, the warmth, but deep.


- Garlic planted in late August - since early September:

mark out rows in the garden;

in these series something "make a hole" depth of 12-15 cm;

each "hole" is filled tablespoon of sand, "cram" a clove of garlic (Donets down) and fall asleep on top of another tablespoon of sand;

planted with flower bed is spread with a rake.

write that at this early, but deep planting garlic fine root, but does not rise before winter.In the spring, a garlic sprouts without problems, grow healthy and large, I am ready to harvest at the beginning of July.

traditional planting garlic in recent years due to abnormal "zimooseney" gives a lot of experience - which year the garlic leaves under snow with leaves 10-15 cm. Behold, I am looking for ways to "neperezhivalnogo" cultivation of winter garlic.

Some forum users garlic grown in this way.The result was different each time, but disappointed in this method more than satisfied.

The experience of the forum, garlic can be planted in the same place for three years, no more, and then make a break for 4-5 years.It is impossible to plant garlic in the potato beds - there is the risk of infecting his Fusarium and nematodes, and in the beds where grew more onion culture - because of the abundance of common pests and diseases.And the best precursor of garlic - pumpkin, cabbage, beans, cucumbers and early cabbage.But crop rotation can only protect against diseases garlic, he is powerless against pests.


- Regarding pests.Quarantine Zone, such as onion flies - 1 km, so about any rotation in the suburban areas of speech can not go.If there is a neighbor, and will at all suburban areas.Carrots, marigolds and other crops (probably a lot of them) in the fight against onion fly did not help either as a preventive nor, especially, as a treat!And, of course, all planting material should be etched in good disinfectants.

from time to time in the horticultural community appear strange myths about ways to planting garlic.In recent years, for example, there was an inexplicable fashion to put its root upward. «Well, the people themselves have stood on his head and walked!», - affected by forumhouse.ru Pauline.


- In nature, when the bulb of garlic fall to the ground, they are in the process of rooting turn right.We landing slices (that nature is already unnatural) must immediately give them the normal position.If you put slices upside down, the output curve will receive garlic-braid, which leaves a lot of forces out to lie down flat.As a result, it may be much weaker than normal planted.

Check for yourself when digging in the spring autumn poteryashek: Well, these curves, oblique sprouts were, God forbid!While he, poor fellow, expel the germ on the surface, the neighbors have produced leaves, and he just orient where that.A slice is already weak, half the forces given.So do not engage in this nonsense, plant humanly Donets down.

Sandra71 puts garlic clove on its side in the prepared groove - garlic he easily gets up, as it should, and growing always smooth.

Gardeners share garlic on spring and winter.It is believed that winter garlic forming direction, and the spring - not.

Dima Danilov:

- Garlic is, as I recall, and the arrow nestrelkuyuschiysya - one that, in addition to onions, and forms a flower stalk, arrow ... HereArrow varieties of garlic is better to plant before winter.

In this photo - winter garlic.

This refutes the widespread belief Mariska.


- and winter, and spring garlic have arrows and nestrelkuyuschiesya varieties.In spring garlic hand-rod is much thinner than in winter.

In this photo - spring garlic.

If you do not want to make a mistake, look for other signs of winter garlic, which tells Consultant Lobelia:

- spring varieties have many, many small cloves in 2 -3 "row"and in winter - thick teeth in one row, so they have enough "power" to build up a real head of garlic with teeth in the first year of cultivation.

More about the garlic you can learn from this article.For information on when to clean and how to store this crop, read here .And look video on our Internet channel other autumn work that remains to be done in our gardens.