Planning and construction of the suburban area of ​​Helena

By Admin | Landscape
06 May 2016

visitor offline Elena during the arrangement of its suburban area faced with various problems, the solution of which mistakes were made.So she decided to share their experiences with the forum users who build their own hands and turn their garden plots in a place where the soul rests ...

Elena bought a plot with a house 9 years ago.And if the house was habitable, it is in the area who knows what was going on, so she constantly fantasizes and makes an effort to ennoble the territory.In the process of improvement, due to the lack of knowledge and experience, not everything turns out as you want.Sometimes you have to adapt, and sometimes simply accept the reality.

territory of its area Elena mentally zoned

Recreation Area

She appeared recently.Arbour - the only creature that created their own.But since its construction has not all happened smoothly as we would have had to improve the appearance of all sorts of tricks.


First of all, it has made the bars at the top of the gazebo.Then Elena pai

nted gazebo in the color of mahogany, and grill and a table that is inside - dyed yellow.This game is the color to make it more elegant and, according to Helena, diverted from those mistakes, which it contains.Very good helped hide mistakes grapes and installed Arch (Elena hopes that eventually the arch opletut creepers).


Elena had several penechki that she wanted to use as stools and put them around a brazier, but later abandoned the idea, and penёchki painted in yellow color, like a table in the gazebo.Under penёchki she put roofing material and then "present" ants and moles steel bowl penёchki visit, they liked it. penёchki

Tip: penёchki look better if they are lacquered and place them under the best concreted.The bark is easily torn off if penёchki "freshly sawn - dug up."To complete this exposition to penёchkam Elena advises to make a table of larger stump.The table top can be: round, oval, triangular, but preferably with a rough or sharp edges, and the leg can be made from brёvnyshka - penёchka.Designed around the table everyone makes at its discretion.


As expected, the house was attached toilet.Build a new or remodel the old she did not.Strategic facility repainted and hid out of sight creepers.Now he has two goals: the first to the destination, and the second - is the perfect home for birds, very much they love nesting Testing.


area in front of the house

This area was the most difficult during landscaping.Before the house is almost level with the windows was a mound of hard-packed clay mixed with broken brick and glass, chunks of concrete slabs and various glands.It flowed smoothly to the fence.

area in front of the house

Elena has decided to get rid of it, as the saying goes - "to level everything to the ground."But after all the hill from the remnants of building materials has been removed, it was discovered that beneath the earth and there is no end in sight remnants of building materials.Therefore, it was decided to split the track portion of the tiles into two halves.On one side she built a rockery and planted the plants, while the other fell asleep gravel and erected pots.Tiles she put on a par with the earth, and over time they caught up with her.

Tip: laying tile, lift it up off the ground, and using sand crevices between the tiles overgrown with weeds.The grass on the tracks Elena cleans by trimmer and stones slides she took in the fields and forests, there are many of them.

alpine slide

Elena decided to put the bath tile cement.In early spread ground sand and gravel on top.After some time here sprouted grass.

Tip: be sure to Staley under the gravel special material.


to manufacture vases Elena took advantage of a known method, which uses twisted tires with disks.In some cases, it obkladyvayut them with stones, fastened with cement mortar.

Tip: for easy grouting trowel with better use regular table spoon.She is best to pour cement in crevices between the stones.The pots are convenient to plant annuals and perennials (they are unpretentious).For harmony with the gravel and stone vases furnish the house foundation is good to do the stones or material under a decorative stone.

in pots will look original climbing rose.But before Elena advises carefully consider the option of laying a rose in winter.We'll have to use the boards for flooring and covering material.

Recreation area in front of house with a pond


For this recess at Elena dug pond, put it, and all the necessary space around asleep gravel.With curb space separated recreation areas from the rest of the garden, to the grass did not germinate.Border can do yourself, using cast molds, or buy.


Tables and benches can be made from the remnants of logs.Elena has two sets: a bench of logs and planks and benches made of old railway bed.On the bed, she took off the grid, but instead nailed boards made back at an angle and color.In a warm sunny day, you can go to lay a mattress and lie in the pleasure