Nipping: instructions for use

By Admin | Garden, Garden
24 April 2016

If you are a beginner in the garden, then this article can be useful for you.It's about a procedure such as pinching, or, scientifically, pinitsirovka.Too often gardeners unhappy that their plants are stretched in length.Pinching is performed and to prevent the growth up, but instead to achieve breadth of plant development.In addition, this procedure can be carried out, if you want to delay the timing of flowering of a plant (if you want blossomed into a flower bed at the same time entirely), or to give it the desired shape, do not expose you to the crown.

Pinching plants differs from its pruning that is carried out even during the growth of young shoots in spring and summer.The concept itself is derived from the word "pinch" from shoots literally pinch off the tips so the plants were lower, but thick.By "tip" is meant a kidney growth, i.e.last bud on a branch - it is necessary to get rid of it.When the new shoots as they grow up enough, pinched plants produce again, more often, the better the result.

Generally topping should be done when the germ appears three to four leaf, up to this point the plant is still very weak and can not withstand the impact.

How does it work?It would seem that such an operation can ruin even the fragile sprout.In fact, nipping buds awakened, located downstream of the remote, and they begin to develop.Development begins kidneys, which are located near the site of pinching.If the location shoots are undesirable, since they can be regrowth carefully removed.

some wires pinched by two nails, but it is wrong.For this procedure, in the same way as in many others, you need to use tools.However, they must be disinfected with alcohol: Chance carry infection and destroy the plant is very high.For small sprouts can use nail clippers.

pinching should be done for those plants that grow quickly.It may be different colors, such as rose, fuchsia, petunia.After they took the desired shape, pinched to do more is not worth it, because as long as we pinch the plant, it will not bloom.By the way, there is a list of plants that do not like frequent pinched.This, for example, azalea, begonia, room cloves, jasmine.But you can not pinch at all Gloriosa - it is likely to stop growing.If you are in doubt about whether to pinch your flower probably get an answer to forumhouse. ru .