The Magic Garden of foam

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07 May 2016
How do you want to make your garden an unusual and cozy!And in fact this is not necessarily to buy expensive garden figurines and vases.A participant of the forum "Home and Cottage" Arin-ka came up with a simple and fun way to transform your garden - with the help of foam!It turned out that this material can be accessible to blind the most incredible figures and little animals that will meet you with Funny Face in front of the house near the pond or in the garden.

Birth ideas

unusual hobby came to the Arin-ke unexpectedly.Once engaged in overhaul and inserting plastic windows, she drew attention to the foam gun dropped out: frozen, she has acquired an interesting shape.Arin-ka turned it over in his hand and thought, "Why not !?" So, with a bold idea, and were born in the basement of their house all the new figures: animals, fairy tale characters, castles.

New figures Arin-ka think carefully chooses for them a photo or picture, reflects what materials can be used and ... begins to crea
te, with each new crafts gaining invaluable experience andperfecting his technique.

Thus was born funny frog does not seem very real - Iguana and many other wonderful products.Thus came the idea to create lighting for the garden, which the skilled worker to use solar lantern.

What is needed for the production figures?

Firstly, foam cleaner - hand washing and the gun and the gun itself.Better - metal: it is not enough for you a hack.Next - x / cotton gloves, preferably - a few pairs.Oil paints.Ship paint.Why the ship?Arin-ka found him - almost transparent, while others - with yellowness.If your hack - beige or yellow, you can safely use paint for the exterior.Or do without him, but then the figure would be dull.

And finally, the last thing that is useful to you - all that was lying under your feet - for a skeleton figurines and other parts.For this purpose, you can use the most incredible and seemingly fit only for the dump things: plastic bottles, packs of milk, cans, sheets of plywood, tree branches, pipes, wires, old Christmas toys, sand or other filling- for gravity shapes, etc.

Master-class on making figurines "Fox┬╗

Under the framework was adapted empty bottle from under yogurt, covered with sand.Then - slowly, layer by layer, Arin-ka propenyl surface of the bottle, waiting 10-15 minutes for each layer dries.

for legs and a tail, which is based on the figure, it is used up, threading a wire into it.Thrust them into the basis of consolidated figures and in joints with foam.Necked little animals became the cylinder out of toilet paper.As long as the foam has dried, Arin-ka legs bent and formed bends.

Customize the shape of your hands are wet, but wait until the foam is covered with a thin crust!

head can be used for anything round, ears - cut from cardboard or soft plastic mustache cut of line and paint the black paint from the container, as eyes take rubber balls.All the insert into place, cut off the excess with a knife, dry them for a few days in the sun, then - several layers of paint and varnish.

Restoration figures

Arin-ka noted that with time on garden figurines, especially those that are under the sun, there are cracks.Some of the crafts had to repaint again.To prevent cracking, the figures can be promazyvat tile adhesive, primer, putty, cement-based, non-hardening sealing putty, and use the grid.

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