We transport animals to the country

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25 April 2016

comes a long-awaited summer, and with it is coming the move to the country.Many gardeners believe that the open space and fresh air will benefit the pet.However, exposure to nature for them might be in danger.We'll tell you what preventive measures should be taken to protect the animal.

For some time before the move (typically a few weeks) pet need to be vaccinated, which are designed to protect it from various infections.The apartment infection can only occur if it is to bring to the dirty shoes, but on the nature of a chance to catch some infectious disease is quite large.For wild animals (hedgehogs, voles, and in particular, rats) are carriers of any infection.And contact with them virtually inevitable.

A few days before the vaccinations necessary to expel worms from the body of a cat or dog.To do this, you need to give your pet a special pill that can be bought at a pet store.But veterinarians are advised to repeat this procedure every three months - that during this time the worm runs a full cyc

le of development.

Pet owners, it turns out, every six months, too, must take preventive measures against parasites.

anthelmintic effect have special drops that need to drip on the withers of the animal (though cats they are much better than dogs).These droplets also protect against another, a very common problem in the summer cottage - from blood-sucking insects.Scare off from the pet fleas, it ticks and mosquitoes can also use a special collar or spray.Spray is applied directly at the front of outings.

have a pet, like a man, to be in the country kit.It is required to put antihistamines (they help with contact allergies, and if the animal is bitten by a wasp or bee), bandages or other means for dressings, antiseptics, antimicrobial drugs, hemostatics preparations, activated charcoal, or other means to combat diarrhea.Sometimes the animal is necessary, even comforting - in case the favorite of strong waves while on the move in the car.It can also lull - and this nuance is better provided in advance.

Pets not tolerate heat, therefore limit its exposure to direct sunlight.

Do not forget to bring food, which does not always find in local stores.If Your Pet is sent to the country for the first time, take those things that are dear to him: toys, bowls, tray - so it will be easier to adapt.

veterinarian Advice on how to collect your pet to the country, look at our video.