Decorative garden with poor soil

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09 May 2016

Country life forum participants "Home and cottage" Zoe (Month strawberries) began unexpectedly for herself.In the first sentence of her husband to buy a plot of rural horror she replied, "No!".Tinkering with greenhouse crops, rows of skinny meter seedlings on the windowsill, it's time to plant that, with the hideous war of Colorado beetles - one worse than the other paintings drew her imagination.

spouse continued to insist and suddenly found your soul mate than a bribe: "And you'll be there to grow your favorite flowers."Zoe - as a substitute.Again, make sure that torture potatoes she is not threatened, the owner flourished: "How is such a wonderful idea did not come to herself in the head?That's where it will be able to realize their talents! ยป

eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing

Summer residence area found quickly.Location - amazing, but it later turned out, there was not a fertile layer of the earth: with the stumps and weeds workers raked his bulldozer and poured into a ravine.In additio

n, the land is located in the valley of the holiday complex, and therefore to the clay and wild plants adds another and the fight against excessive moisture.Zoe dubiously regarded purchased the land which she had turned into a blooming garden.

In the first year the owners dug drainage ditches around the perimeter of the site that once it somewhat drained.The original plan was not at Zoe: everywhere scattered heaps of clay, waiting for help nowhere, as her husband was engaged in the construction and asked not to do anything until it is complete.The hostess, of course, did not agree, and then how it turned out, did the right thing: ornamental garden in the throes of being born, but over the years has grown and flourished along with the house.

So Zoe armed with shovels and boldly went to the pile of clay.However, with the hard-won victory is not encouraging: bare landscape, it looks like a lunar like scoffed: "And what cultural flower, even the unpretentious, agree to live here?".Month strawberry standing with sadness, as if in agreement.Then she did not know that there is still the only one brave soul: Ajuga reptans, justifying its name, will only require sufficient moisture.But not the whole plot planting this plant, even if it is thanks for such uncomfortable conditions in the flowering of spring?

time to gather stones

little thought, Zoe decided to plant flowers in "something."In this role, first agreed only tires.Not finding them a worthy replacement, new posts asked her husband to bring a few pieces of "good."He brought the whole five future flower beds.Fill them with good soil, Month strawberries planted flowers there all summer tenderly looked after them.

The following year, the number of tires has grown with the desire to expand the garden, "beds" was eight, but they have not become less ugly by the fact that they have taken root flowers.The next idea also came unexpectedly: along the road, in ditches, Zoe discovered unattended crushed granite left over from the construction and asphalting of the road the villa.

Thanks parents for stubborn donkey, whom they have awarded it, the owner began collecting granite and pulling off it on the site.Nearby areas have already been robbed, and therefore had to go farther, and production of material for the flower beds are getting heavier.In the end, all eight tires with flowers were decorated by stones.

At the beginning of the third summer season Zoe discovered that the tires do not need it: the method of drywall can be folded flower bed on two levels from a single stone.She first stones to outline within which removed the turf and then laid out wall beds, fill the drainage layer of sand and above - ground.Thus it appeared the first rocky bed.

Little klumbochka looked ridiculous on a large plot, but because the hostess went back to the "production" of granite.For several years, improved landscaping, new segments is attached to an existing flowerbed next to first build another, created a large flower garden fence, raising seedlings, planted flowers and ornamental shrubs.

Zoe divided and transplanted, watered, weeded and destroying pests, and with the end of the summer season eagerly absorbed a variety of information: about the kinds of flowers and their cultivation, for rock gardens, rockeries, etc.The knowledge gained in spring she experienced in practice, so rocky beds prettier every year, we are growing and caring hostess pleased lush flowering.Meanwhile, the house was completed, and Zoe and her husband have been able to live in the country.It would seem that you can have to calm down and ...

Where the will - and there is the ability

One morning Month strawberries went to the window of the attic floor to admire the creation of his hands, but did not experience the expected satisfaction: rocky beds, had seemed godsend stoppedher delight.Another idea struck, out of the blue: eyes fell on a large pile of gravel, and Zoe decided to make a bed gravel.

As has become a tradition, one bed is replaced by another, new posts are not yet switched to the rock garden.Saxifrage, edrayantusy, Androsace, Draba, stonecrops, tiny bells and other beautiful plants turned adoring fans in the now fashionable flower gardens.

once appeared a trickle in the country, but not the usual water and gravel.He "emerged" from the well and tied together with a rocky garden hostess suburban buildings made of uncalibrated log into one landscape composition.

And in the mind of the Month strawberries all swarming the new plans, which are not allowed to settle down there.There are other beds, and all new plants are populated with amazing once-infertile soils.

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