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22 April 2016
"people helping out," - writes in a panic to poultry farmers on the experience of our members of the forum, we will tell you about the most common chicken diseases, their treatment and prevention.
overdose of vitamins
Sapin three months of the withdrawal of its own chickens, the eggs in an incubator.Childhood was spent in brooders youth - in the barn, walking in the spacious roaming.User fed their babies Fodder for birds, wheat, oats, sometimes shunt "Ryabushko" sometimes gave crab shell, always - sand.With such good care of the chickens could only rejoice and to lay eggs.Instead, they began to die - every morning, going into the chicken coop, forumchanin saw one or two dead chickens.Eventually he slew two kvelenkih and saw that they had struck the liver.
According to an authoritative new posts, the mistress of smallholders Thani Kondrat, in which case the whole thing - in an overdose of vitamins.This often leads to complications and serious illness
: «How can there be" Ryabushko "in 3.5 months?This additive for laying hens, health spending in the egg.Toddlers may cause overdose and affect the liver ».Incidentally, not only dangerous overdose vitamins and excess food.Experienced poultry farmers add new feeds, only when the crop poultry half empty.
Sometimes chickens for no reason, no reason at each other begin to peck to death - poultry farmers use the term "LAYOUT".In Glaksinii four days three pecked to death, four - peck, all wounds.
In the experience of our members of the forum, LAYOUT often happens in winter during warming that hens take in the spring.It happens because of the bright light, crowding, crowding, lack of vitamins.If there is at least one of these factors, the chickens literally fly into a rage, it is worth it to see a drop of blood.
LAYOUT To stop, let your chickens crude capelin or sprat, and even better - raw fish guts.Typically, such a diet obrazumlivaet chickens on the second or third day.Well to dry cottage cheese and fodder sulfur.Do not forget to reduce the light, hang a red lamp and revise chicken diet: perhaps they do not have enough bone meal.To smell of blood does not provoke a new LAYOUT, lubricate the wound affected birds brilliant green, and even better - ihtiolkoy.It is - what we need: tasteless, stinking, and wound healing.
Parasites not only carry the disease and generally poison the lives of poultry, but also directly affect the egg production.Members struggling with lice and lice drops for cats and dogs: two drops on his back, and the next day get a clean bird.Another method: cut into pieces antibloshiny dog ​​or cat's collar and pinned on the walls of the chicken coop.Lice well help branches bitter wormwood steppe.
lump of grass in the crop
happens that the crop is produced in chicken tangle of hay or grass.It is very dangerous.By all rights it is necessary to turn the chicken head down, holding the legs and to massage the crop until the tangle he did not fell out.
- I just keep on one side, hugged her, and I do massage, but first you need to fill in the chicken vegetable oil.
worms in chickens is usually banished twice a year, in spring and autumn.Anthelmintic, it is desirable to give each chicken individually for complete quality control.Dose anthelmintic in granules (g / kg body weight) - 0.5 g / 10 kg once a day for two consecutive days.In tablets: 1 tablet / 35 kg, also once a day for two days in a row.
- For group use are calculated dose anthelmintic mixed with concentrated feed (feed rate of 1 pet) birds - 50 g The resulting drug mixture is poured into the feeder for a group of 10-100animals, providing them with easy access to the feeders.
poultry Beginners are always surprised when confronted with cold chicken. March : «I do not think that they can cough up this match.I went to the barn, and they are nozzles already flowing from them, and eyes closed: Now would die. "
March gave hens antibiotic (capsule on each disease in the beak) and prevention - Enrostin in the water throughout the house.Three days were inflated chicken, the fourth - like cucumbers. «Maybe a lot in this dosage, but some birds rescued now running with the new fighting."
eggs that carry chickens during treatment with antibiotics, it is possible, but only if the antibiotic is not allergic.And, of course, can not give their children.
popular folk remedy for colds chicken - vodka, diluted in water.It systematically used until the complete disappearance of symptoms - usually it takes about a week.The main thing - do not break in treatment.The solution is poured directly into the bird's beak of the syringe four times a day.So even managed to get out of those birds who have already turned black crest, and they fell down from weakness.
