How to keep clean your pond

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10 May 2016
Construction pond near her house with the right approach to business is a pleasure, otherwise you will receive a swamp created by your own hands.

Building a pond

Member Forum "Home and CottageĀ» zidane33 tell how she built a pond.To do this, first decide where in your area is a pond.Then use: hose for watering the garden (if it is long enough), rope thick rope determine the future shape and size of the pond, spreading its outline on the ground.

satisfied with the arrangement of the pond on the ground should be made on the circuit to dig a pit to a depth of 30-50 cm. With a slope of no more than 45 degrees.Having measured from the outer edge of the reservoir of 30-50 cm is necessary to excavate the full depth of the pond with a bias.

snatching pit at the required depth, it fell to the bottom about 15 cm sifted sand.Near the pond, it has no trees, and the solid clay soil, so she put a rubber film, otherwise, you must first lay a geotextile.

finished laying the film, she has filled in t
he water.But before that can be sprinkled on the bottom of a little sand.Bay water she cut the tape around the perimeter at a distance of 60-70 cm from the edge of the shore and prikopat.The shore of the reservoir overlaid it with stones.

Using a special pump was made by a small waterfall.More is planned to be a fountain of beauty and oxygenation.

Restoring ecological balance

When vacationers for the first time build a pond, there are always all kinds of difficulties, zidane33 also faced with them.

pond water it flooded out of the hole.As part of a large iron content of the water and thus precipitate soon covered all the walls of the pond, and there were stains on the surface.

to purify the water, she sent all the gutters of the house and the pond water is gradually cleared from the iron.From the nearby pond was brought fish and all sorts of verhoplavka coastal plants that have taken root successfully.Another brought a carp.

populated pond fish, she began to feed them bread, worms and feed.And finally gone too far - the pond began to rot.No water replacement or other measures did not help - the smell did not go through.

spring after the melting of the ice in the pond dead carp surfaced, as well as a huge number of frogs corpse.By the summer the pond again began to stink.

After a long search of information on anti-rot in the pond, she found a tool called "Pond TREAT" part, which consists of 6 to 12 mesophilic aerobic and facultative natural microorganisms.These microorganisms feed on organic-free water and bottom sediments of the pond.

Acquired drug perfectly coped with its task.The microflora of the pond has recovered, the smell is gone, the water became clear.Again fuzzy verhoplavka season gave offspring, carp feel fine.Once winter has melted ice on a pond, there was no single corpse fish or frogs.

to clean the pond preparation "Pond TREAT" requires 4 to 5 grams of the drug per 1 m2 of water surface of the reservoir at a depth of 2 to 2.5 m. The amount of the drug is injected into the reservoir during the summer in divided doses on schedule (on the packaging of the drug).

I wish you a pleasant stay in the pond.

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