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23 April 2016
Many users grown Jerusalem artichoke.Artichoke eaten fresh, added to salads, canned, fried, cook them jam, make chips and even coffee.Yet it is a valuable medicinal plant. When to dig up the tubers, as they are best kept, and how to keep the plant in a designated part of it, so it does not spread to the entire site, users are aware of our forum, which successfully grow this crop.
artichoke delicious difficult to call this plant the amateur.Taste of Jerusalem artichoke tubers difficult to even describe.That's what it says consultant Lobelia.
- Imagine the taste of crisp Frostbitten (sweetish) potatoes with a touch of fresh sunflower.100% amateur, but they say that is useful.
Alevtinka - just one of those fans.It compares the taste of artichoke flavored cabbage stalks:
- I like, I'm a fan.A taste would compare with cabbage stalk.Clean (difficult & amp; 񗰰 uneven) and burst, and you want & amp; 񗰰 salad luggage and wish & amp; 񗰰 pre
servatives.And the field-ee-zny & amp; 񗰰 horror
Domatreev :
- When only going to cook it, seems to be similar to a potato.But break off!Most, in fact, closer to the stalk to taste, and tactile sensation similar to radishes.
Alternatively, it can not be cleaned, just very carefully washed and eaten, even raw in salads rub, though fried.By the way, potato pancakes out of it can be done only where a quarter of the volume root should be potatoes to lepilos better, the good people suggested.
Olga1113 adds artichoke soups with potatoes in half, fry like potatoes, making pancakes:
- Yes, almost all dishes with delicious Jerusalem artichoke are obtained (as for me).
Clean artichokes, like all root vegetables without pronounced peel, steel wool for tableware.Better yet, how to wash it because the peel contains invaluable to the human body silicon.
- And in Jerusalem artichoke sugar a lot, they say - a reference to another application, if it is a lot of freaks.
Jerusalem artichoke is grown not because of the taste of root crops, and because of their beneficial properties.Especially appreciate artichoke diabetics.
- And he was the first assistant diabetchikam regulates sugar in the body.Grated - a few small tubers and salad every day & amp; 񗰰 the best medicine!Take note, my friend only to them and flees.
- Jerusalem artichoke in vitamins B1, B2 and C, three times more than carrots and beets.
Domestic cat:
- For those who have problems with the pancreas, doctors advised to eat it more often, and it is especially useful for diabetics.
wife forumchanin Gudriana Jerusalem artichoke treats low back pain, but not tubers, and flowers.
- My wife course of their brews (flowers bouquet of 10 pieces dry) and lies in the bath.From osteochondrosis help, already 5 years so do!
Jerusalem artichoke is growing rapidly, good growing, and can be an excellent hedge, very tall green fence with yellow flowers.And in the green mass of the compost it gets a lot out of it.
- I like the artichoke, plant for decoration and food.I like to put it along the fence in July rises a wall, and if fertilize - the forest!
- I artichoke grows along the boundaries.Three in one: a hedge, edible tubers and tops in the compost heap.Champion undemanding!
Jerusalem artichoke is not necessary to "cherish", he did not respond to pests and diseases, frost is not afraid so much so that even the great winters in Yakutia.In addition, this wonderful plant has successfully cooperated with rodents, distracting them from the other root crops.
Domestic cat:
- We use it as a "deception" shrews and mole rats.Planting potatoes at the edge portion, and the beasts regale Jerusalem artichoke instead of potatoes.Before this trick entire ridge planted potatoes were completely eaten and no means of dealing with livestock did not help.
This plant is hardly aggressive, it is not spreading across the site as hell, but to bring it difficult, almost impossible.Since you put it, it can be said for all.If your artichoke planted in the fall, the spring safely begin to undermine it, or pull it.Says consultant of our forum Lobelia , Jerusalem artichoke " multiplies with frightening speed. Anyway, you all are not undermined, and the remaining even the smallest tuber will give rise to a new hive ".