Generally, cough - a common symptom of a dangerous signal and a host of birds.Even with little and rarely podkashlivanii or rattle need immediately, without delay, to begin treatment because the disease progresses very quickly.
Unfortunately, very often the ax - the only means of chicken diseases.Giving strong antibiotics its future food no sense, otherwise the infection did not withdraw.
- With broilers (chickens, ducks) need to clearly stick to the regime of heat, light, feeding.Do not look at the neighbors and well-wishers not to listen, to do everything under the scheme and learn to look at the bird and guess her needs.
And for the proper care, vitamins and good nutrition are usually laying eggs by daily, even in winter.
One day you may find that all your birds endlessly harassed scratching their heads and lose weight, do not rush into the socket, anywhere, do not want to go into the coop, become lethargic and not from weaknessThey may even jump to roost.After seeing a chicken coop, you are likely to find the chicken mite.The parasite is easy to see: krovushki sucked, it becomes bright red.
- If you find a tick, treat inside the coop.Pre-clean the litter from the poultry house, bedding, Web;feeders and drinkers - from the remnants of food and water.The floor, walls, nests and roosts treated with the flame of a blowtorch or gas burner, and the bird sprinkle powder against insects.It is completely harmless to humans and poultry sold in any veterinary pharmacy.Treatment is carried out twice at an interval of 10-15 days.
on free-range areas put the trough with a mixture of wood ash and finely sifted sand.And make sure that the mixture always remained dry.
Lime foot
Knemidikoktoz or lime foot usually occurs in poultry (mainly chickens in it) over the year.Garlic ticks, the disease develops under the scales front leg joints.Because of the inflammation and itching lesions bird peck feet, and this leads to various complications.
This disease is treated with birch tar: neoperennye of the foot for a moment immersed in healing mass, and after two or three days the procedure is repeated.Processing is necessary and apparently healthy birds, which contain, together with the patient.If such ticks infected 10% of chicken stock, it should be completely replaced, and the coop to handle a blowtorch.
happens that all the chicken is good, but not tightly presses the wings.Members, who had to deal with this phenomenon, it is believed that the wings can be a sign of poor health for some non-contagious reasons.But often the chickens who behave this way, die quickly.
diet sick birds
attending to his sick birds, Andreysakharov caught myself thinking that it does not provide proper care.The proposed feed her no small stones and sand, respectively, could not be the normal process of digestion.But up to 90% of the success of treatment in the intensive care unit - nursing.Members Active
made conclusions for themselves on the basic diet sick chicken:
1.Kombikorm age.
2. Vitamins for laying hens.
3.Krupny sand and pebbles.
4. Cereals and mash.
Chicken kit

Velem compiled a list of drugs and preventive medicines that are needed in any henhouse:
1. Permanganic (disinfect water).
2.Ugol activated.
3. Iodine and brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide or other means for the treatment of wounds.
4. lime (whitewash the walls).
5. disinfectant.
6. Tetracycline eye ointment.
7. anthelmintic drugs.
8. furazolidone (worth a penny and is used for diarrhea)
9. Water-soluble vitamins.
10. Separate trough for mineral feed (it periodically pour mineral supplements: dry clay, shell, Felucia, ready-bone meal).
Generally, in the early years of the poultry people buy a bunch of drugs, treat all patients, and eventually fed antibiotic carcass dogs.With experience comes wisdom, and many forum users are beginning to follow the advice of Alexander applicator and regret that they did not listen to him at once:
1. Grid - for all the chicks the first three to four weeks, and then you can on the floor.
2. In the first month - no drafts, walking and bathing.
3. Only dry feed and water, no dressings to five weeks, then - also better not abuse it.
4. If you see a bad sign - immediately liquidate the poor fellow.
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