Running water, gurgling brook: a pond with a waterfall

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08 May 2016

No wonder the ancient sages said that watching flowing water can be infinite: this exercise relieves stress and fatigue after a hard day, enabling you to relax.Therefore, gardeners often use techniques that "animate" the water and make the country even more attractive site: combine ponds with waterfalls, grottoes, fountains or water cascades.

What is needed?

waterfall In the aesthetics influenced by many factors - location of the area, the construction noise, the size of the pipe, the selection and installation of waterproofing material and equipment.Of great importance are the dimensions of buildings - they should be in harmony with the size of the entire pond.Do not make too high waterfall: the compact design of half a meter will look more spectacular than a half.

For a small waterfall using a special form on which the water flows, or ordinary stones: flat and placed at the bottom of the big stage, small - at the top.Running water is best to install a rubber trough disguised stones.It can be u

sed to direct the flow of water in the right direction.Make the construction of more sustainable construction foam will - with the help of stones connected to each other.The foam can decorate, sprinkling sand until it froze.

Also important is the choice of the pump - it depends on him whether the water flow or fall spectacularly sparse trickle flow.The submersible pump is installed at the deepest point of the pond.Land used less frequently, as a rule - for large waterfalls, streams and cascades with a large flow of water.They put in a dry place near the pond, but above the water level.

To determine the capacity of the pump, it is necessary to calculate the width of the water flow, pressure and the height of the flow.Note that through one centimeter of width water stream should flow approximately 160 liters of water per hour.

Three-level pond

pond with a cascading waterfall forum member Andreevev dug pit 310h260 cm, made three terraces with a width and a depth of 45 cm. As a result, the depth of the reservoir is 135 cm.

then calculated forumchaninthe volume of water (resulting in approximately 6 cu. m) and the size of waterproofing with a margin (6x7 m).For her, it has chosen a flexible butyl rubber film with a thickness of 1 mm.The material is resistant to ultraviolet rays, temperature changes, easy to install: it can be given any shape.It has also been matched by the necessary equipment (pump, filter).

Waiting waterproofing, Andreevev dragged stones.When the material has come to lay the foundation pit geotextile and butyl rubber.Cascade mini waterfall made using geotextile bags filled with sand: they put the waterproofing and stones between which fix the hose from the pump.

was also built wooden deck near the pond.The foundation has made a host of 10 pipes with diameter 89 (from old fence) - spudded the well depth in meters, headroom dug and filled with concrete.Welded to the pipes of the 50th corner and put it on the edge of the board 100x50.It logs nailed board of the same size with a distance of 5-8 mm between them.For mounting use screws, planks covered with antiseptic and three layers of paint, glaze for decorative and protection of wood.

After the construction of the reservoir Andreevev planted marigold and bought four carp (koi).Since a few days the fish could not see Validating decided to check whether she is alive.Drain all the water and replaced by a new, making sure that the carp simply hiding.This was a mistake: biobalance pond was broken, the filter is clogged, the water became muddy.I had to clean it with a net, and hope to launch the bacteria that survive koi.

If the water is drained, it is made up 1/3 of the volume.To remove dirt from the bottom without touching the upper layers, a couple of times a season do siphoning the bottom.

was planted after Nymphaea (Nymphaea «Rose Arey») and launched six carp.Sometimes lurks film Andreevev plans decorate coconut mats and organize bioplato.In the first year carps risks host did not, in the winter of their catch in the aquarium, the water partially merged and cleaned the pond from leaves.

Tips for pond hundred CorsaC939

  1. Since Nymphaea is growing, it is better to plant right on the bottom, covered with earth, or in large pots.In the fall or early spring water lily need to seat or prune roots.
  2. Waterproofing foil hide under stones.For this step you need to do at the top of the pond and put its stones.
  3. Do not start a lot of fish: that she grew up, and was not small, it needs enough space.
  4. the period of leaf fall Cover the pond netting.
  5. insert the winter rush to the fish fed oxygen.From time to time also to do some hole.

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