How to make money on your farm?

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22 April 2016
wearer Desyatkina My husband and I decided to find ways to make money on their personal economy.They were not satisfied with the salary in the enterprise, which is not enough to have ten children in no need.No new posts Family lives in the city, but in a private two-story house, which stands on a small plot of 3.5 acres.
figured things to do, and decided to breed pedigreed rabbits giants.Bought five cells Mikhailov, toured several cities in search of good breeding stock ... All this took about 80 thousand rubles.Six months later the cost is fully paid off, and now the rabbits consistently bring home up to 25 thousand rubles. Desyatkina to advertise and sell the rabbit droppings, but to no avail.Rather, the fact that demand for this fertilizer is only once a year, in late March - April.For sale is a winter litter, simply fold the entire winter, frozen, bagged and sold in the first warm days are.So all in front.
the spring Desyatkina bought diesel walk-behind and gave the a
nnouncement of plowing gardens.Now, every spring brings Motoblock family about 50 thousand rubles per month.Work - not easy, but the elder sons are already helping.
Having studied the market, Desyatkina was surprised by the demand for rabbit meat.It turned out that there are many willing to buy a ton twice a month and on an ongoing basis.For the family, of course, unrealistic amounts, but - there is something to ponder.
More - more.People who bought from Desyatkin rabbits, kept asking where to buy good food.At the family council decided to buy a granulator and by making pellets.
- Of course, everything was not so simple, for two years we have borne the idea, and finally began to realize it.I had to buy a crusher, granulator, Bag sewing machine, moisture meter.Well, we already have a garage of 40 square meters, there we started its production of granulated feed.
And once started to produce feed for poultry, it has brought turkeys and guinea fowl and chickens were so.In addition, the family has scaffolding and Caravan, which are also rented out and generate additional income.
last idea, to visit this family - the production of cat litter.Once there granulator, why not produce wood pellets?The rabbits were kept a few, but the cats in the city enough.The filler of the first estimates, should sell well because cheap (sawdust can be found almost free) and quality.
Consultant Andrey Vasilyev believes that Desyatkina are not used all the possibilities for its remarkable granulyatornoy machine.
Andrey Vasilyev:
- What do you call a filler in cat litter, you can still be called pellets for solid fuel boilers that will be the absolute truth.Demand for them (at least, in the Moscow region) is very high.Well, volumes, respectively, in tons.
There is technology of granulated bird droppings, perhaps rabbit can also be .
Rabbits - popular animals on small farms.Validating think that to keep a cow - heavy and tend to her needs its own machinery for fodder - if you buy, it will be unprofitable.
But this is, again, how to approach the issue, and how much effort to make.Familiar forumchanin BOS Constantine , which is already over seventy years old, in the city, in a house with a plot keeps seven cows.Itself engaged only milking.Hay buys, she brought the grass to clean inexpensive hires marginal neighborhood.For manure is always foremost - the city is a big deficit.Milk dismantled immediately after milking: distribution costs are zero, and the price - maximum.Even if half of the profits will go to feed, the net balance - normal and, most importantly, - guaranteed.Risks in all other areas of agriculture is much more forumchanin said.
have TaLii1 - major henhouse.The foundation - a meter in height, and then double-wall polycarbonate, wooden frame.In winter, heated by a stove henhouse long burning.If desired, it can be cold to warm up to 30 and more.This chicken coop chickens in the winter rush in the summer.A good farm eggs in the winter are more valuable.
more profitable than livestock and poultry, many forum users find garden.The maximum profit in a limited area can be obtained from the greenhouses.Profitability hectares of open ground is equal to 10-15 weaving protected.The focus is on the production of products or the offset-season yield at that time, when there is no income from the open ground.Good deal with seedlings and saplings.
idea tery52 regards the creation of a year-round greenhouse.The idea is to make a greenhouse heated, according to the "warm floor", with temperature control.At a depth of 30-40 cm Metal-put "coil" in the entire area of ​​the greenhouses, «available in the circulation pump, elektrokotёl 3 kW, possibility to connect gas boiler, and it also has a power reserve ».
Delfinca states that move from the city to the village, or rather the village, not the village.Buy a house with a plot in the main street and to grow flowers: for seedlings and cut flowers.In a greenhouse - all year round, outdoors - seasonally.Directly in the house to arrange the store.And that was also in the off-season income to trade in this store fodder for animals, gifts, souvenirs, potted plants, toys.So, definitely need a car to drive item.
- After three or four years may have put themselves will be nothing, everything only through the resale and do in the area landscaping and will advise the villagers on this issue.Personally, I would not deal with than others did not.
Tatusja and her family into the season under pressure to order the juice of pears and apples.Sokodavka is in the territory of the CNT, where land is participating charge around euro per liter of finished juice.It depends on the kind, but, on average, of the bag of apples beyond four or five liters.None of sokodavki in this city there is no escape, the competition - from 1.5 to 3 liters - with buckets.« I do not know, the technique fails, or cast myself, but we have - just sold out», - says Tatusja. apple in a year and a half or two months of 2500 comes in neyablochny - a little more than a thousand.
But even the forum users who are doing well, admit earning enough to live, to get from your personal economy is still difficult.Therefore, you need to look at it soberly, without great illusions.At the forum a lot of stories with a bad end: as a man grown cabbage field, but could not sell because of the price that was given, it was easier to bury it near a tractor in a ravine.Or how many need to buy feed to fatten pigs up to marketable weight (not for profit - up repulsed their costs, at least).A huge problem - the sale of products.If this matter is not resolved immediately, there is no sense to start anything.And the farther away from the big city is the village, the more difficult.Often the only remains that take the products to dealers for a pittance.
- Earn is really easy.But personally, I understand under the earnings earnings sufficient for life.With this - more difficult.Especially if you want to earn serious.This is a slightly different level of business.But life in the village - it is, in fact, the business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.It would be good to define what it means to a serious level of earnings.It depends on the amount of work and, therefore, the necessary investments .
Archimed also believes that now - not the best time to untrained people moved into the village in the hope that "this is the most - agriculture."But for an experienced, tempered in everyday storms and critically thinking person smallholders may be a new point of force application.
- I too, due to the impending relocation to the countryside, I think it does not rush into these murky waters just so, and to act in several stages.First - just live in the country, while continuing to work in the same industry that now (urban work).Gradually (using disguised rear and some financial support for their work) begin to farm.And then, in the presence of effort, time, desire, money - to extend it to serious volumes.And that's "head" to compete with the APH-shnymi holdings farmer now, I think, impossible.Sales needs, working capital, fixed assets - a lot of things ...
in a comfort zone there are no miracles.Miracles begin when they decide and leave the area.Members, who took a chance and went the way of making money on his farm, said that it is necessary to make it so that you are well able to do what you like and what you have.
- Look around you and many of the ideas come to mind, do not regret the things, even if they work for you!
Here is another idea: how to make money in breeding Californian worms and crayfish breeding.Our video will teach you the basics of rabbit, but it will tell you how to get a piece of the failure of your garden, just one hundred, a real farmyard.