White clover: a beautiful lawn with minimal maintenance

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07 May 2016

Lawns of white clover are quite popular today.Perennial plant of the legume family, with original emerald green leaves and small globular flowers, looks very gentle and sweet.Besides, thanks to creeping rooting shoots plant grows independently, quickly filling the bare patches on the lawn.

White Clover loves loamy and sandy soils, neutral or slightly acid, and does not need abundant watering.Moreover, shading and excessive humidity can be his undoing.The flowers usually appear on the plant in the second year, but the lawn will delight you with fluffy flowers twice a season: from May to August, there is the first wave of abundant flowering (after it is necessary to mow the lawn), and from August to October - the second.

on the territory of the former Soviet Union there are about 70 species of trefoil.For lawn suitable only undersized white.Unlike other varieties, such as pink, white clover after mowing will not stay ugly bare stems.

sow the lawn of the white clover should be no later than the t

hird decade of August - that the plant is well managed to take root before the cold weather.For lawn clover can use one or a mixture of other plants, such as with cereals.However, such a "carpet" need special care: do not drown the shamrock to other plants, their growth is stimulated mineral dressings.

White clover is well combined with individual shrubs and trees, flowers and bright colors, such as poppies and lupine.In the formation of flower arrangements Clover is better to plant in separate groups, isolated from other plants.

Arguments "FORĀ»

Lawn of white clover is good for those who want to free themselves from the thorough care.The plant less water-loving than fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, it can be put on the dark places where bad growing common lawn grass.Shamrock and resistant to trampling, but because "Blanker curly carpet" will fit like a lawn for children to play.

addition to high decorative, clover has a number of other advantages:

  • forms a thick and long lawn that recovers quickly after cutting, but it is better not to cut the clover lawn mower and trimmer;
  • keeps fresh healthy green until late fall;
  • increases the resistance of other plants, especially grasses (ryegrass) various diseases;
  • a lawn does not require significant maintenance costs;
  • because of root tubers contain the bacteria, the plant increases the fertility of the soil, enriching it with nitrogen.

Clover grass can not stand the nitrogen fertilizer.Be careful when buying complex fertilizers for lawns, containing elements nitrogen group (chloride and ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, calcium nitrate), they can be detrimental to clover, causing an overdose of nitrogen.Better occasionally, not more than once every two months, use of potassium-phosphorus fertilization.


According Sodmaster, all gardeners are divided into those who want to sow clover, and those who dream to get rid of him.So, if you want to get a white lawn, you may experience such difficulties:

  • to lawn feast for the eyes, you need time to remove the heads of the flowers fade;
  • shamrock long after the rain dries;in wet weather becomes slippery turf, but because it is better not to use in the field of active recreation;
  • clover - aggressive plant: fast creeps on other beds and difficult to get rid of him;
  • as the grass - juicy and soft, will often clean the mower (knives and bottom);
  • plant is subject to a fungal disease and winterkill;
  • root tubers attract wireworms - wormlike larvae of click beetles, bringing great harm to the vegetable garden and field crops;
  • clover - a plant-bee plant: attracting bees and bees: for such lawn is better not to walk barefoot, and it is desirable to mow more often.

to the lawn of the white clover looked neat, forum users often recommend it to cut - about once every two weeks.However, if you want a wild look of the lawn - you can mow down a couple of times per season.The optimum mowing height - 3-4 cm.

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