Members Active viktor50 already suffered from survivability artichoke and now with great care treats him and he warns others:
- Jerusalem artichoke - a weed, it is virtually impossible to deduce.I do it as a decent, planted near the house, so he vymahal more than two meters, scored all the flowers.I dug it in the fall and threw it into the garden, I thought, freeze and mice eat & amp; 񗰰 shish you.Spring collected from the surface, and the remaining roots grow all summer, tortured them pull out.Indestructibility of the plant!
Anyone who asks how to propagate the Jerusalem artichoke, or complains that it grows poorly, forumchanin sarcastically suggests benefit from his experience.
- And you propagate in my method.I just walked cultivator of his landing, now he's all over the garden.He is tenacious, any more or less gives the root sprouts.So cut the tuber into pieces, and you will have the whole bed.Just keep in mind that in normal soil it grows more than two meters, suppresses all undersized landing.
If not exactly known, then at least significantly reduce the boarding of Jerusalem artichoke is not difficult.Often dig planting, choose korneplodiki, and the plant will gradually give up.Another way to "kill" Sweet & amp; 񗰰 cut foliage in early summer, when he still did not get the fresh root vegetables.But it does not always work.
- My experience shows that "kill" it is not easy.I'm in the last year, four times the sprouts trimmed artichoke ploskorez, and he's climbed and climbed .
Therefore, it is best to make sure that the Jerusalem artichoke is not sprawling.To do this, carefully break through the bush, and by tubers, as gently dropwise him back.
- Yes, he did not much spreading, it is not hell.It grows itself neatly pile, like potatoes, but if you dig it, scatter the earth in hand, then yes, small nodules are common, too, will heap to grow, as the potato, but a larger area.
- This wonderful plant is not ochen it goes in hand creeps.But from any nodule & amp; 񗰰 yes, it grows.So the nature of his aggressiveness should be sought in peddlers.
tubers for food are dug in spring and autumn.But the fall in the gardens full of other delicious vegetables, not to artichoke.But in the spring - is another matter.
- In the fall of so many things in the country is growing, artichoke few would have.But in the early spring, when all the vegetables last year, straight from the tin is just a bang!Only we must not be late to harvest digging.If the sprout will be tough and stringy.
- We dug up a lot of the spring, it was not frozen, but straight from the tin and delicious.In the spring he goes to the "cheers", not even in a salad.Just peeled hrumkaetsya with pleasure.
However, if you want to dig up the tubers of Jerusalem artichoke in the autumn, it will be too late to do until the snow will fall.As they say in, "is a shovel and pitchfork stuck in the ground ".
Many forum users are willing to stored tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, to all winter to make him a health salad and cooking juice.But it is believed that the artichoke poorly stored.
- Jerusalem artichoke very poorly kept.It quickly becomes sluggish.And if he is sluggish - poorly cleaned.No need to dig it all winter to keep, more emissions.Undermining as much as eat.
This experience of many of our members of the forum shows - if you follow the simple rules, you can have fresh tubers until spring.Jerusalem artichoke - the culture is quite capricious, it's not potatoes.Here are the ideal conditions for it: a box of sand and the temperature one degree, but it can be a long time, and lie in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator, and a cellar.
- Heard that the Jerusalem artichoke is not stored for a long time.Especially left mute lies in the refrigerator in the vegetable compartment in the package, both with beds: fresh, resilient.
- If the artichoke becomes sluggish, I put it on the four hours in the water.It expands and becomes strong, like a nut.Then I clean it as potatoes.I have a well-stocked refrigerator in the vegetable compartment.
- I keep it in the cellar, as a regular potato, the temperature in the cellar of 4 degrees.Or, put in the fridge.Lying quietly for six months, and no port (that's me on the cellar).
Many experts believe that the Jerusalem artichoke in Russia greatly underestimated, and that this culture ever bring our country out of economic crisis.Read more about this here what other herbs can be grown on the site, this video tells