Create a rock garden

By Admin | Landscape
10 May 2016

with stones can make all kinds of compositions in the garden.But the most popular is the alpine slide, and a stone in the organization of space plays a major role in his natural grandeur.Depending on the time of year the garden plant life changes, but the stone will remain a symbol of the eternal and immutable.

Before you create your rock garden, you need to know what it is

rock garden Garden, which mimics the natural shape of the mountains and shows the flora and fauna of alpine highlands with the center of the composition, a massive stone that symbolizes the mountain peak - called Rock garden, oralpine garden.

flower lovers bred many plants in flowerbeds, but the stones they produce the greatest visual impact.It seems so simple - had introduced stones, planted between the favorite flower and you're done.But this is not enough, you need to have artistic and aesthetic abilities, and most importantly - you need to know which plants are growing in the mountains, and be able to combine them into a single unit o

n a small plot of land.

Many growers tend to give your garden an unusual and attractive appearance, and the construction of a rock garden will help revitalize the area near her house.Gardeners can miraculously created using natural plants, fabulous corners.Recreate the mountain landscape with their hands was the desire of many people.Therefore, rock gardens began to be built not only in the cottages, but also in public places, in parks, near public buildings.This gives the picturesque beauty and the surrounding area, and brings satisfaction to those who admire this piece of nature.

Rock garden with his own hands

Before you begin construction, you need to stock up on tools and raw materials.We need: a shovel, a crowbar, a plant.A mound can be built from limestone, sandstone or granite and pour peat, sand or earth to put dёrnovuyu.All this should be taken in precisely elated, and then you will achieve this goal and will please those around great results.

rock garden expedient to build a rock garden in the fall, but in the absence of desire and can spring.First, you need to assess the relief area, decide where the construction will take place.Well, if there are slopes and hills.Besides, this is the place to be in an open area, away from tall trees and large plants.Because they create shade and slide lose all the grandeur and enormity of the highlands.

first stage - prepare a place - free the land from weeds and loosen.On top lay gravel or expanded clay gravel - is drainage.Then drain Gravel or sand and a thin layer of soil.The next step - is laying the stones.In the beginning they put great stones, determine the center of the composition, and then the smaller ones.It is necessary to avoid monotony in color and shape, but the main thing - the result should be pleasing to the eye.And do not forget to strengthen the stones that they are firm, and rammed earth.

And in the end you need to fill the earth mound, which consists of sand, peat and dёrnovoy earth in equal proportions.In this land we plant alpine plants.The optimum height of the rock garden of 0.5 to 1.5 m.

rock garden the winter slide remains in this form, and in the spring you can start planting plants.Everyone is free, plant plants that run into it more.However, there are rules that must be followed.Because alpine plants are very whimsical and require care.First, you need to plant shrubs (boxwood conifer), then herbaceous plant species and at the end place groundcover.

If you experienced gardeners, you do not need to explain that before planting the plants, it is necessary to know how it grows, how it needs water, light, how it behaves in relation to other plants.We must try, so they do not interfere with each other.

best to build the alpine slide in a natural way, without the use of cement plants.This facilitates the work and, if desired, then it can be modified.

Alpine hill looks great at night - when there are lights and a romantic mood.