Stealing Beauty.

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23 April 2016
easy and tempting to design the gardens that are one big colorful show in the spring and early summer.But let's not forget about the more recent spectacle of the summer season.Until that moment when your fall garden curtain of winter, later flowers will give you many more fun.
Two groups of plants can play a significant role autumn garden.Herbaceous perennials quietly waiting for its release late but stellar performances.Bulbous appear in brief but memorable cameos.
meaning: These flowers provide a long interest in the garden.Sometimes the sudden appearance may seem almost magical.
Sun: These plants grow well in full sun and partial shade except gentian and tricyrtis who need strong protection, the hot sun.
Soil: Bulbs (amaryllis, Sternberg and crocuses) is best planted in well-drained soil that retains moisture, when the flowers are actively growing.Perennials shown here thrive in fertile, moist but well-drained organic soil.
1. Goldenrod wrinkled Fayrvorks
Goldenrod Fayrvorks - a perennial plant, high, but elegant and compact, fountain gold colors throughout the stem.Very hardy, experiencing temperatures down to - 35 degrees.
2. Gentian Zauberglocke
low mats of short, grassy leaves produce many small bells electric blue.Gentian happy in well-drained, neutral soils.Try to put the plant in small pots or rock gardens.
3. Geliantus (sunflower) ivolistny
High, dynamic plant with narrow leaves and copious splashes of gold colors.Successfully grows on open sunny areas and in partial shade.Very hardy.Ripe seeds attract birds.
4. Amaryllis belladonna
lamp with fragrant pink flowers that appear in late summer on leafless stems.They seem to pop up out of the ground.The leaves appear in spring and die in the summer heat.
5. tricyrtis formoziysky
rare beautiful perennial lily family.Soft zigzag stems proudly carry their pale pink flowers in amethyst freckles.The glossy foliage makes this plant interesting for the entire season.
6 .Lobelia beautiful
This magnificent plant height of 60-90 cm, dotted with bright, large (up to 3 cm in diameter), unusual flowers.Intense blooms in the middle of summer - early autumn.
7. Anemone (Anemone) hupeyskaya
Loose mound of large, coarse leaves & amp; 񗰰 excellent backdrop for the beautiful as if painted silky pink flowers.Different from other anemones summer and autumn (August - September) for a period of flowering.
8. Sternberg (autumn daffodil)
small but energetic plant with golden flowers that appear in the autumn.Blooms profusely: one plant growing to 13 flowers with a faint sweet aroma.Each flower lives of 5-6 days.The leaves are dark green, thick, very shiny, appear late in the period of mass flowering plants.
9. Aconitum napellus
This plant has dark green glossy leaves and blue-purple flowers that resemble delphiniums.But aconite usually much easier to grow.
10. Crocus beautiful
this small blue-purple color carries the ball across the garden.Autumn crocus is not so demanding to sunlight as spring types.But it's better to plant autumn crocuses in the sun or in partial shade.
If you do not have a large area that can be divided into separate areas, combine flowers with early-flowering late, that they please you throughout the season.Consider gentian and grow bulbs in containers to create temporary, portable color spots.Plant crocus and Sternberg on a dark background of creeping thyme or other low ground cover.If you are going away for the summer, but it gets the attention of your garden in your absence, autumn colors will delight you after your return.
learn more about how to grow flowers for autumn garden, you will be able to in this article.After frost your garden will look even better if you plant a special tree - read about them here.Watch our video - it talks about the nuances of autumn planting flowers in the flower beds-pockets.