In June, a day for a year: the calendar gardener-gardener

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24 April 2016

Calendar gardener-gardener this month is full, and, of course, users forumhouse. ru should be prepared!First of all, early summer work related to the care of growing vegetables, as well as caring for shrubs and trees.

If you are in the garden growing strawberries , you need to regularly feed it (well suited specialty fertilizers - such as those using new posts under the name Sally . However, and strawberries is almost ready to feed you - at the end of the monthbegins first harvest. That he pleased his number, you must remove the pre-mustache - their development causes the plant to spend a lot of energy, instead of directing it on the growth of berries. wearer forumhouse. ru (nick Offline Natal ) warns that it is not necessary to throw away the mustache - because with their help, and there is plant propagation:

«In no case did not throw a mustache. They were removed not because they are bad, and that the young plants gain strength.»

However, there is still time for planting seedli

ngs some vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, melons, peppers.A time to plant some plants already in the second round!This concerns, first and foremost, greenery: dill, lettuce, collard greens, etc.Do not forget about the second "batch" turnip and radish.

In June need to do laying compost heaps .Wearer forumhouse. ru Irina recalls the experience of his grandfather in the manufacture of compost:

«My grandfather solved the problem this way: hammered together from old planks such as compost boxes.
throws to all waste, grass and sprinkled it with black earth. »

This operation has provided no odor.At some point, the bottom board of this design open and pulled out the finished compost.

Piping on grafted trees, which should make the spring, and now we can relax - the trunk grows, and it may become too small for him, and even injure the tree.

is multiplying the amount of greenery in the area, which means that, unfortunately, is increasing the number of pests and diseases of plants manifest themselves in full.To catch butterflies pests on apples, enough to hang on the branches of banks with kvass poured into them - insects fly off his scent.Fruit trees must be protected from aphids - otherwise you will not see them on the beautiful leaves.Apple trees should also be protected from drugs plodozhorok to fruit not fallen down ahead of time.

fallen apples that could not be saved, immediately collected from the ground - to the soil does not have time to get the pests.

Powdery mildew - a fungal disease of plants, affects cucumbers and some other crops if the June weather is humid, with extreme temperature changes.Member (nick Offline Liss1970 ) warns:

«Once mildew is necessary to carry out a complete disinfection, or cucumbers and other eggplant has not plant.»

Some pests can be very tricky and youfool!For example, in late June, you suddenly see in the currant and gooseberry bushes reddish berries - you would think that it is they ripen.In fact the reason for the color change can be ognevok larvae - they eat the flesh and seeds of grapes.From these berries have to immediately get rid of.

earth under the bushes need to continue to loosen the same as in the previous month.It is also heavily involved in weeding, the growth of which is rapidly increasing in June.But the greatest yield losses are known to occur on the groomed areas.Good prevention of weeds, such as dandelions, will regularly mowing the lawn.It is advisable to repeat this procedure at least once every seven days.

Good and productive to you in June!